InteriorsJuly 15, 2019

The Homes of Big Little Lies

First of all, I have not watched last night’s episode yet so NO SPOILERS PLEASE. :)

As with most people, you can tell a lot about the characters in this show based on their homes and decorating style. It becomes more obvious the more you look into the details of their spaces and a good set decorator will consider everything from texture to whats in each picture frame to where the items are sourced from when crafting a space for the characters in a show or movie. This show does a great job of that and their homes and spaces play a big role in the drama of the show (hello, Mary Louise and her epic “where’s all your furniture” burn to Renata). So I thought I’d do a little roundup of decor items based on each character’s space for fun today! CLICK IMAGES FOR LINKS!


Her space is cold, angular and all about showing off wealth. Tons of chrome, stone, hard materials and angles. And glass, so much glass.


Celeste’s home is expansive too, but in a darker more sheltered way. It’s a mix of precision and minimalism with slightly warm touches here and there. Obviously the home looks driven by Perry’s controlling nature, with only smidges of Celeste in it.


Madeline’s home is the quintessential beach mansion- traditional and comfortable, but lacking in a lot of soul.  It’s trying to be the picture-perfect beach house for the picture-perfect wife.


Bonnie’s home has the most layers and accessories of them all- and is super natural and earthy and super sheltered from other people.


Jane’s apartment is a reflection of her financial situation but is still warm and inviting and seems to be the only one in which you can tell a child lives there. Cuz it’s all about sweet Ziggy, guys.

OK< I’m going to watch the new episode tonight! Andrew HATES the show more than anything, but I’m forcing him to suffer through it :)

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