A New Favorite Wallpaper Source!

I may be the LAST person to have discovered the fab wallpaper from Wallshoppe but I figured I’d share in case a couple of you were not privy to their charming, happy prints (I also have had a crazy week so this was about the maximum I could muster today)! It seems all of these offerings come in regular paper or removable paper (great for rentals or commitment issues!)  And tons of fun color options for each pattern!

They did lines with Clare Vivier and Nathan Turner too, which are SO fun!

I am loving this for Henry’s big boy room maybe???

Also loving this pattern for a closet ceiling or behind bookshelves (easy to DIY when removable!)

This one is really gorgeous in person!

And lemons and oranges! Adorable for a kids room.

Another great medium scale pattern that would be good for a powder room or bedroom.

Wide stripes and dogs! You can’t lose!

This floral comes in tons of colors and is super charming.

I also am sort of obsessed with the idea of using this for the design for a female-owner marajuana dispensary/bakery/ candy shop.  Like, a mod ice cream parlour look but for pot. LOL. Anyone???

Catch you on Friday, I’m off to finish writing all the captions for my next book!


  1. I didn’t know about this wallpaper source, and I love it! When I saw the lemon paper, I immediately thought of THE lemon nursery designed by Dina Bandman for this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase. The Wallshoppe lemon papers comes in so many cute colorways! Definitely makes achieving a similar look at a much more attainable price point possible. Bookmarking!

    Also, I am LOL-ing over the idea of a “mod ice cream parlour but for pot” look. Too hilarious!

  2. Love the “no commitment” aspect. Also why I’ve never gotten a tattoo. Commitment issues. Love the stripes for Henry’s big boy room. Actually I could see if for a baby boy nursery too and then move to something different around age 8 or 9?

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