Updating Your Front Entrance for Spring

After along winter of depressing temps and grey landscapes, it’s nice to give the front entrance of your house a little facelift for spring time!  Painting the door a fun color and replacing doormats, planters and hardware and accessories can make a big difference!  Here are four styles of homes and how I’d decorate the front door and surrounding areas!

house numbers // door knocker // lantern // wreath // stone dog // doormat // planter //


light // basket // mailbox // house numbers // lanterns // doormat


house numbers // light fixture // mailbox // doormat // door knocker // planter

lantern // planter // doormat // bench // house numbers // door knocker


  1. Thanks you for this. I have been looking for the right forest green to paint my front door. This is perfect!

  2. Great post! To complete the look, any suggestion of where to find a great umbrella stand? Maybe rattan? They’re oddly hard to find! Thanks, Erin!

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