Red Carpet ReviewSeptember 23, 2019

Emmy’s Red Carpet Review!

I wasn’t going to post a review of this because 1) I didn’t even know it was on until halfway through the red carpet and 2) I don’t watch that many shows because I’m 40 and go to bed at 9pm.  But the fashion was actually INTERESTING with quite a few awesome looks! So here we go!

My best dressed is probably a tie, but Phoebe Waller-Bridge eeks out on top because I love her and her show Fleabag so much. She is so epically talented AND this Monique Lhuillier is SO good on her with the short hair and subtle makeup. I typically don’t like nude gowns (I feel they wash everyone out in photos), but this one is perfection. GO PHOEBE!!!

But coming up close behind her is Mandy Moore- WOW! Not only is this such a straight up COOL dress (Brandon Maxwell), her hair and makeup is so, so perfect! This is the best she’s ever looked I think.

But can we talk a minute about the slightly awkward number of color-blocked red and pink dresses on the red/purple carpet? It feels like a major WHOOPS. Like, all the stylist were trying to make a statement, yet all made the SAME statement. And now it’s all “who wore the trend best?” on the internet, which is basically every stylist’s nightmare scenario. But I wonder how anyone could keep this from happening, it’s not like they are sharing the looks with each other beforehand, or all from the same designer…. #awkward

Okay, maybe I have three best dressed people. Naomi Watts is BONKERS in this Dior ballgown that has the slightest edge to it. LOVE. The hair and makeup also wonderful. Just truly LOVE this. It feels so nice to have so many faves after such a drought of red carpet looks the past 2 years!

OMG, Kerry Washington is serving up SO much fierceness in this sequined pants and tuxedo shirt look. I love, love, love it. With the high pony and popped collar, I am ALLLLLLL about it. YAAAASSSSS queen!

Padma Lakshmi is smoking hot in this pale mint high neck dress. Again, her stylist nailed the hair and makeup to go with it. Completely sleek, modern and simple but stunning.

Betty Gilpin is downright dreamy in this subtly sequined tulle gown. With the loose hair and soft makeup it feels ethereal and yet grounded.

I think this hot pink dress on MJ Rodriguez is so cool- the ties are different but it’s totally working for me. Same for the jewelry and lip color- subtle but strong.

I absolutely ADORE Michelle Williams in this patterned, sequined column gown. I do wish she had some simple emerald studs or something in her ears, but the blunt platinum bob and sweet, soft makeup is the perfect compliment.

Another patterned gown I loved was this black and white floral on Robin Weigert (to be honest, I don’t know who she is). It’s interesting but not TOO crazy. I like that she kept it simple with the hair, accessories and makeup to let the dress be the statement.

Jameela Jamil’s dress is literally the best color on her EVER, and I like the overall look- I just want to hike the top up a bit- I feel like we are perilously close to a nip slip here.

I am SUPER DUPER into this sleeved, off the shoulder marble pattern dress on Lyric Ross. This is a dress I could see myself wearing (I mean, sleeved dresses that are still sexy are my dream as my upper arms are my least favorite part I think.) Love everything about this look. Side note: everyone, has a blunt bob and I like it. I am cutting my hair this week and I may have to follow suit.

Jodie Comer looks like a Greek goddess/angel in this dress. Again, sexy but with sleeves- I am INTO IT, PEOPLE. I would have done a gold shoe myself, but I love her hair and makeup.

This might be a polarizing choice, but I actually really like Maya Rudolph in this floral gown with dark statement earrings. I feel like it suits her and is totally on trend (also, again with the blunt bob!) She usually ends up on my “worst” list and so I am delighted to see this look on her!

Talk about sleek, simple, classic perfection! D’Arcy Carden and her incredible hair, accessories (that cuff!) and makeup in this perfectly fitting column gown are A++++.  Also, PSA: watch The Good Place. It’s really quite funny and awesome.

Julia Louis- Dreyfuss always looks amazing on red carpets, and this look is no exception- it’s such a good cut on her and THOSE EARRINGS MY GOD. So good! My only qualm is that she looks a little unhappy/ uncomfortable.  Maybe she just hates these award shows. Maybe she’s had a tough day.

I adore the Levy’s and although brown is not my favorite color for a tux, Dan can wear anything because I love him and Schitt’s Creek to the moon and back (another must watch!). Loving Eugene’s navy and black tux but Catherine O’Hara looks a bit too Moira Rose for me (I think it’s just the hair really, because the dress suits her and is pretty cool).

Another sleeved look I love- Patricia Clarkson in this wine colored sequin gown. So elegant. Such a good color on her. Hits all the right notes.

Ummm, how about this grey velvet tux on Milo??? Yes please and thank you. It feels like such an interior designer type of touch, no?

Catherine Zeta Jones is about to turn 50 and looks so fabulous in this hot pink look- I just can not get on board with the dyed to match shoes! Many people wore them and I do not like it, it feels cheap to me, even though it’s probably pricey. I’d have done a nude sandal with this gown.

Emilia Clark is SUCH a beauty, and I love the concept of this look (the long straight hair, jewelry, color of the dress) but the split down the front looks WAY too wide. Like, uncomfortably wide.

Zendaya looks straight up bananas in this gown, but it feels a bit too costume-y for me. Slightly Batman villain, perhaps? And again with the freaking dyed to match shoes- NOOOOOO!

Another dress that felt a bit too “Marvel Universe” for me was Rachel Brosnahan- such a pretty color on her but not my favorite.

Oh, Sandra Oh! This is the perfect example of a perfectly fine dress (a quite good dress, actually) going horribly wrong due to styling! What were they thinking with that hair??? And the overkill on the pink blush and pink eyeshadow with the pink dress??? Not good.

Some people loved this dress on Sophie Turner and I’m a little baffled by that. I really dislike it. It’s not offensive in any way, I just feel like it doesn’t fit right in the bust, the color totally washes her out and the folded satin is not my favorite texture/ fabric (too 90’s). Hair and makeup are super pretty though.

It PAINS me greatly to say this but Kristin Bell– not good. I really dislike so much of this dress from the odd/ breastplate cut top to the striped pattern and pleated skirt. I’m sorry Kristen I still love you and hope to be best friends some day.

I love Christina Applegate’s new show, and think she is a totally underrated actress. And I like her hair and makeup (that lip is so good), but I am NOT liking the cut of this dress. The top makes her look unsupported and overall I feel it is not the most flattering of choices.

Hey Amy Poehler. I truly feel like you don’t care what anyone thinks and that is why I love you to death. But this is a hard no. So much wrong here. But, you do you, girl.

I’m also squarely on team NO CROP TOPS. Just no. But I’m of the mindset of wanting to look back in 20 years and still like how I looked at a big event, and maybe these guys prefer to just have more fun with it.

This dress makes me sad. Doesn’t this dress LOOK like sadness? The too-long loose sleeves, frumpy shape and poor fit? Sorry Sarah Goldberg.

BOWS ON STEROIDS. I love a good bow you guys, but this is absurd.

I’m not a GOT person, never seen it and I know you GOT people probably loved this but I am all “Is that door hardware on the front?” Which in my book is not the best question to be asked about your look.

Dawson, are you drunk? The only person who can pull off rose velvet is Jason Mamoa and his scrunchie. THE ONLY PERSON.

*GROAN* Ugh, Jenny McCarthy, you need to calm down. This is like “Cinderella goes to a biker bar” or something. #notcute

So what did you guys think??? This did make me more excited for red carpet season though! I feel like there are a lot of good dresses to choose from!


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