My Summer Pillow Collection

I know- SUMMER. Not even in the REALM of thought in half the country right now (still wearing my Moncler puffy coat every damn day).  But as with clothing, home follows a nutty schedule totally out of line with where we are in real life.

I wanted to share these while available online, even though some of the listings are glitchy.  So if a pillow you like isn’t working on the site- check back tomorrow. (Annoying, I know– TRUST me).  This collection is all about color, texture and FUN and at such affordable prices, easy to toss in a few to a room to help you get jazzed about warmer weather! Also, some of the brighter pillows are perfect for kids and teen rooms!

Here are some of the groupings we shot in my new family room and living room (which i’ll reveal bits of soon!)



Also, there are still some great spring pillows, lamps and throws available!



  1. But these are not the pillows you use in your own house. I think you said you used Quadrille and Rose Tarlow for your new pillows.

  2. I’m still just hoping the avacado Agean key will come back….they are the BEST pillows. I have the fall color grey/green. They make me look alll classy…. here’s to hoping and a wishing….

  3. These look so lovely ! Is there anywhere in the Boston area to view them in person? I find with pillows it is so important to me to see them and hold them to get a true sense of color, texture, etc. Thanks!

  4. Hi Erin! I have a blog request that I wanted to pass along – I’m working with a designer on my kitchen project and we both recently commented on how “you can’t go wrong with a white kitchen.” But can you? I was wondering if you had any thoughts on times when those classic staples (e.g. neutrals, white subway tile, white kitchen, etc.) actually can go wrong. I’d love to see this in a blog post. Thanks!

  5. Erin,

    Those pillows are gorgeous! There is no better way to brighten up a room or add life to your sofa and bed.

  6. I love throw pillows. They make such a nice accent in any home. You have some very nice ones on here. I seen some of them from Wayfair. Love this place. Thank you for sharing all of these amazing pillows.

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