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Totally Into: Chartreuse

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

I think the last time I was into neon I had a mullet and a collection of Hypercolor t-shirts and Debbie Gibson and Wilson Twins on rotation.  When the bright shades started coming back i was not into it AT ALL- I think all children of the 80′s have a slight revulsion to all things brought back from that decade- shoulder pads, drop crotch “MC Hammer” pants and crimped hair. But last week I tried on a neon green/chartreuse necklace and kinda loved it. It woke up my complexion so much and made me feel a bit funky.  And then surprised myself again by finding hints of it in the home really fun and unexpected too!  In a home a prefer a slightly toned down, less highlighter shade, but when paired with navy and black ( and even pink) it looks really amazing!


Provence in Austin.

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

I’ve never been to Austin, TX and I’m thinking that I need to go!  My husband has been there many times on business and I think the next time he heads that way he may find his wife sneaking in his suitcase.  One of the many reasons for this would be the incredibly designed restaurants I’ve been noticing in the southern city.  I’m all about delicious food, but it’s best when served amongst a visual feast as well as a literal one. Case in point, LaV. I FREAKING DIE, Y’ALL. DIE. This place is heaven! Designed by McAlpine, Booth & Ferrier (whose portfolio makes me sweat it’s so good) the space is like a modern farmhouse in Provence. I love it.





Sneak Peek: Our New Office

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Last October I made the hard decision to move out of my old office downtown. I loved the space and the friends I had in the building but a few factors outweighed how great it was: expensive parking, productivity issues and no air- conditioning. I was hard-pressed to leave the city as I held onto my office location downtown as the one thing that didn’t make me completely suburban.  But as we looked around there just wasn’t anything affordable enough to make it worth it- so off to the suburbs we went.  I found this little space in rough shape ( I can’t believe I can’t find my before shots) about two miles from my house in Waban Village.  It had nice windows, wood floors, free parking and across the street from Starbucks, a bank and a post office. Kinda all we needed. So we took it. And while I miss the city, we are so much more productive here!

We’ve made it as cheery and happy as we could so far.  Here is a peek into our little space.

Yes, the walls are BRIGHT. :)  Benjamin Moore’s All-A-Blaze is on the walls and set the tone for the space (see end of post for the inspiration…)  This gallery wall of some of my favorite press pieces are in various frames.  I love American Accents spray paint in Metallic Gold to spray frames.

Lindsey and I sit here and love the bright windows and fresh air we get. I found the chairs on Etsy and reupholsted them in black Sunbrella. I actually have TWO MORE I’m not using if anyone wants them (they are not re-upholstered yet)- e-mail me at for info! The woven wood shades are from Select Blinds (Katsura) and were a bargain for custom sized!


Details: The perfect peony and our press wall. Hi Oprah.


I bought these chairs for next to nothing from a thirft shop about 6 years ago. I STILL have not gotten them re-upholstered! Someday- either in natural or black linen. I swear! Above is our little inspiration board.


Fashion Friday: The Long and Short of It

Friday, June 7th, 2013

I’m quite loving bright yellow/ chartreuse this summer and found two great dress options that not only are budget friendly but illustrate the maxi vs. mini style options. I am particularly loving this pleated maxi (which comes in LOTS of colors- I myself might get the green, of course). Plus it’s on sale for under $100!  When dressing in a color as bright as this you can either tone it down by pairing it with a neutral like denim or embrace it and go all out like the bottom look.


LONG: jean jacket // necklace (also on sale and I am GETTING IT) // bag // wedges  (also in my cart) // dress

SHORT: dress (only $69!) // necklace // heels // clutch // Nars Schiap lipstick

Currently Loving: Spindle/Spool Beds

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

I am currently using a classic spool bed in a beach house project I’m working on and am really feeling quite into them for all sorts of spaces.  Especially when lacquered a glossy dark color like this amazing space by the fabulous Tilton Fenwick ladies.


I simply ADORE this room- the traditional paper mixed with the modern side table and bold punches of chartreuse are just perfect! Such a happy space!


Clean, classic and lots of spindles and spools…. chairs are my OTHER favorite use of spindles.


Monochromatic, soothing and serene.


Sheryl Crow’s bedroom even has one. Like most things, I love the black!


A more modern version of the spool…..


You can search eBay, Etsy and antique shops and flea markets for vintage ones that you can have painted with a dramatic high gloss paint!


I love this vintage spindle daybed from 1st Dibs- could be a great bench for a living room or large entry!


These two are available in various finishes and colors.



I quite this this one from Noir


This one is rather dramatic!