The Delightful Emily McDowell

I still love sending people real cards, not just e-mails. It’s kind of a “thing” in my family to try to find each other the funniest cards possible, and I can spend a good hour at a card shop laughing until I cry or trying to pick out the prettiest, most amazing $7 card possible.  So when I run into a source like Emily McDowell I have to share.  She combines humor and beautiful art and her work just makes me smile.  And when it’s snowing for the 4,567,908th time this winter you need to find ways to smile (when not perusing real estate in sunnier climates as a form of self-torture).  Enjoy. And shop her Etsy site too.

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I wish I had found this in time to give to Andrew for Valentine’s Day, because it’s SO true. Especially this year.

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Artist Crush: Nell Waters Bernegger

I couple weeks ago I was perusing a One King’s Lane sale and saw an amazing piece of art I fell instantly in love with. I researched the artist’s name, Nell Waters Bernegger, and found a site FULL of amazing, gorgeous abstract works perfect for my clients (and myself). In fact, one now hangs in my own entry hall! I am going to do a skinny black floating frame around the edges it to finish it off.

photo 1-21

And a small limited edition print of one of her gouache pieces is in the living room! How fabulous are these colors?

photo 2-20 photo 4-2

Nell is such a lovely person and I am so excited to share her work with you! She’s based in Connecticut and accepts commissions (not always something artists love to do). Here are a bunch of examples of her work- for pricing and availability on specific pieces email her at .

NELL 1 IMG-20120607-00141


shapeimage_1 postion

sutter #3


lillian august shoot

shapeimage_9 shapeimage_10







Some pricing parameters:

Works on paper: Artwork on 18 x 24 Arches archival paper is $950 unframed or $1200 with 24 x 30 frame (white, black, gold or driftwood).

Limited Edition prints are $175 unframed or $400 with frame.

Works on canvas: 48 x 72- $4600, 48 x 60 – $4300, 48x 48- $3800, 48 x 36 -$3200, 40 x 40- $2800, 36 x 36- $2500, 30 x 40 $2500, 36 x 24- $2000, 30 x 30 -$2000, 24 x 30 -$1600, 18 x 24 – $1400

Summertime Blue & White (and some art)

Whenever I decorate a home by the shore I immediately go to blue and white as the palette. It’s so obvious, but it’s also so WONDERFUL! There is something just so crisp and clean about an all blue and white space- don’t you think? I also have been having a serious moment with collections of blue and white ginger jars- am thinking of putting a few in the middle of my dining table. I just love them! Here are some great spaces utilizing this color scheme and a few picks to get the look yourself.

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16392a9e7069d242ed616cde5670e7bb aad7395828014d6cdf411103533a0807

17585cbeafdddd4e60d5a64ad91f9e71 d834edca58b4ea56c11daa09bac9c4a5

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5229fb026dd97fd1d7a7b6c068328853 2674080998349615_RnBfnM02


rug // ginger jar // bench // pillow // plates // iphone case // dot pillow // chair // vases // tablecloth

And speaking of summertime and this hot beach weather, I am SO loving these beach paintings by Teil Duncan!  The colors and composition along with the semi-abstract style are all so wonderful. I’d love one to put in the guest room (my room) at my parent’s new beach house!






Artist Crush: Teil Duncan

I woke up this morning feeling uninspired. Some days it’s just HARD to come up with things to blog about. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to do as much web reconnaissance as I normally do. So I was feeling a little stressed about today’s post. Then I opened my e-mail and saw an message from this artist, Teil Duncan from Charleston, SC and LOVED her work! Right when you need it, sometimes inspiration finds you. :)
Her small paintings are on birch panels and are so affordable! I love, LOVE the color combinations, the bold strokes and the feeling of each of them! So fantastic.








Artist Crush: John Thompson

I have numerous “Design Crushes” I share with you, but I also realized I share a lot of “Artist Crushes” as well… so time to make it an official category! I was perusing the Boston Design Center the other day for fabrics and other such magical things when I stumbled upon the work of John Thompson. His prints are full of movement and energy (and color) and aren’t crazy expensive!

The two I saw:

Some others I love:

I also like the modern Monet quality of his paintings as well…