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Red Carpet Review: Oscars 2019

The Oscars were strange- I felt like there were so many big celebrities missing and it was a little underwhelming. That also held true for the red carpet. When Cate Blanchett isn’t there to wow us and George isn’t there to bring the old school swagger, it feels like it’s not quite as big of a deal as it used to be.

However, Bradley and Gaga. :)  There WAS Bradley and Gaga, to enchant us with that simple but beautiful rendition of “Shallow”.  I watched the movie again the other night and it was just as devastating and great as the first time. I do think it was snubbed a bit, but haven’t seen enough of the movies to categorically get mad about it :)

I MUCH MUCH preferred Gaga’s performance dress to her red carpet look.  It works better with the pure insanity of the Tiffany necklace, which is so “Oceans 8” bonkers. Her spray tan was a bit too intense, especially against the white hair. But overall, especially for she of butchershop couture, she looked amazing.

The hips were probably a nod to something like Marie Antoinette, and the gloves and hair were a clear nod to Audrey Hepburn, who was the last person to be photographed in this diamond.  Not terrible, but I much prefer the other dress.


And this moment. *Le Sigh*

So, my most fave look fo the night was Julia Roberts who is just RADIANT in this one shouldered pink gown.

She is full on Benjamin Button-ing life– she looks younger now than her Mystic Pizza days!

Regina King was AMAZING- the hair, makeup, dress, speech– all perfection. My one small complaint is the shoes. Am not so into the current/ 80s throwback matching of shoes to the dress. I would have preferred something like these Manolos.

I am OBSESSED with this Brock Collection gown on Danai Gurira. The fabric, the belted waist, the makeup/hair/accessories are all awesome, awesome, awesome. And P.S. IT HAD POCKETS.

Allison Janney looks gorgeous in this fabulous tuxedo- influenced number and Queen Latifah was so good in this unique, but classic, black dress.

Two of my favorite looks were on men– this dusty cornflower blue velvet jacket on Chris Evans is AMMMMMAAAAZZZINNNNGGG. And I have such a soft spot for Henry Goulding and his classic Hollywood glamour. And accent. And his name is Henry so DUH.

The ballgown looks on Yalitza Aparicio and Michelle Yeoh worked for me. The mint color of the first (and also impeccable fit) and the dramatic flair and texture of the second made them unique and fresh.

Speaking of unique and fresh, NO ONE ELSE could pull off this Valentino but Gemma Chan. She is the most STUNNING woman on earth, and on her, this looked awesome. On me it would look like a neon circus tent/ world’s fanciest parachute. I also loved her afterparty look.

Not much blue on the carpet, except an elegant looking Tina Fey and Octavia Spencer.

Black with a bit of edge on the beautiful Ashley Graham and I actually LOVE this tuxedo on Amy Poehler- it suits her (ba-dum-dum!)

J. Lo being J.Lo in a mirrored dress I am fascinated to know how she sat down in this.  And I actually really liked Kelly Ripa’s gown on TV.

Two after-party looks I loved- Renee Zellwegger looking like Renee Zellwegger again and killing it in this chic black midi gown. I would have liked a small earring, but hey.  And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in full-on Fembot mode just making us all feel badly about ourselves.

Loved Sarah Hyland in this deep pink gown with the turquoise earring and casual updo. Very age appropriate and party perfect.

Okay now onto the people I want to re-dress- and I used all gowns you can buy online (still pricey, but retail facing since I found the runways to be lacking).  A lot of you loved Candace Wu’s gown, I did not. I found it underwhelming and a little Beauty and the Beast. I would have much preferred a slightly more neon and structured gown on her (with some big killer earrings)

I absolutely hated this look on Charlize- I’m sure the hair is for a role, but man, is she just meant to be blonde! The dress and necklace combo is so “grandma going to a wedding”. I would have loved this green color with her dark hair and seriously amazing earrings to go with it.

Kacey Musgraves (I admit, I have no idea who she is) looked absolutely ridiculous in this tulle nightmare. Just terrible. How amazing would she have been in this elegant coral Oscar de la Renta.


I am SO SICK of not only the Kardashians as a whole, but this whole “dressing naked” trend. Over it!  Kendall is beautiful, and in this statuesque, color blocked gown she would SLAY.

Next to Kacey’s dress, Linda Cardellini’s was equally absurd. Who is in charge of this trend and how can we fire them? UGGGHHHHH, this simple (and $1,000) gown would have been SO much better on her than this undoubtably expensive nightmare.

Ok, combining my two least favorite trends- see thru everything and tons of ruffles. Plus the awkward length.  Instead I want to see her in this gorgeous Jenny Packham with her cute pixie cut.

Wasn’t a fan of Glenn’s gold caped suit-dress.  I would love her in something streamlined like this dress (minus the jeweled armbands and with modifications to the deep V)

I really dislike the top of Sarah Paulson’s Brandon Maxwell gown– I would prefer her in this cool hot pink ball skirt and top by Caroline Herrera.

Really not a fan of this shiny pleather cape thingy and headband on Rachel here. She’s so pretty, this doesn’t do anything for her. I really love the cool beaded illusion neckline on this gown.


Ahhhh, this travesty of a look on Lisa Bonet makes me sad. I would have put her in something way more “funky”, like this really cool skirt, a sexy unbuttoned button down and gorgeous multi-strand necklace.

Emma Stone’s strange shouldered dress was a total miss.  I think she’d look great with her red hair in this black and red/pink floral gown from Bhldn, believe it or not!

While I actually LOVE the print on Maya Rudolph’s dress, the overwhelming amount of fabric PLUS the print and color is too much. This leopard shirtdress style gown still offers coverage and a looser fit without totally swallowing the person whole.

Oh how I adore Olivia Coleman. She’s so good in Broadchurch and The Night Manager and I can’t wait to see this movie. Plus her acceptance speech was THE BEST- so genuine and funny and sweet.  The dress though- with the sleeve/shawl/bow things was a sad “no”.

I’d prefer the similar coverage, but more elegant execution of this Givenchy (ideally made for her in dark green, as I like the color!)

Love me some Awkwafina, but this suit is scary (and so wrinkled- does no one do wrinkle tests of these garments before committing to them???)  I think she’d be SO great in this multi-colored sequin Elie Saab. It feels bold and fun like her personality.


What were your thoughts?

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