The Royal Wedding: Last Minute Thoughts & What I’d Wear!

It’s HERE!!!!! Tomorrow morning I’ll be up bright and early to watch the event of the year.  Of course, I had to post today about my final fashion guesses about the dress, hair, etc. but also had some fun dreaming up looks for guests (ahem, MYSELF). So here we go!!!


I think it’s going to be Burberry– no label is more British and yet also offers goods to the masses. Megan wants to be the new “People’s Princess” and this choice would be brilliant.


(Something in between these two Amsale gowns, perhaps?)

I don’t think she’s going to do a big ballgown with lace a la The Duchess and Pippa.  I think it’s going to be a more modern take on a royal wedding dress– long sleeves, satin with a little embroidery and a elongated semi-mermaid silhouette (but not crazy fitted).  A high neckline. The tiara will be subtle and the veil long but simple as well.

(My back up bet is a sheer sleeve with embroidery, like her engagement photo dress or a simple bodice and skirt with lace sleeves only).


Kate wore her hair half up half down but Megan seems to like her hair up, so I think it’ll be a simple bun/updo. Nothing severe, more loose but tidy.


I think she’ll look like herself, just at 110%.  Pink cheek, sheer pink lip, slightly smokey eye. Dewy, fresh and pretty. Nothing severe.

Now, if I had been invited, what on earth would I wear?? Well, there are rules.  It’s a daytime wedding so nothing super formal, most women wear knee length dresses.  Fascinators and hats are a must, as are covered shoulders.  And no black or white (unless a print).  Covered toes too, so no strappy sandals at this fete!  Here are four outfits that I think would pass the Royal Wedding Guest test (and since this is hypothetical and, ya know, ROYAL— these are pricey items!)!


Colorful: dress // hat // shoes // bag

Bold: dress // hat // shoes // bag

Garden- Inspired: dress // hat // shoes // bag

Classic: dress // hat // shoes // bag

Now, for the evening event you can go a little sexier and formal– remember Pippa’s INSANE green dress???

These two looks would be SO much fun to wear (especially the 20k earrings) :)  I am particularly fond of that pink Oscar de la Renta.


Elegant: dress // earrings  // shoes

Statement: dress // earrings // shoes

OMG GUYS I AM SO EXCITED.  I’ll be Instagramming tomorrow (Stories most likely so be sure to follow me so we can freeeeeeeaaaaaak out together starting at 6 am!)


  1. We are starting when the coverage starts at 9am here in the UK! Realise 4am would be a bit much, so hope the best guests hold off arriving until you can join us! So excited to attend from the comfort of my living room, I can’t finish work quick enough today!

  2. I am not a morning person at all and I can’t believe I’m going to wake up early to watch this (Central time)! I did not watch Wills & Kate’s wedding. Don’t you like how I refer to them by their familiar names? Ha!! But I am so excited for Meghan. I cannot wait to see her dress. I love the Classic wedding guest look you styled. That look would be mine!

  3. Since I’m west coast, I’ll tape and watch it later … unless I wake up really early and watch it in real time. My wedding attire; PJs and slippers, but I’ll accessorize with a brisk cup of tea. Can’t wait to see the hats on the wedding guests.
    I wonder if the palace issues orders on what colors to avoid (because they’re reserved for the queen)?
    Also eager to see her honeymoon outfits…

  4. I’m waking up at 5:30 and will definitely follow your stories throughout the morning. I am just SO SO excited, I cannot wait to put on my pearls, have my scone (which I will purchase tonight, along with something for my husband so he doesn’t have to bother me at any point tomorrow am lolll) and watch this amazing event. Thank you for sharing your last minute thoughts, I love the idea of Burberry!!

    1. YES! My husband is British and could care less. I’ve informed he and my two boys to not talk to me until after the ceremony.

  5. I was in design school during Will & Kate’s wedding and we were obviously pulling an all-nighter so we projected the coverage in the computer lab and all made paper fascinators while enjoying the festivities. Believe it or not, we got very little work done.

    P.S. it’s Meghan with an H, but I’m only mentioning because that’s my sister’s name too, and her biggest pet peeve :)

  6. Whatever Meghan wears, she will totally rock it.

    Maybe she’ll surprise us all with a lesser-known designer, like Giles Deacon.

    I love your wedding-outfit picks, especially the pink Oscar gown and the Gucci bag with the bee clasp.

  7. Love, love, love all of your styled looks (that red dress is incredible) and the bridal gown on the right made me gasp (very Princess Grace, even the model) , but I see her in more of the one on the left. Can. Not. Wait. to see it all unfold! Have fun!!!

  8. LOVE your outfit options. If only I was invited and could wear them!!! Can’t wait to see what she’s going to wear!!

  9. Wonderful post (as always)!

    Enthusiastically agree on all your predictions and recommendations. The simple wedding dress on the right would be so modern and lovely on MM.

    Besides her dress, I’m also in it for the fascinators. Love ’em!

  10. I can soooo see you in the statement dress. Very sophisticated 💯🍾🥂. I too am excited but live on the West Coast….I may watch a repeat.

  11. I do not understand the excitement over this event at all; I adore your fashion recs though! That garden inspired dress?! And I can’t resist a Temperley! Have fun tomorrow.

  12. Wow Erin, you nailed it…from the style of the dress to the hair, the tiera, the veil, the makeup! Amazing! You have incredible fashion sense!!

  13. Wow, you were amazingly spot on, well done, you! How did you do it?! I loved all your choices for hypothetical wedding attendee. I’d choose the blue dress and peach hat for the day, and how could you say no to Pippa’s green dress? Yum, yum! Though, that 1920s-esque floral number is quite sexy and definitely meant for a mature, confident Ava Gardner type. Love it!

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