Fashion Friday: Fashion Week Roundup

I went through a zillion Fashion Week shows for Spring 2019 and edited it down to a few big, basic trends I noticed.  The most diffuse trend- hideousness. I have never seen a fashion week where so many of the designers I normally love showed absolutely nothing I would ever wear.  It makes me so sad!  Why can’t pretty and flattering be popular?

The most noticeable trend was the number of designers showing bright yellow– many of them neon highlighter yellow.  Like, eyeball searing yellow.  I always wonder how this memo gets around to every fashion house (I assume trend forecasters) but it’s funny how such a unique color shows up on almost every single runway. There were some softer versions of yellow too– so we now know that yellow is the color of spring 2019- plan accordingly.

There was also a TON of black and white–stripes, florals, color blocking…. you name it. This is a “trend” I am always on board with.

Florals and paisley patterns were used throughout- particularly evening wear done with a white ground and floral print.  In more casual looks, there was a lot of belted dresses and skirts done in smaller scale prints and more bohemian looks.

Another item that was on almost every runway– a white dress.   Whether lace, cotton, collared or with sleeves– a white dress is a top item to pick up for next spring.

They also showed a lot of bright pinks and reds, sometimes together.  It’s a happy color that a lot of people can wear, so I’m super down with this one. Another reason to get a pink coat for fall/ early spring!

There were some personal favorites beyond what is shown above:

This trend dress by Marissa Webb— LOVE. Very Meghan Markle, if she could do off the shoulder. And I pray to the red carpet gods that someone rocks this Brandon Maxwell skirt/ sweater set at an awards show this year. Jane Fonda? Meryl?

I loved the J. Mendel collection (I always do). The gowns were GORGEOUS and certainly will be red carpet contenders.

This yellow Pamella Roland also is a red carpet possibility. As is this DROP DEAD Oscar de la Renta (loved the whole show).

But mostly, designers seemed to want to show psychotic, hideous things like these…. I mean, WHAT IN THE WORLD?

I don’t get it. Sometimes fashion is just way over my head.



  1. And don’t even bother with the Raf Simons show for Calvin Klein. Is he having a laugh at everyone’s expense: “let’s see what monstrosities I can convince rich people to pay for?” So terrible. Not whimsical, not imaginative, just awful.

    1. I agree….the designers are not thinking of making women look good….just trying to out do each other! And they really need to stop! However, some of the colors are very pretty.

  2. Erin, I LOVE every one of your fashion posts. You have SUCH a great eye and similar taste to mine. Thank you for doing these. I hope that you will do a Emmy fashion round-up along with your suggestions for alternative choices as I know you have done for Oscar in the past. Also, sending so much sympathy, positive energy and affection to you and your family as you go through this tough time. xo

  3. Love your fashion posts, especially your red carpet reviews and trend/show reports. Pink is a flattering color on most people so I can see myself wearing this, not so much bright yellow. As a blue eyed, honey blond, bright yellow is just hideous on me. Looks lovely on some people though, but not necessarily for the masses.

  4. I’m loving the yellow trend since that has been and will always be a wardrobe staple for me. I always had such a hard time finding it in years past but now it is readily available. I’m blond green eyes and golden undertones so it works on me but I still am careful to which yellows I wear. I agree not many can wear yellow. This season reminds me of bad 70s and 80s. Fashion I never like anything in those decades. Luckily classics are always. Whew!

  5. Hi Erin,

    Did you do a fall trend round up? I searched but I couldn’t find anything. I’m not ready for next spring yet. I’d really like to see what things you have found that you like for this fall or your interns/co-workers. You all have good taste.

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