27 Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts!

I wanted to post my Mother’s Day gift guide nice and early this year so everyone has time to order something special for their mama (or wife. or friend. or yourself!) I am loving so many of these items, I hope you do too!

  1. I asked for this amazing new book by Clairborne Swanson Frank– beautiful to look at AND display.
  2. My Les Points Locket is also on my wishlist- and M.Flynn is offering 15% off my line with code MOM2018, valid until 4/25!
  3. So you could also pick up my Compass Rose stud earrings too :)
  4. All busy moms need a cute little monogrammed zipper pouch for their bag, right?
  5. I adore these gorgeous blue floral jammies!
  6. Pop a cute picture in one of my favorite gilded frames.
  7. I love this one– turn your kids artwork into a phone case for Mom! Dad– get on it!
  8. Rothy’s new loafer style slip on is sure to be a hit ( I also want these cheetah Stan Smith’s!)
  9. A cute little pairing of bath salts AND bubble bath for the ultimate stress-relieving soak.
  10. A little ring bowl to remind her to seize each day!
  11. Love this beautiful lace trimmed robe.
  12. This stylish beach tent will keep the whole family out of the sun this summer (mom worry about sunburns, after all).
  13. Send stunning flowers from Farmgirl Flowers (I was just sent some and they were impressive!)
  14. I just got this dress and it fits like a dream. So cute with sneakers for summer!
  15. I am DYING over the adorableness of this wine-in-a-can called Dear Mom! Hellooo summer picnics!
  16. This painted monogram stripe tote is so great for going to the beach or the market!
  17. An essential oil diffuser that also is a pretty object.
  18. For the gardener- this stunning book on flowers.
  19. Pop an orchid from the grocery store in one of my pots from Jill Rosenwald. Comes in blue too!
  20. I love this rain jacket– I have it in navy!
  21. The world’s FANCIEST flip flops.
  22. “The Future Is Female” sweater, for the mom who makes a statement.
  23. And for EVERY mom, this tee says it all. (Also comes in a water bottle
  24. The prettiest mint teapot with wood handle.
  25. Everyone loves a pretty candle, right?
  26. Can’t get her a Birkin? You CAN get her this matchbox cover though!
  27. A super affordable but incredibly chic knot bangle bracelet.


  1. Alas, no link to the leopard print slip on loafers … which would also be fabulous with the striped dress. Because leopard is a neutral and works with most everything!

    Great choices; makes me wish I still had my mom! Well, I do miss her anyway, but it’d be fun to still shop for her.

  2. Erin, I read your story with a knowledge of what you are going through. Our histories are mirror images. First baby, IVF. Second – miscarriage because of my damned tubes. Third, frozen embryo positive for a month. Fourth, frozen embryo positive for a month. By that time I was 40 and just didn’t have it in me to try again. I had a beautiful baby girl that I was so grateful for. But I was tired, all my eggs were gone and I had had so many. I just didn’t want to go through another IVF cycle. I felt guilty. I felt selfish. My parents and husband urged me to stop. So I did. I guess I always regretted stopping. I will say – there is something unique with an only child. The three of us could not be closer. Only children are very open to their parents and very protective. Extremely so. Anyway just wanted to share and let you know that whatever happens will be definitely be ok.

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