Accessories for Under $100 That Make Your Home Look Expensive

Above: Fresh flowers and pretty books and a candle go a long way, as do small touches like custom shades for your lighting!

Even if your budget isn’t huge, your home can still look super high end by choosing some of the right accents. From small touches like monogrammed linens to bigger ones like art and pillows- here are some awesome finds that will look WAY more expensive than they are and add a touch of grandeur to your home.

  1. A small vintage Persian rug in place of a bathmat or other small rug upgrades a bathroom quickly.
  2. These marbled lamps look WAY more expensive than they are.
  3. Applique monogram handtowels in your powder room feel REAL fancy.
  4. A big clear vase like this filled with branches clipped from your yard is a instant facelift for a room.
  5. Old books make a room look interesting and add patina– you can buy them by cover color from this source!
  6. A replica bust (like the one I have on my bar) adds instant gravitas.
  7. Matching baskets for storage and decor add texture, which looks higher end.
  8. A brass floor lamp based on classic styles like this one have a very upscale vibe.
  9. Colored glassware is a great way to add interest and visual punch to glass cabinets in the kitchen or bar.
  10. Groupings of antique prints (or replicas of antique prints) framed and hung in a grid.  Big impact, small dollars.
  11. A little blue and white ceramic accent ALWAYS looks great!
  12. Designer fabric on one side of a pillow like these costs less than matching front to back and gives you a similar impact.
  13. A singular fancy frame, like this one– which I myself have in my home- really makes a small table or nightstand look more polished.
  14. I never met a kitchen that wasn’t improved by a rustic wood bowl.
  15. Can you believe this sconce is under $70?
  16. This gorgeous gold laurel leaf mirror is on clearance and I LOVE IT.
  17. This is where I got my custom sconce shade shown above! Such a great way to adda  “custom” look without spending tons of money.
  18. I LOVE these canisters– I have them and have used them on shoots- they look like handmade ceramics and totally upgrade your countertop storage!
  19. This monogrammed acrylic wine set will make your patio cocktails feel SO much more fancypants.
  20. Custom monogrammed cocktail napkins are so much nicer than coasters in my opinion.
  21. I think these vintage bookends would add a lot of great visual texture to bookshelf.
  22. I saw these pillows at my local OB and was FLOORED by how great they were and how much they looked like much more expensive fabrics I work with!
  23. Original art will always make your home look more expensive– look for smaller works at antique shops or on sites like Etsy where this one came from!



  1. Another good place to look is at the used office furniture stores. I purchased several signed and numbered pictures for $35.00 and one was a Shoiohi Hasegawa (50/120 large 26 x 30). Due to the closing of an oil company the store had some really nice items.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. We’ve recently completed a major renovation and now need to add the finishing touches. This is SO helpful!

  3. Hi Erin – I love roundups like these; they are so useful and VERY much appreciated! I have another suggestion for you. We have a dog and two cats (in addition to a very messy young boy) and have gone through three living room rugs in the space of a few years. It seems like someone is always pooping, peeing, vomiting or otherwise wrecking the rugs and I have HAD IT. I also have a very small budget – what’s the saying, champagne taste on a beer budget? ;) Something like that. Anyway, I would love some options for living room rugs for people with animals (and messy kids)!!! Thank you for considering – keep up the good work!

  4. There is a site,, that keeps popping up on my instagram. I have no idea what kind of quality these rugs are, but they are apparently washable. Just a thought.

    1. I have one of these rugs and just bought two more so I thought I’d chime in. (As background – I have a toddler and a beloved but stinky/shed-y/drooly aged english bulldog.) They aren’t our “forever” rugs but they will serve us well for the next couple of years. They have a velcro-like waterproof underlay with a very thin topper that can be washed in the washing machine. The quality is good – not plush but it gets the job done and has stood up to multiple launderings. The color and pattern choices are definitely limited and came much more muted than what I was expecting. My husband also dislikes that the underlay has a bit of a “crunchy” sound when it’s quiet. (Narrator: It was rarely quiet.) I obviously like them enough to buy a couple more and have recommended them to other families in the same boat. HTH!

  5. 2, 12, and 23 are my favorite items. Thanks for sharing this! I have to say that the title def drew me in. Awesome blog. Keep it up! Btw, we have four hotels in Manhattan. You should totally stop by one day! ✿


  6. Thanks you for these. I have a friend starting from scratch after a divorce after 25 yrs. These selections help so much. They are lifesavers. Keep them coming please!!!

  7. Erin,
    These posts are so amazing! I have to be on a tight budget but love making my home look more sophisticated. Thank you for making design doable for those of us with tight wallets:)

  8. I love Southern Linens. They have some of the most classic monogrammed items. Their bedding is beautiful and I have given it to girls furnishing their dorm rooms, first apartments, and for many wedding gifts. I have never purchased a thing from Southern Linens that has not been perfect.

  9. this is such a great post. i think i’m going to get many of these pieces and give some for gifts. thanks Erin!

  10. I love the beachy look of these accessories, theres only one thing missing… handles! I think its so difficult to find designer looking cabinet handles or wardrobe handles.

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