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Historical Inspiration

Monday, March 4th, 2013

We spend a lot of time looking at magazines and what designer are doing right this very minute for inspiration, when sometimes it’s just as fantastic to look back in history for ideas. Case in point, the home of America’s first male decorator Henry Davis Sleeper (also called “Beauport”) in my neck of the woods- Gloucester, MA. One of my favorite decorators, Steven Gambrel, has said it’s the most inspiration house he’s ever seen. Currently it operates as a museum and it’s a total joke that I’ve never been there! As soon as it re-opens in the springtime I will be there!

You can spot some “current” trends in these rooms- like the black walls with gilt frames.


Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 10.08.14 PM

The aqua and emerald green combination is crisp and fun (and unexpected for this time period!)


Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 10.08.02 PM

Scenic wallpaper! I installed one in a bedroom recently that looks a lot like this!


The guy loved wallpapering ceilings- just like I do! :)

Looking into Belfrey Tower Room from Strawberry Hill Room,Beauport, Sleeper-McCann House, Gloucester, Mass.

(and p.s. how about that great green wall color on all the paneling?)


Even the cook’s kitchen is on trend with grey cabinets and a black and white floor! (Love that sink)


This round library room is AMAZING.


This killer collection of violet glass bottles could be recreated with some quality time on eBay.

Amethystglass window

This. window. slays. me.  I could sit there all day looking out.


What a crappy site, right? :) Sleeper experimented with lots of different styles of architecture too which makes the exterior a bit of a mish mash.

beauport (1)

Historic New England's Beauport - landscape

Any historical homes you find inspiration in?


West Palm Beach Antiquing!

Monday, February 11th, 2013

I somehow managed to escape New England for this massive storm and spend the weekend in Florida with my brother who perhaps smartly, moved towards the equator.  I was excited to get to finally visit two West Palm Beach antique shops that I have been sourcing from via internet for a while- Palm Beach Regency and Circa Who.  They are both chock full of kitschy, fun vintage wares perfect for a little elbow grease fix up.  Take a peek at what a saw:

PALM BEACH REGENCY: To say I was overwhelmed is the understatement of the year.


I love this chair. LOVE. My brother hated it. With a new cushion it would be so awesome in my living room!!!  How about those fun  yellow lamps?? Love the shape.


Some awesome vintage glassware.


Under that camel is the cutest little settee ever- and I loved the carvings on this little table to the right.


Faux bamboo EVERYWHERE- the pair of little headboards would be DARLING painted and put in a little girl’s room (we actually bought some from one of these stores for that very use a while ago for a client!)


An cool sofa for a sunroom!


These brass caster chairs are SO unique! Fab for an office or dining- and the dramatic backs of these other dining chairs are so fun.


I would die to gild these frames and upholster in white linen. And heeeeeeyyyyy there little poodle.


This little lacquered chair needed no repair and these brass whales were way too cool for a beach house.


I spotted these arrow sconces and hemmed and hawed about getting them.  I did not.  And then when going through my pictures and I thought “You IDIOT, those were so cool!”  Good thing when I called yesterday they were still available. SOLD!  I have no idea where they will go but they are too good to pass up.


CIRCA WHO: Fabulously curated goods.  Could have spent a small fortune.


That brass console. That’s good stuff.  And those green side tables (color of the year!)


I loved the shape of these lounge chairs and this little brass lantern (oh, and the metal chairs they sat on- which happen to be the same chairs and table I inherited from my grandmother I need to refinish for my patio)


BAM. So good. I scored a set of these a few years ago for my client (the pink/black place featured in In Style last month).


I LOVED LOVED this armoire with it’s chicken wire lined glass doors. Country meet Hollywood Regency glam.


This chandelier was sold, sadface, And I died for these glasses. Slightly tarnished and so chic.


Also sold because it’s fabulous.


Another amazing cabinet and some brass bookshelves quite loved.


Little elephant side tables atop another cool side table- and some vintage glasses that I think personify Miami.


I spent the afternoon like this with Oscar, my brother’s Goldendoodle by his pool.  I live in Boston why?


Back in New England Oliver was confused by what was covering Nana’s back door.  And then I came home to THIS.  That would be my driveway.  Yeah.


Can I go back?

L.A. Shopping

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

There’s a lot to share about my week in LA (I met Oprah, oh yes I did) but first here’s some decor based pics from my trip- specifically a fantastic day I spent with a LA based reader, Dee who e-mailed me and offered to show me some great places for decor shopping in the area!  Not only is it so fun to meet interesting people from all over the country that read this little labor of love, but getting to see where THEY love to shop is the best way to find some gems.

We started with brunch at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood- I am OBSESSED with the decor in this place. It’s insane. From the striped marble floor, to the bar to the vintage brass faucet’s in the bathrooms (I forgot to take a pic). It is such a fabulous place!

We popped into Kishani Perera’s little boutique Rummage with great refurbished vintage pieces.

Gibson was SUCH a cool shop chock full of really interesting vintage accessories (the PERFECT place to shop for a bachelor pad!)

Nicky Kehoe was a super elegant yet rustic shop full of amazing tables, chairs, tabletop goods and especially RUGS. That runner made me weep- as did that gold framed navy settee.

One of the MOST magical places we went was called Rolling Greens- a nursery/floral shop/home decor store/ gift shop…. simply AMAZING. I absolutely loved it!

I walked into this room and wondered what was on the back wall- turns out it was ombre dyed tea bags strung up like a curtain! Dee actually hosted a bridal shower here which was a genius idea as you need absolutely NO decor! Check out images of it on her blog!

Our last stop was 45 Three Modern Vintage- a really well priced place to find amazing vintage stuff- some redone, some waiting for the right fabric! LOVED the navy and coral striped wall!

Thanks so much to Dee for a fun day and more to come tomorrow!

Treasure Hunt at Mohr & McPherson

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

I stopped by one of my favorite local home stores (and sponsors) Mohr & McPherson last week to not only check out what new goodies they have in store but also to get a tour of their new 10,000 square foot warehouse (both located in Boston’s South End). Such an awesome collection of crazy gorgeous antiques and accessories I found (you can see more online here).

Big leather poufs you can actually sit on and these awesome little ones made from Moroccan wedding blankets!

They also have some new custom designed wood pieces like this console.

Great dining chair (for less than $400) and I love this modern little side table!

A gorgeous peacock mirror (for less than at most catalog stores) and bright colored storage.

A great coffee table made of an old door and a new console that I think would be great in a loft or beach house.

They have a separate rug gallery and look at all these amazing overdye rugs (20% off until September 30th!)

Stone lotus blossom bowls and fossilized wood (side table/stool/art?)

Phenomenal old doors. So amazing.

Imported buddhas and old vessels.

LOVE the style and finish on this mid-century inspired piece. Great for a bedroom.

So many different styles of armoires and cabinets you can lose count.

This old trunk would be fantastic at the end of a bed or in en entry!

Woven leather stools (swoon) and modern mounted gongs (Gisele bought one recently!)

Woven poufs that looks so great stacked and are so cute in kids rooms, and this cool light fixture with similar detailing.

LOOOOOOOOOVED this piece. Look at that finish and detail!

They also have a really cool collection of jewelry and personal accessories.

Such pretty lights!

But you can;t beat Gus, the store mascot. He’s the real treasure!

Antiques by the Sea.

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

This weekend I got to spend time in the gorgeous north shore town of Manchester by the Sea for a good friend’s wedding. It’s an amazingly adorable place that is excellent for house stalking! While there I stumbled upon a fantastic shop, Cargo Unlimited, and took some pics to share with you guys!

These vintage bar stools were so col as was this super unique round mirror!

These monogram trays are INSANE and such an amazing gift. These dining chairs were unlike anything I’ve seen!

A citron folding picnic table surrounded by Knoll chairs and a pair of yellow vases I died over.

Gorgeous iron chairs perfect for a garden and there was a pair of linen upholstered chairs that i was seriously considering. Drop dead.

How cool is this old iron sign?

A fun vintage cart perfect for a small island in a kitchen or as a bar and a set of turquoise and wood folding chairs I love!

Zinc topped round table and some awesome driftwood as well as sore modern re-upholstered side chairs.

Fantastic horse head sculpture and store’s mascot, a wee toy poodle. :)

The town in the morning. I really love having coffee in front of this view!