The Windsor Way

At a time when a lot of design magazines leave me feeling less than enchanted, the last issue of Veranda was a home run. Especially the feature on the new Alessandra Branca designed spaces at Windsor, Florida. HEAVEN.  Such great design in such a beautiful location.  I can so see myself here in 25 years in my J.Jill leisure separates sipping wine at 3 p.m.– glorious.

Loving this combo of red, pink and blue.  Such an interesting combination done so elegantly. Loving that photograph over the sofa too!

One of the kitchen spaces featuring great woven accents.

This living room is right up my alley (installed a beach house yesterday with chairs somewhat like this- see on my Instagram).

Such a serene bedroom done in such a great traditional style but with modern flair.  Loving the all neutrals– reminds me of my bedroom a little!

A different style kitchen- this one a little more traditional and in my favorite color combo!

I DIE DIE DIE over this wallpaper. Apparently it will be included in a new collection designed by Ms. Brana int he coming months! I can’t wait to use it!

A more neutral living room scheme… just love it all.

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  1. Great post! Agree with you on design magazines. The high end ones are just too much. They glorify the extremes – I can’t seem to learn anything about good solid design principles from them. It’s all about showing how terribly sophisticated they are and it feels a little the-emperor-has-no-clothes to me. The more basic ones (like HGTV) are just glorified catalogs – nothing to be learned/inspired there, either.

    House Beautiful used to be my favorite, with their interview-style articles, because you got to see the beautiful pictures and really hear about the designer’s process, but they’re moving away from that and getting to be Too Much for me as well.

    I wish someone would hire you to do a magazine (a la Joanna Gaines, but a monthly one from you).

    I’d also love to hear your thoughts on shelter magazines – as a designer, what would YOU like to see when you pick one up? (Future post topic??)

    1. Yes, I agree! These are pretty spaces, but what I really love are the ones where the owners’ personalities show. More collected than decorated. Piles of books (that have been read), art picked up from here and there and travels, furniture that’s partly chosen/bought and partly handed down in the family. Those are interesting to me–they are full of stories.
      Is it social media that makes everybody want everything to be perfect? Even when the imperfections are the key to charm?

    2. I read mainly British home magazines (I’m American, so they cost a little more buying them here, but it’s worth it to me), and I feel like they have a lot more personality to the homes. My favorites are The English Home, Country Homes and Interiors, the British version of Country Living, and Period Homes. I love House & Home (Canadian) as well!

  2. Not gonna lie, I was totally expecting (and hoping) for a Met Gala recap today! Love your opinion on these “fashion show” events!

  3. Yes was looking for the fashion review! Love your comments concerning the choices made by the stars or their designers.

  4. You’re going to leave your design empire to sip wine in Windsor? Say it isn’t so! I prefer the neutral living room to the pink & blue. It was a little too frilly for my taste!

  5. My copy of Veranda has been sitting on the counter for days, waiting for me to find time to read it. So, thank you for this little sneak peak. Agree with commenter M. I’d subscribe to an Elements of Style magazine!

  6. The painting of the herring and the multi-dimensional photo in the first pic are my favorite elements; they draw the rooms together with a bang. Wow, what great style. The blue/white kitchen hurt my eyes, but gosh, everything else was dreamy.

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