Roundup: My Favorite Nightstands

Photo by Michael J. Lee

Nightstands can add a lot to a bedroom, and are a great way to make a subtle change in your bedroom.  Perhaps you have a bedroom “set” from college or a hand me down that doesn’t feel “you”?  A great way to update the look is to get new nightstands in a complementary color (if you have a dark wood bed, for example, I’d get ivory or a grasscloth textured pair).  If you have a lot of space on the sides of the bed, use smaller scale dresser or extra-wide nightstands to really balance the space and avoid dead empty corners.

One thing to always note before shopping for nightstands though: measure the height of your bed and mattress! Nightstands come in a vast range of heights, and you want your nightstands to be level or a slight bit higher or lower that the mattress height. Not drastically taller or shorter either direction.  So check your own dimensions and be SURE to note the height of any pair you are looking at before buying!

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  1. can you do a post on how to style a nightstand? i feel like mine always ends up with so much clutter!

    1. I agree! We have sconces and without lamps on the nightstands, they look sad and empty no matter what I try.

  2. How about some examples of tiny nightstands? I only have space for about 8-12 inches due to the room size and a California King bed. I would love to get your suggestions!

    Thanks, Kate

      1. Do a search for ‘martini tables’ and you will find a lot of good options for these smaller tables.

  3. Love this! I have another post idea- it might be boring! However, I think a lot of people have this issue- Decent looking desks that work as nighstands for those that need something that does double duty? Love your blog!!

  4. Perfect timing as I’ve been thinking it’s time to replace mine. Love several of your selections! Thank you!

  5. If you have a linen beige headboard, I can see going darker on the nightstands to compliment, but then what kind of a dresser would you use in the room to avoiding matching–should it be a lighter color like the headboard or a different tone of wood from the nightstands?

    1. Yes, please do a post on styling night stands! Also, I’d love to get your take on matching nightstands vs. unmatched, as well as matching lamps or not. How can something so small, but practical be so hard to style?!

  6. Wow! There is a lot to love here…I have a soft spot for the faux bamboo pair, so versatile!

  7. I have a couple of #2 but in the three drawers, and such good quality. Wish I could figure out how to keep lacquer perfect though!

  8. This comment is completely off topic, but I would love to see a post on how to update or make minor modifications to an existing fireplace. I suspect many of us with older homes that have, say, very dated looking brass fireplace doors or screens, would really appreciate such a post! I have a 1948 minimal traditional style house and I’m desperate for some fireplace inspiration!

  9. Thx for the post. Took me a while to find a nightstand that would hold a lamp and a book! If you need new posting ideas, I would love to see one on teen hangout rooms. Trying to turn my current playroom into something more ‘mature’ that also integrates with our transitional decor.

  10. In keeping with the theme of styling nightstands, how about discussing how tall your reading lamp should be in relation to stand and bed? And examples of good reading lamps? I hate in when I can’t easily read the page.

  11. Thanks for this great round-up! I’d also love a post on side table/coffee table pairs. We’re trying to be complementary but not too matchy and finding it difficult!

  12. Great choices! Post suggestion….centerpiece ideas for dining room table? Just a thought…. Thanks:)

  13. Interesting that there are no round options. Hmmm… are there reasons you don’t you prefer them? Or don’t suggest them? Thanks, Erin!

  14. I used to think of nightstands as a matter of practicality, but there are so many different styles and colors that it’s possible to do great styling with them. These are beautiful options.

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