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Winter Vacation Essentials

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

I hope all of you are getting prepared to take some time off for the holidays. I sure am. I’m going to take a little hiatus until December 26th. This is the first time in seven years I have ever done this, but I hope you understand and will check back in before the new year! Until then, here are some essentials to pack up for your time away (or home!)


blush // luminizer // pajamas // slippers //  chargers // wine // hot chocolate // suitcase // scarf // gloves // books: Me Before You : The Good House : The Signature of All Things // cookie recipe

Mind the Mat

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

I don’t mind a fluffy dusting of snow, but what I do mind is the drippy, wet mess that gets dragged into the house in the aftermath. Already I’m sick of it and becoming best friends with my Swiffer.  Until we do the next phase of our renovation, I am without a mudroom and my entry is miniscule, so the salt and snow make their way into my house and drive me NUTS!  One thing that can help is a good doormat. I love how they look any time of year, but it’s especially nice during the winter holidays! Here’s a selection of some of the best ones I’ve found (including my own, #1):


1. // 2. // 3.  // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13.

OK, now off to shovel out of this mess! Can I consider this my workout for the day??

Sponsor Welcome: Ex Voto Vintage

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

This serves as both a welcome for a new sponsor, but also may help you with your Christmas shopping! Ex Voto Vintage is a unique jewelry company based in Alabama that creates one of a kind pieces from vintage finds or are vintage inspired . All of these pieces are hand made in the USA and a portion of each sale is donated to pediatric brain cancer research.  Take a peek at the collection and perhaps find something special for an antique lover in your family!


(Click on images for product links.)




DSC07292-250x376Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 8.06.14 AM


I also love this fab clutch they have!

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.54.54 AM

Thanks for being a sponsor Ex Voto!

Sponsor Welcome: Elementarie

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

I warm welcome to new EOS sponsor Elementarie, a GREAT resource for gorgeous home decor, furniture and tabletop.  Here are some of my favorite items from their shop- take a peek!

This settee is classic and amazing while this little wire side chair is modern and feminine (and would be so cute pulled up to a vanity table!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.11.19 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.11.48 PM

Some fab table lamps.


Two design classics: a faux bamboo dining chair and sunburst mirror.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.12.19 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.28.18 PM

The mix of traditional and modern is great- like this console table in black and gold and brass side table.


Kinda DIE for this turquoise horse and starburst object – both so, SO good on a bookshslf or console (and I really like them together and either make a GREAT holiday gift!!!!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.31.11 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.31.48 PM

Love these two burlap upholstered chairs!

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 7.03.51 AMScreen Shot 2013-11-14 at 7.04.06 AM

A more traditional tray top coffee table and MY coffee table (which I’ve used a lot for clients too- such a classic!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.13.39 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.13.57 PM

Obsessed with this vintage looking table too- love the brass details.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.14.19 PM

GINGER JARS!!! (great gift too)


A zebra bench and exotic print pillow.


A leather wrapped desk (I am kind of in love with this- it’s so good) and a cottage style side table in a bunch of colors!

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.47.05 PM645

Two kinds of chandeliers for two different style homes.


Wall decor in multiples- adore these mirror and antlers (mix ‘em together in one big installation!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.29.58 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.30.32 PM

Two rugs I happen to love (and have)- stripes and Jill’s Fallon rug!


Team EGD’s Fall Wishlists!

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

There is so much going on in our office right now- not to mention the fact that we MOVED our office and are trying to get it set up! We’ve had so many photo-shoots, book layout sessions, project meetings and, thank goodness, laughs. None of this is possible without Lindsey and Allison, who make it feasible for me to maintain this blog AND my business while trying to finish up this book!  They each have amazing taste, and I wanted to keep sharing their personal wishlists with you- after all, I am hardly the end all be all of style.

Here’s what the ladies are craving for fall (and some are great gift ideas!)


Lindsey’s List: 1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. (25% off your order of $150+ today!) // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10.


Allison’s List: 1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10.