Camping in Style.

My experience of camping consists of making my dad drag a tent into the woods right behind our house and sleep in it with my brother and I. We’d try to make a fire with a bit of trepidation that Smokey the Bear might find us a give us quite a scolding. Armed with snacks […]

Guest Post at Tobi Fairley!

Pop on over to the fabulous Tobi Fairley’s blog today to read my guest post on camping fashion! She’s off doing a design summer camp (genius) and asked a bevy of bloggers to fill in and I was honored to participate! A sneak peek… Tobi Glamping by elementsofstyleblog featuring Shoshanna dresses Shoshanna Bustier Eyelet Sundress […]

Room to Dream…

I am delighted to report the event last night for the Room to Dream Foundation was a success! Not without some MAJOR hurdles, near breakdowns, sweat, tears, yelling and extreme nausea.  Murphy’s Law seems to apply pretty consistently to my life, and yesterday’s set up was NO exception! Before I get to the gritty details […]