Any parent with a beating heart cannot look at the images and hear the stories of the scared, small children being torn apart from their parents on our border and not give a shit. Pardon my language, but this, along with our ridiculous stance on guns, that makes me want to flip a dumpster and light it on fire. This is not a time for polite political discourse (or posting about outdoor furniture as was my plan for today), this is a time to speak up and take action.  Our government is making despicable policies in our name, and it must be stopped (and before anyone tries to say these policies aren’t Trump’s, check your facts, there are no laws stating that children MUST be separated from their parents).  We can care about our country and our needs AND OTHER PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME.  We don’t have to pick one or the other exclusively.  We want to remain the most powerful country in the world, but with that power comes responsibility to help others.

The issue is confusing and complicated. Joanna at Cup of Jo did a brilliant article that really breaks down who these people are, why they are trying to come to this country, and what you can do to help. Go read it. Also, The Cut did a great round up of what you can do from attending protests to how to contact your representatives.  Here is a short list of great places to put your dollars, if you have any to spare, that can help these innocent kids stuck in limbo–


ActBlue Charities: Your donation to this charity will be spread across several groups working to protect kids from being separated from their parents.

KIND (Kids In Need of Defense): This group is focused on protecting the legal rights of children seeking asylum- including providing lawyers for immigration court.

RAICES Leaf Fund and Bond Fund: Helping those detained post bond or find legal services.

We Belong Together:  Women for common sense immigration law that will keep families together and empower women trying to find a safer country for their children.

I also got an e-mail in my inbox this morning that St. Frank, a great source for home decor I love that works with artisans from low income countries around the world in an effort to empower them. Now through Saturday they will donate 10-20% of all purchases to KIND (one of the charities listed above)- so you can pick up something unique for your home (or a great gift)  AND support this cause at the same time:

1. Give 10% to KIND, get 10% off with code GIVE10GET10
2. Give the full 20% to KIND with code GIVE20

I look at my sweet boy and I cannot FATHOM the pain of knowing he was somewhere alone, scared, without me.  My body literally wretches when I imagine it. I also can’t imagine living in a country so dangerous or poverty-stricken that the risk of putting him through that pain is a better option than staying put.  Think about that.  And then DO SOMETHING.


  1. Erin, thank you for speaking up. The people still defending Trump and his corrupt regime boggle the mind. Truly. History will not judge him kindly or his supporters.

    1. Well…we will see about that, won’t we. I felt the same way about Obama…is it possible that we have differing opinions?!?! Say it isn’t so!

  2. Thank you for your post – my “little one” is now 33 years old, and when I think of him, I can’t imagine having him torn from my arms when he was a young boy. Although I am not a fan of the current administration, I do not think that this is a Republican vs. Democrat or liberal vs. conservative issue. I think that it’s an issue of compassion and empathy vs. white nationalism and racism. I pray that the children and parents who were separated are reunited soon and believe that every American should write or call their state and US senators and representatives to let them know that we expect them to demonstrate the courage to insist to the administration that reunions become the top immigration priority until every child is back in the arms of his or her parent(s).

  3. Thank you, Erin. Your post was heartfelt and poignant. Please do not listen to people who say to stay in your lane that it is disrespectful and short sided. Another note and I know you did not mean anything by this at all but people do not need to parents to have their hearts wrenched by what is happening. Any compassionate person parent or otherwise is gutted and distraught and looking to help in any way. This is more my sensitivity than anything you said but I needed to say it for me. You are amazing, inspiring and all around awesome!

  4. The little girl on “Time” magazine was never separated from her mother. Many of the other images are from the time Obama was in office.

  5. I don’t normally comment on blogs, but I felt compelled today to say that I am glad you posted this. It is thoughtful and so so necessary for us to all remain engaged. To those who feel you shouldn’t post on your own blog – who cares what they think! Erin, post whatever you want. Your more recent post about being both a person and a business is spot on.

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