An E-Design Before & After!

I am so excited to show you guys a really fun example of an e-design project I worked on this year! Even though this client lives near Boston, we figured we could do this project remotely- using the client’s photos, measurements and design questionnaire answers to craft a room she could execute on her own (with a little help from us with trade-only orders). Last week we drove out to shoot a few images to share!

Here are the before pictures:

Here is the board she received for the design (naturally, like in any design process, a couple items ended up changing):

And here is the AFTER! We absolutely LOVE how it came out!  It’s such a peaceful yet funky space for this couple to retreat to!

Man I love how our vintage wallpaper panels came out (from our Etsy shop!)

We are working with people all over the country- from San Francisco to Brooklyn and lots of places in between.  If you are interested in hearing about our e-design services please e-mail for the dirty details!

A (Teeny) Project Sneak Peek

By teeny I mean the sneak peek, the project itself is huge. I’ve been working on this home in New York for almost a year now and we are closing in on it’s completion. I absolutely cannot wait to show you (hopefully via the pages of a favorite magazine). A single family residence with bones to DIE FOR (think original lead window mullions, tons of woodwork and trim, herringbone wood floors and a kitchen that will make you weep). A few of the details…

Nooks and Built Ins

I have SUCH a weak spot for built in seating- be in a banquette, a window seat or some sort of amazing cozy nook for reading or sleeping… for me there is nothing cozier in a home! Some inspiration to whet your own appetite!

And here’s one in a project I’m working on that will serve as a casual dining space in a family room when the oak and zinc topped table comes in! I’m loving it so far!

Project Sneak Peek

I don’t want to give much away on this one (as it’s a favorite) but a few closeup vignettes to whet your appetite after stopping by today for a check in…

Leopard, trellis and foo dogs…

Emerald velvet cuffed drapes and pillows on a chocolate Chesterfield…

Chocolate grasscloth on the ceiling with a statement fixture…

In another area, aqua grasscloth in some built ins and a nice nook for reading…

Can;t wait to show you the final product!!!

Feast of Fancy!

Check out this jewelry spread I styled for New Brahmin– love how it came out.  And trust me, it was a hilarious scene shooting it in which I was high on insane amounts of candy and covered in jewels dancing around my apartment. Days like that I think “is this really my job???” :) A sneak peek below- click HERE to see the whole shebang!

Those awesome terrariums are by Lynzariums– jewels via M.Flynn, E.B. Horn and Tiffany & Co.