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The Wax & Wane of Trends in 2019

Personal style is, obviously, completely personal. Just because a magazine or blogger says something is “in” or “out” does not mean it’s law.  We all live in different areas of the world and like different things – that is what makes life interesting, right? However, trends are a fact of life and things become so popular at times that they over-saturate the market (and our brains) and we tire of them.  So I always like going into a new year reflecting on what seems to be overdone, or a bit tired, and what is looking more fresh and interesting to me.


Many would call this look simply “traditional” but the look itself is one of “more is better” attitude, feminine details, a bevy of antiques and classic detail.  This dining area by Summer Thornton is a great example.

Summer Thornton / Summer Thornton Design

This more modern floral look will be one I think fades out this year.  There isn’t as much richness to it and I think 2019 will be all about authenticity, historical influence and comfort.


Another traditionally influenced look that not only will stand the test of time appearance-wise, but also in durability. I love the use of herringbone brick in mudrooms and other utilitarian spaces, and honed marble floors in entryways, kitchens and bathrooms is such a wonderfully gorgeous look.

Kelly McGuill / Ben Pentreath

I was never a fan of terrazzo, but it made a mighty effort to be “cool” again in 2018, and I just never understood the appeal.


Kitchens are one of the biggest expenses in a home, so erring on the side of classic and timeless is a smart move. Right now we’re seeing kitchens done in the more traditional English style with more intricate hardware and bespoke details but less fussiness.

Kitchens that employ simply too many popular trends (i.e. a “Pinterest-monster”) will look dated in time.  Try creating timeless, cohesive kitchens that will look good forever.


A mix of casual and formal, old and new, traditional and streamlined looks both elevated and yet totally livable- and 2019 is all about livability but also being proud of your space.

What will look dated is the “fake farmhouse” look.  I have NO issue with some primitive, farmhouse-y pieces, but when it’s EVERYTHING it looks staged and not super elegant, in my opinion.


I’m loving the clean, crisp look of very simple iron stair railings that I’ve been seeing lately in many projects I’ve been attracted to.

I’m not an into the look of too much millwork, where it can look totally overdone and oppressive.


Adding in some pieces with natural texture and dimension is always a great idea- from a woven chair, jute rug to a headboard.  It can warm up an overly traditional or modern space instantly.

Gil Schafer

Too much woven stuff all in a super boho style can feel a bit too trendy to me- but maybe this style works depending on where you live (in cold New England a bit forced, in a warm, dry climate, it feels more natural). However, I stand strong on my dislike of macrame/woven wall hangings. :)

What trends are you excited to see fade out of popularity? Which ones do you see implementing in your own home?

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