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Source Spotlight: Etsy Botanical Prints

Art is certainly one of the most personal things about a space, but there are some kinds of art that really can work in just about ANY space.  A good abstract painting is one, black and white sketches are another and botanical prints are a third.  I use botanical prints a lot in my work, as they combine organic forms, color and a graphic punch all in one.  They look amazing in sets and mixed into gallery walls, and always add that touch of classic, traditional design.  But there are so many variations of botanical prints you can use in your home, and I found SO many great sources on Etsy to accomplish the look without spending an absolute fortune. Honestly, what did we DO before Etsy guys???


Colorful Audabon prints are a personal favorite- when printed large scale they feel modern and fresh.  And when arranged in sets they have GREAT impact.

This is a set of original prints, so it’s expensive, but OMG, talk about an instant gallery wall! I also love that they have not been trimmed down- that extra space around each print is SO great, and lets you avoid matting them.

These are reproduction prints, and awesome for a beach house.

These have a more modern feel to them without any background.

Bird print 1 // Bird print 2

This is strictly botanical, but I just adore it- especially for a little girls room!

Botanical prints of ferns and leaves, whether actual pressed specimens or illustrations, are a great way to introduce in a little color, but alspo look graphic and cool when rendered in black and white.

Room by Lauren Liess

This large scale olive branch set is really interesting.


This set adds in a little more color beyond green.

A classic go-to– a grid of fern prints!

Room via Harpers Bazaar

This set pf pressed specimens on black is really impressive and impactful.

Design by Jimmy Stanton

Another grouping of ferns.

Design by Kerry Joyce

This kind of grid would be great on a long, blank hallway wall.

These are from a vendor that I bought some book pages from for my guest room.  I love float matting them so you see the raw edges of the paper!

fern print 1 // fern print 2

This set is photographs of pressed specimens and would look SO cool in vintage style gilt frames.

Looser, more modern/ abstract botanical prints are fabulous too! I absolutely LOVE this wall and how it’s framed and hung. Mixing up the style and shapes of frames but keeping them all the same finish/ tone is a great way to add interest without it looking to busy.

Room via “Finer Things” book

Drawing 1 // Drawing 2

I also really love antique animal engravings, like these pages.  They would look SO good matted with an extra wide mat and gilded frame!

Bird print 1 // bird print 2

Cat print // dog print

If you’re stumped as to what to hang on a certain wall, give botanicals a try!

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