Color Crush: Aubergine + Light Blue

These two colors are seemingly disparate, but a fantastic and unique combination to use in a space (and one I especially love this time of year). I personally am not a purple girl, it’s the color I use least I’d guess, but in this case I do quite enjoy it!  I prefer a deep plummy, eggplant tone with undercurrents of red in it paired with a light blue that has a smidge of green in it (think robin’s egg).  This room below by Jeffrey Bilhuber is the exact right tones:

Too cool or bright of a purple can look really teeny-bopper and harsh, while too cool a blue can look too sweet.  So you have to get these tones just right for this combination to work.  You can even try to go super dark on the aubergine and in a high gloss paint finish, like the room below, to make it extra dramatic and glamorous.

Perhaps you can’t commit to this in a permanent way- instead try using aubergine florals or accents in a blue based room, like here:

Here are some simple suggestions on how to pair these two colors together in various places int he home! (To be honest, this post was inspired by my body wash- below- while in the shower last night!)

Entry: paint (maybe door color?) // rug 

Living Room: chair // side table

Bedroom: duvet // pillow

Powder Room: wallpaper // paint (vanity or trim?)

Walls: grasscloth // art

Bathroom: body wash (love this for fall- smells so good) // towels

Tabletop: plates // napkins

Anywhere: velvet pillow // print pillow

Oh and P.S., this combo work in fashion too :)


  1. Love this post, and seeing how your design-mind works. Here’s to many more similar ones inspired by anything from champagne bottles to shampoo bottles! Although have my doubts that anyone could work Verve Champagne orangey-yellow label and dark green bottle? ….

  2. This is one of my favorite combinations, especially in the spring. I have a dark plum coat and I like it with my light blue scarf. I also have a light blue sweater with dark plum pants. Looks great with gold jewelry. These colors also work well with navy and light gray. I’m a big fan of dark and pastel colors. Oranges are not for me.

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