Fashion Friday: Dressing Like A Duchess On A Budget

Yes, I am still in fact obsessing over all things Meghan Markle/ Duchess of Sussex.  I love her style and while I am disappointed “The Firm” is making her wear pantyhose now (UGH) I still think her looks are fantastic to try to emulate.  It’s refreshing to see fashion that isn’t based in shock value/ half nudity or ironic ugliness!  But since we all don’t have the budget of a Duchess, we have to improvise a little and find options that are more affordable but give us the same look. Thanks to a zillion great sales this weekend, it’s totally possible.   Here are some looks that cost less than probably just one of her shoes… the prices shown are for the ENTIRE outfit!



TOP: Dress // Heels // Earrings // Bracelet // Hat // Bag

BOTTOM: Dress // Heels (so comfy) // Bag // Earrings


TOP: Skirt // Bodysuit (with built in bra!) // Heels // Bag // Scarf // Earrings

BOTTOM: Skirt // Bodysuit // Heels // Trench // Earrings // Bag


TOP: Top // Pants // Heels // Earrings // Bag

BOTTOM: Shirt // Jeans // Bag ($18!!!)  // Sunglasses // Shoes // Earrings

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone! I’ll be back on Tuesday!




  1. Her style is fabulous. Always look forward to seeing both her and Kate’s stylish outfits. I’m wondering if the pantyhose rule is an actual ‘rule’ of the monarchy or just a ‘strong preference’ of the queen (such as her dislike of wedges…wedges, people, not wedgies); and if the latter if things will change when the queen passes??

    1. Regarding pantyhose, it is usually chilly in the UK. Maybe wearing pantyhose is partially practical, to stay warm?

      1. I’m not sure about the practicality, but I do know that she is required to wear panty hose. I feel the same as Erin – ugh! It seems silly but that would bother me.

    2. When I worked in London for a media company, part of my role was to interview lawyers. When I went to some law firms, I was required to wear pantyhose to meet their partners. So pretty sure its a rule for royalty if it is just for some poncy businesses!
      Luckily Kate has already moved things forward to opaque tights!


    3. I find it weird that she doesn’t like wedges when they have those garden parties and wedges are easier to walk on the grass in. I would think she would love them.

      1. Yes, very true! I’ve sunk into the grass many times with heels…forces you to toe walk.

  2. LOVE this post – and really all of your Fashion Fridays – so many great ideas!! Thank you for curating them for us!

  3. LOVE THIS! I’ve been Googling and Pinning her outfits all week. I love these look alikes. Can we turn this into a series? Duchess Fashion Fridays?

    Also, many pieces Meghan and Catherine wear are off the rack, so it would even be cool to see a save/splurge version where you incorporate the exact items if available (ie the Misha Nonoo blouse that she wore to the Invictus games would be a Splurge and the JCrew or Madewell would be a Save).

    Happy MDW!

  4. Love this post, Erin. I couldn’t agree more about how great it is to see fashions that are pretty instead of designed to shock. Here’s hoping the new Duchess brings back dressing well!

  5. LOVE this post! You are so good at this- thanks for helping make it a reality for the rest of us.:)
    Hope you enjoy the long weekend!

  6. Some of these pieces really surprised me …. purse #2, $25.00! It looks so chic! And that black Zara top looks amazing. Please continue to take us along while you style stalk the Duchess. I’d love to follow a style icon that relies on classic pieces with a twist rather than skin and shock.

    1. And I’m quite sure I’d love it if you started a Meghan Markle Pinterest board… I’d follow it!

  7. Omg obsessed with not only MM but this blogpost!! Can’t wait for the next one! 🖤

  8. she does have a great style and while pantyhose can be uncomfortable, sometimes I am turned off the unsightlyness (sp?) of people’s bare legs…few people have skin beautiful enough to look polished and finished under anything other than a casual sundress. And I am sure it is not a “rule” but rather a preference of the queen and she is the boss!

  9. I wish someone would do a post on pantyhose — sounds weird but hear me out… At least Kate and Meghan have found a shade/brand of pantyhose that don’t look too bad on them — I think the goal is to look as natural as possible. Pantyhose, when done right, can even out the skin tone, mask imperfections, etc. The problem is, getting it right. Pantyhose are hard to buy! I don’t have to wear them very often, but a lot of the time, I go through three or four pairs for one outfit, trying to find the right shade. Often, they come out either too light (almost white — eek!), or too dark for my skintone. Sometimes they even have a sparkly sheen, which doesn’t come through in “real life”, but they shine in photographs! I never know what shade to buy, and it seems like the choices out there are very limited. Anyway, that is my rant on pantyhose. If someone could come up with a foolproof brand, I would be happy. Or maybe someone out there knows what brand of pantyhose the Royals wear? Anyone?

  10. ah, totally agree about the classic yet up to date style. How very refreshing!

    I’m wondering where the hydrangea blue coat dress is from from your previous post? I couldn’t find a link?

  11. Okay, Brenda!!! There are a rare few..besides the royals!! Just watched “thee Duchess” on “Hallmark” channel last nite. franki

  12. Great post. Love your finds. I don’t mind at all that your still obsessing. I’m still upset there are not pictures of the reception decorations. I also love her look. It doesn’t quite fit my life style except the last look but still love your round up. Might have to get those jeans. :)

  13. I went back and forth on her light pantyhose… was the light color intentional to balance her sheer blush sleeves? Or were they simply too light for her skin color? I can’t say I would want to wear pantyhose, but for some reason it doesn’t really bother me seeing it on the Royal family (when worn properly).

    Ha, the Queen not liking wedges reminds me of any grandmother of her generation… “I don’t like those clunky shoes the young ladies are wearing these days!” I, too, wonder how dress code might become more lax once Charles ascends to the throne.

    1. I love her style classic; clean, colorful and modern all at the same time. As far as the pantyhose, well it just gives it a more polished look. I know, I know, some of you will disagree.

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