Design Crush: Ham Interiors / Tom Home

As of late I have been very inspired by English design– the kitchens of companies like deVOL and Humphrey Munson are seen more and more these days on Instagram and Pinterest (including mine!)  Yesterday I found a new and incredibly inspiring source, Ham Interiors and sister development company Tom House. The spaces feature incredible detail and a mix of beautiful, classic bones and some interesting accents through art, accents and lighting.  Let’s walk through what makes these spaces so good:

There are many reasons to love this kitchen- the cabinetry color, range, floors, ceiling detail…

These chairs and table and the peek into the entry make me very, very excited.  The painted trim to match the kitchen cabinets is a nice detail too.

Oh, these floors! Someday I will have floors like this- the honed marble checkerboard is such a timeless, wonderful look.

This freestanding wood cabinet is a great detail and something you can easily execute in any space given the right proportions.  The rounded corners on the island are also very interesting as are the patina-ed pendants.

Another kitchen featuring a freestanding wood cabinet and copper lanterns with great patina.

This copper piping detail is really cool– making something utilitarian decorative. And that vintage tub- oh la la!

The sink in this powder room is amazing (especially in combination with the floors, the painted woodwork and wall-mounted faucet).

I love the matching pair of Chesterfield sofas in this living room.

The grisaille wall mural in this dining space is so beautiful, and looks modern with the space decorated all in tones of grey to coordinate.

More details like antiques, deep windows and painted trim.

The blush color of the walls in this space are such a lovely backdrop and not too saccharine at all.  I love it paired with the red and wood accents.

Some more details– unique door knobs and a velvet upholstered chair in a bright blue.

Pleated patterned shades are popular in these spaces, as are collections of antique art, especially portraits and landscapes.

The bathroom details are amazing- this brass and nickel shower control is so beautiful.

This brass towel warmer looks like sculpture in here:

A vintage meets modern bathroom (and another patterned, pleated shade!)

A very interesting look in this bathroom- I love the vanity and mirror paired with the clean shiplap- it makes the details really stand out.

Another detail to note– the shelving treatment in this closet! Fabric-lined and with nailhead trim on the shelves.

More closet details– they did not overlook a single inch of these spaces!

The exterior details are wonderful too…

Here are some sources for items that can help you capture this English-inspired look in your own space!  Key takeaways:

  • Elegant details- from the light switches to closet shelves.
  • Painting trim and moulding and contrasting color.
  • Traditional details in cabinetry and flooring materials.
  • Whimsical touches- pleated lamp shades, quirky art, patterned fabrics.
  • Layering– sumptuous draperies, rugs and upholstery.
  • Always utilize antiques- from bathroom mirrors to kitchen islands and chairs in a living room.

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  1. So much to love! Except, I have never ever been a fan of the granny style pleated lamp shades. I especially do not like it in that bathroom, at all. I love a high low mix, but it doesn’t work for me in this space. Now, the bathroom below that one is an amazing mix!

    1. Haha that is exactly what I was thinking! Love everything except the pleated lamp shade! Especially in the bathroom.

  2. Loved the details and the broader strokes as well. Frankly, my clothes are not worthy of those closets; I’d have to upgrade considerably.

    I didn’t love everything. I’d want a more refined range hood (a sentence I never thought I’d say …). Maybe something like they did here,

    And I agree with the pleated shade comments; lived through that look in the 80s.

  3. Hi Erin – thank you for sharing. Everything is so pretty! I have been trying to nail that green/gray color that’s in the Honed Marble Floor room trim, the bathroom vanity and the closet millwork. It’s an elusive color to track down and changes so much with the light! Any recos?

    (And I’m not mad at those pleated lampshades, either.)

  4. I love that bright blue wingback chair! We are in possession of my husband’s dad’s black leather chair and ottoman, and the seat is in terrible shape. This treatment of just the inside could maybe be a way to preserve the leather in better shape, but update it too. I don’t know if that’s possible – Erin would you e-consult on a small project like this?

  5. Love, love, love. Quirky and comfortable but refined. I love the use of art and antiques to make the personality of the place pop – those copper kitchen lights are to die for!

  6. I love modern classic English style, and would be so happy in many of those rooms – but my word, I do *not* miss that cold grey Northern European light!

  7. INCREDIBLE!! I cannot state passionately enough how much I LUV THIS…ALL OF IT!! Rounding the island corners and counters was one of the best decisions I made in our kitchen. Now….I need to find those door knobs…THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this one!! franki

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