Fall Transition Pieces with Halsbrook.

In anticipation of the first day of fall tomorrow, I worked with one of my favorite retailers, Halsbrook, to bring you some fall looks that work for this in-between weather we’ve been having in the Northeast!

This top I love — and wore it with leather pants on our anniversary to dinner as well. I adore that you can wear a normal bra with it and yet show a little off the shoulder sass.  I sized up to a medium for a slightly less fitted silhouette. This necklace is now a staple in my rotation too, as you can double it up for a short look (see next look) or leave it long.

top // necklace

This green coat is super soft and a light layer to keep you warm.  Plus I feel like it has a little Meghan Markle vibe to it.  This skirt is awesome, the button detail is traditional and yet unexpected and the cut is very flattering.

green coat // necklace // pants (similar) // navy skirt(sold out but available in maroon)// white tee

I’d wear this look with jeans for a dressed down version too… or leather leggings, as mentioned before. A great example of pieces that can work for the weekend or the office.

green coat // top // pants (similar) // necklace // heels // sunglasses

A high waisted skirt with a fitted tee is a great way to show off your figure without worrying about figure flaws. It accentuates your best assets!

navy skirt (sold out, but available in maroon) // white tee // necklace

Here are some other items from Halsbrook I’m loving for this time of year– from some killer plaid pants to the perfect suede clutch.

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13.



  1. Love all these looks on you! Wondering if you have a go to pair of leather leggings? Want to take the plunge but no idea where to start—especially if looking online.

  2. I know you’ve been through the wringer lately, and you hate to post pics of yourself, but it’s nice to see that smile in the first picture. That green coat is beautiful!

  3. Oh Erin, you look so pretty in these pictures. I love your clothes and the seamless way you make things go together from a home to an outfit. I stay at home since having my kiddos and you would just die at my mom wardrobe of tees and leggings. Lol. Can you do a post maybe of what you wear when you get home from work? Or when you have the flu maybe? Lol. 😉. Love your blog!

  4. That green coat is lovely and looks great on you!
    Not convinced by the fringed coat, a little too 1800s rodeo for me.

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