Unexpected Furniture Finds at Home Depot!

As my office grows and our spacial needs change, we have re-organized and moved things around.  As you can see here, the living area we had set up had to go to make more room for new staff. So we moved my stuff over to this side of the office for now.  That meant we needed some new pieces that offered storage and space for us to spread out and work.

Not wanting to spend a fortune on everything in here, I opted to add a reasonably priced but good looking console/ filing cabinet from The Home Depot behind my desk.  This offers both drawers for storage and a shelf below perfect to store some of our heavy tile samples in low baskets.  To make it a little more snazzy, we replaced the pulls it came with with these beehive Martha Stewart knobs, which I actually used on my custom desk made by The CEH as well! High and low mixed, and unified by the hardware!

I ended up finding a bunch of interesting, well priced furniture and decor pieces on The Home Depot website (none are available in store, online only).  From buffets to dining tables, chairs and even canopy beds!  I love finding great pieces in unexpected places, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds from The Home Depot site here! CLICK IMAGES FOR LINKS.

**This post was sponsored by The Home Depot.  All selections and opinions are my own.  Thank you for sporting those companies that help keep EOS going!


  1. We have a real Tiffany lamp that cost a small fortune, even on sale at half off. I wanted another lamp and a floor lamp and found Tiffany knock-offs at Home Depot. They came back to France in my suitcase. Everybody marvels over them, not knowing I paid about $25 apiece.

  2. Thank you for willingness to share this kind of information with us. I’m sure, as a designer, there’s always a question about how much to share your trade “secrets” so I’m always impressed (and grateful) for your generosity in that regard. These are some great finds from an unexpected source. Also, love that unique monogram on your tissue box cover!

    1. I believe the basket is an old piece from Target. We have an identical one in our solarium for a Fiddle Leaf Fig.

  3. I’m impressed with what you have shown us. Looks like Home Depot is a great online source. Your office looks great.

  4. Loving your desk. Have you thought about doing custom built ins on that wall for a ton more storage. I know as designers we have so many samples. I have built ins I currently use in my home. Once I move to a “proper” location I am planning to have a massive area of customized shelving to hold all my junk.

  5. love the fact that even though you work with lots of people with unlimited budget, you still take the time to put post like this for the rest of us!!! very appreciated !!!!

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  7. love your desk! would love sources on your lucite monitor stand, leather desk chair and that cute tissue box cover!

  8. Your finds just prove that people can have great style with careful selection at minimal cost. There is no need for tacky or tasteless.

  9. Love it! That little side table is so peaceful and beautiful to see. Love the detail of the plants side by side- the little orange buds are so sweet!

  10. Those knobs are fabulous! Just ordered myself one for our guest room nightstand. It’s from Pottery Barn but has a boring brushed nickel knob, this will fancy it right up! Thanks for the great finds, as always :)

  11. Love your blog! I like the wall picture in the first picture in this post. Would welcome suggestions for purchasing like art or similiar art?

  12. I appreciate to your post, You have put your all efforts for sharing some attractive and helpful photographs. Thank you for sharing this post, Keep giving updates so that people can get new themes.

  13. Loved this post and your great finds from a website (Home Depot) that can be huge and ever time-consuming to sort through!

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