Fashion Friday: My Picks From the Nordstrom sale for Now and Later.

(First of all, I love that the spokesmodel for the sale is “David” from Schitt’s Creek… if you haven’t watched it, you NEED TO!)

Some of you asked me to round up my picks from the Nordstrom annual sale, particularly whatI’d buy looking ahead to fall and items that are not super trendy and more classic.  So here are my picks!  I like to stock up on my favorite undies and jeans during ales like this, and maybe buy a fall coat and staple shoes, like ballet flats or boots! And even a Theory top that Meghan Markle wore at an appearance, so if the Duchess likes it, I guess it’s good enough for me! :)


There are some more choices here, including some great home finds and maternity staples, which we all hate paying a lot of money for!:

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Based on some of the maternity selections, I am hoping that congratulations are in order for you!

    1. I know we all absolutely want Erin to be happy and celebrate with her when the time comes, but she has written before about how difficult it can be when people ask or expect her to be expecting.
      Could I make a gentle reminder for us to wait until she tells us? While at the same time recognising that Angela and all of us are only trying to be supportive.

  2. The reading glasses aren’t linking and I love them so much! Can you fix, please?! Thank you for putting this together – love your recs!

  3. One of my favorite scenes ever on tv is David singing Simply The Best to his boyfriend. Iconic moment!

  4. I love Nordstroms but dear God the pre-sale was a complete disaster. After spending over an hour online shopping, I had make numerous customer service calls and chats (including one where I spent 45 min. on hold) to make sure my data hadn’t been compromised because my account “wasn’t linked”. By the time they figured out what the heck went off the rails, most of my selections were sold out. I’m passing this year on sheer principle. If they’re are gonna promote the hell out of it, they need to have their systems buttoned up and ready to go – this was scary.

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