Provence in Austin.

I’ve never been to Austin, TX and I’m thinking that I need to go!  My husband has been there many times on business and I think the next time he heads that way he may find his wife sneaking in his suitcase.  One of the many reasons for this would be the incredibly designed restaurants I’ve been noticing in the southern city.  I’m all about delicious food, but it’s best when served amongst a visual feast as well as a literal one. Case in point, LaV. I FREAKING DIE, Y’ALL. DIE. This place is heaven! Designed by McAlpine, Booth & Ferrier (whose portfolio makes me sweat it’s so good) the space is like a modern farmhouse in Provence. I love it.





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Nantucket Escape

I am just DYING to spend a couple days by the ocean this summer.  It’s going to be an incredibly busy time for us, but a few days rest by the water is a great way to recharge.  And ever since seeing the images of the newly opened 76 Main on the island, designed by the awesome Rachel Reider of Boston, I want to go even more! She used so many of my favorite wallpapers, fabrics and accents all in one place!  I would LOVE to someday design a small inn like this_ I can’t even imagine how much fun creatively it would be!









rarebrick_20130605_7875 rarebrick_20130603_7605



rarebrick_20130605_7919 rarebrick_20130606_8134






Fantastic Fitting Rooms

My mom sent me this interesting article from WSJ on how some stores are spending some bucks to upgrade their fitting rooms in hopes that it will spur more sales. Well…..DUH.  There is nothing worse than having a handful of purchases you are psyched to try on and get into a dirty, dingy, poorly lit fitting room with an annoying attendant who constantly knocks and asks if you need anything. *Side note- recently at one very high end department store I had a sales girl stand outside my room and talk on her phone to her friend about how LONG I was taking in there. Cue “Bitchy Erin”, in which I stopped trying stuff on, opened the door and said “so sorry to be keeping you” and thrust my goods into her hands. LOST SALE. But I digress….

Give me lighting that makes me look J-Lo glowy. Give me a slightly skinny mirror (but not so skinny that when I get home and look in a regular mirror I gasp in horror at the reality). Give me a place to put my purse and sit down to put on shoes. Give me enough space to move around and finagle my way into snug jeans without smashing limbs on the walls. But above all, give me LOTS OF PLACES TO HANG STUFF! It baffles me as a designer when I get in a fitting room and there is one lousy hook to put 10 pairs of pants on. Huh? Am I being filmed for some scientific study on how humans function without proper tools?

Ann Taylor has revamped not only their look, but their fitting rooms as well. Love the ottomans and the chandelier.

Have always loved Anthro’s rooms (although small)- the mismatched doors are super cute.

I am that annoying person that strips down to tank top in the middle of the store to just pop stuff on in order to avoid fitting rooms.  Bloomie’s added these cool little pods for that reason! YAY!

And so did Old Navy (the #1 place for the “in aisle try on”). Brills.

But why not make these spaces like little jewel boxes and add some real wallpaper inside like they did at Lilly Puliter and Trink Turk?

Someday I’ll have a store, and when I do the fitting rooms would be hooked up like THIS:

Nina Campbell Wallpaper mixed with zebra carpeting, an Oly studio leather bench, decorative mirror, vintage sputnik light fixture and lucite hanging rods (done in brass, not chrome as shown). And the best part? The Maya Romanoff Bedazzled glass bead wallpaper on the ceiling to reflect dazzling light!

All In the Family

I am currently hugely enamored by Sid and Ann Mashburn of Atlanta.  Another reason this southern city is on everyone’s radar these days.  Sid has an eponymous menswear shop considered to be one of the finest in the country. Designed by Square Feet Studio, it’s a magnificent homage to all things preppy and “old money”- equestrian and hunting influences, rich woodwork and vintage accents. Now his wife Ann has opened a shop of her own just a few storefronts down from Sid’s (how cute).  As former assistant to Vogue’s Polly Mellon, Ann has a refined eye and shows it through her carefully edited collection. I’m dying to visit both shops!

Ann’s new shop:

Their home has a similar feel (as shown by Atlanta Homes Magazine)

God, I want a pink sofa.

Sid’s Shop:

Maybe they’ll adopt me? Better yet, this only fuels my life long desire to open a store. I know, it’s not all ribbons and joy, it’s super duper hard work, but it’s in my blood and someday, mark my words, there will be a store with me behind the counter and my name on the door.

Roughin’ It

I saw this hotel mentioned in Boston Home and quickly went online to see what all the fuss was about. The Rough Luxe Hotel in London is a new concept from designer Rabih Hage, whose portfolio holds a bevy of sleek, modern spaces. It seems Mr. Hage has had a change of heart- as the Rough Luxe is niether of those things, typically. Originally a townhome, this non-descript building was undergoing major renovations when a stroke of genius hit. While peeling back the layers of old wallpaper and paint on the walls, Mr. Hage fell in love with the look of the textured, desconstructed appearance they gave and used that for the basis of the design concept. Not that everything in this hotel is rough, he plays against the textured, old walls and woodwork with sleeker furniture and fabrics and pops of modern art and of course, modernized the bathrooms. But I really love the mix of the two styles and the tension they create when used together in the same space. What do you think?

I am booking my Paris trip for September TODAY- so any last minute (afforable) hotel recommendations are welcome!!! :)