A Royal Wedding Party!

As I’ve mentioned before, when I guessed what Meghan Markle’s dress would look like,  I am pretty jazzed about this royal wedding situation.  A few details have been released, which is making me even MORE excited, because it seems the royal couple are after a slightly more relaxed, English garden kind of look for their big day versus the big to-do that was the Kate and William celebration.

The florist for the wedding will be Philippa Craddock, whose work is amazing.  I love the looser, organic feel of many of her arrangements.

And the chef responsible for the cake is Violet Bakery’s Claire Ptak.  Her cakes are also more organic in design and decoration and certainly less carefully detailed than what one might expect from a “royal wedding” cake.

I picture it maybe looking like this?  Or is this way too casual?

I will certainly be up watching at 7 a.m. EST on the day and thought it would be fun to pull together some ideas for a viewing party! Hey, how often does an American actress marry into the British royal family? Invite some pals over and revel in all the details!

  1. Serve coffee or tea in vintage teacups– matching or mismatched!
  2. Speaking of tea, Fortnum & Mason is a royal favorite, and this blend is aptly called “Royal Blend” (plus the tin is so pretty!)
  3. Looking for a more celebratory beverage? Mini prossecco bottles will do the trick, mixed with OJ or not!
  4. I mean, who hasn’t wanted an excuse to wear a fascinator?
  5. A fun sparkly sign, cuz why not?
  6. A headband version of a fascinator. Perfectly acceptable with your pajamas, I say!
  7. Of course, you also want to have some tiaras at the ready.
  8. Grab some garden inspired florals that approximate the look of the Royal florist from Farmgirl Flowers!
  9. And whip up some scones, of course!
  10. These are my favorite jammies. Great with a tiara.
  11. A proper copper kettle.
  12. Pretty paper napkins.
  13. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can serve mini “naked cakes” like those seen at Violet Bakery.
  14. A cozy striped tee (with a little heart!)
  15. Fancy slippers to keep your toes warm early in the morning.
  16. Sweet wedding themed treats.


  1. We had a terrific party for Will and Kate’s wedding with champagne, strawberries and cream, and scones for breakfast. I am gutted, GUTTED, to be going to my college reunion on the day of this wedding. I really almost backed out but finally decided that real-life friends are more important than imaginary ones. Although, it’s probably worse for my friend whose daughter is graduating that day. No way to get out of that one!

    1. I am in exactly the same situation. At first I said I wouldn’t go to my reunion because I was so disappointed to miss hosting a wedding viewing party as I did for Will and Kate. Actually, not sure that I am not going to regret this decision. I will, of course, come home and watch every minute of the recorded coverage but I know it won’t be the same. Why am I cursed this way? I had to take the bar exam the day that Charles and Di got married. Does feel better to know that I am not the only one choosing real-life friends and my own experiences so thanks for your comment.

  2. Since I’m on Pacific time, I’ll choose to record for later viewing. But I’ll get in the spirit of the event and wear my jammies and sip my tea from blue willow. Maybe one of your talented readers can link us to a DIY video on how to make a fascinator?

    Future post on dream wedding dresses and tiny bridesmaids dresses? And what would one wear if you were actually invited? Imaginary options please!

  3. I remember waking up very early on a Saturday morning in July 1981 to watch the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. It did not disappoint! I’m REALLY looking forward to this wedding though. This was a great post, thanks Erin!

    1. Oops, memory isn’t great. Just googled the date and it was a Wednesday, not a Saturday. Must have taken the day off!

  4. My invitation has been out for weeks (I couldn’t wait) and I’m so excited to plan. Ordering these napkins now! The Plaza NY even has a royal tea menu that I’m borrowing heavily from. So fun!

  5. On the day of the royal wedding (Diana and Charles) in 1981, I took the day off from work and got up early to watch the big event. I thought my live-in boyfriend considered me crazy, but later that day he said “Do you want to do this with me?” His awkward way of proposing. 36 years later, we are still married… And I will be watching the royal wedding this year as well.

  6. absolutely brilliant idea to host an English tea wedding viewing party ! you’re right how often does an American marry into British royalty

  7. My daughter was in such a princess phase for Kate and Wills’ wedding–the sparkles in her eyes were absolutely magical. I fear that now she won’t want to watch Meghan and Harry’s.
    Maybe I can rope her in with strawberries and cream….

  8. I love this post! Just two weeks ago I temporarily moved to the UK from Philadelphia for two years for my husband’s job. We are living 15 minutes from Windsor, so we visited last weekend. I had to see where Harry and Meg were getting hitched :) St. George’s Chapel is beautiful! It just seems small for what I’m sure will be a large amount of guests. The guide said it could hold 300 people, but it certainly didn’t look that way. The castle itself is where the Queen spends her weekends. While we were there a fleet of black SUVs were in the courtyard picking up her and members of the family (we didn’t get a peek of the Queen, bummer!). It’s fun to be over here with all the excitement around Will and Kate’s baby and the wedding. Besides that I miss the states!

  9. I’m so glad the wedding is on a Saturday morning so I can get up super early to watch!

  10. I love the idea of a viewing party! But, it’ll be 6am here in Wisconsin… ugh! Maybe a royal reception party? :)

  11. I want to do this SO BAD and I don’t have a single friend who cares enough to get up at 6:00am on a Saturday day to watch with me. But I will be ord ring that tiara and having tea/pajama party for one on the big day.

  12. I so enjoy reading your posts. I spoiled myself and purchased a pair of red/orange suede slip-ons from that fancy Italian shoemaker that you have shown, all due from inspiration from your post. and I LOVE that the navy fascinator was from Walmart online! I want to order it just to have it, just in case! I have purchased a couple fancy hats for other events and overpaid every time, thinking I will wear this again. Blamed it on the champagne! cheers~

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