Fashion Vs. Interiors: Summer Edition

Another episode of my favorite blog game….

Which would you rather?

Curtains and custom baby bedding in this fab Quadrille print (room by Madre Dallas) or a similar print on a sundress?

Classic grey cabinetry with gold hardware or a classic grey leather crossbody bag with gold hardware?

Bright snake print wallpaper or Gucci wallet?

A rattan bag or a rattan tray?

Beachy stripe slides or a beachy striped house?

Black pinstripe shirt dress or vintage chairs?

A blue blockprint pillow or one piece swimsuit.

Cheetah print rug or slides?

Lemon tree wallpaper or dress (I bought this- it’s SO cute)

Turkish rug slides or an actual Turkish rug.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I love this blog! What a cool concept and it really underscores how fashion influences design and vice versa. Nice to see the lemon inclusion too. Well done!

  2. Love when you do this. Was thinking it would make for a fun regular column/feature in a home design magazine. BTW…..I bought those PB block print pillow covers after you’d highlighted them a month or so ago (forget if it was on the blog or instagram). I have them paired on a bench along with the Erin Gates Painterly pillow in cobalt and the Laurel Leaf and its a great combo.

  3. These are so fun! That top look could also have a cute piece from Tea Collection for a little girl that’s currently at the Nordy’s sale. Love that swimsuit too!

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  5. Your new website is amaze-balls! My style is a little more modern than your work but I love it none-the-less! BEAUTIFUL!

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