The Outdoor Furniture Set I’m In Love With.

We are doing a little back yard revamp this summer (some new bushes and plantings, trimming back some trees and swapping out some furniture). With a third Nor’easter in sight for us this month alone, it makes me feel like Elsa is real and has put a curse on our whole area of the country (side note: will I ever not have a Disney song stuck in my head ever again? I woke up this morning and said to Andrew “I’ve had “You’re Welcome” in my head for the past two days and he looked at me and said “”I was up all night singing “Love Is An Open Door”.) Bahahahahaha #toddlerparentlife

Anyways, when Else does decide to defrost her frozen heart, we WILL be enjoying our patio once again.  And there is nothing more chic and classic than a black and white patio.  I have my vintage Brown Jordan dining table and chairs I inherited from my grandmother (similar here although mine in rectangle).  And while I still love my Ikea chairs that everyone asks about (you can see them here in this post about my patio project) , they are getting a little janky and they aren’t made any more (so dumb).  So I’m looking for some inspiration for our little facelift.  I love how black and white lets nature be the star of the show and the pop of color.  Green plantings look perfect paired with crisp black and white.

So when I saw this new collection from One Kings Lane I felt VERY inspired.  I love the old school classic lines and the small brass details on all the pieces.  Maybe it’s time to upgrade my IKEA chairs to something from here? Hmmmm.  Not to mention this whole set looks mighty fine with my black and white Beacon outdoor rug! :) While I don’t have room for a sofa on my patio, I do love the loungers in the plaid!  Patio furniture is the one exception to my “no furniture sets” rule.  While I couldn’t do it top to bottom, I think it’s nice to have some matching furniture on patios to keep things simple and sleek.  In this case, I would have a different dining set and coffee table on my patio, but would get chairs and loungers that matched.



Until then…..



  1. Oh this makes me so happy! I just purchased black and white plaid cushions for our outdoor dining chairs (just like those, but they’re from Target!). I don’t have the $ to redo the whole outdoor set-up, but freshened with those new cushions and finally bought a durable (and stylish) dining table to pull them together. Here’s to impending sunshiney days and outdoor dinners!

  2. We have chairs that are very similar to those in the top photo and I love them. We have navy-and-white striped cushions. Our table, though, has a mosaic tile top, which is more forgiving than glass (it doesn’t look terrible if a few drops get on it). Plus, the mosaic is just pretty.
    Re Frozen, that was the last Disney movie with my daughter. Sniff! Princesses are over and she wants to be a lawyer and watches crime shows. Quite a change. She also gives me a look that could kill when I burst out into “Let It Go,” which has the perfect lyrics for so many occasions, after all.
    Revel in this time with your little ones!

  3. Here in Texas, the heat would turn metal outdoor furniture into hot irons! They are perfect for your part of the country.

  4. Drool. We’ve moved from our house w/ the fabulous patio. Patio envy. But love your ideas and look forward to seeing it on Instagram.

  5. Do you have your outdoor rug in an uncovered area? Does it hold up well to being rained on throughout the summer?

  6. Love this post! It feels like Spring will never come at this rate, so the thought of freshening the patio makes it seem a bit more close!

    Erin – do you have any recos on patio storage? Mostly so I dont have to have a giant Tupperware plastic bin on my patio to store charcoal & lighter fluid, etc …

  7. I would personally be very careful ordering from OKL. I think they are having operational issues that prevents them from being a reliable retailer. Emails to their website go off into the abyss, poor follow up from certain depts (I’m sure I never would have heard back had I not followed up w them literally 15+ times), and very long time to credit me (far outside their stated time frame). Been trying to work through a simple issue w them that they agree they need to fix for FOUR months. It’s a shame as they have good products but not worth it IMHO.

    1. Agree 100%. I received an item that was the wrong color. It wasn’t worth the hassle to exchange it. They need to up their game.

  8. I’ve been gawking over your IKEA chairs since they stopped making them! So if you get rid of them, please post locally :)

  9. I just checked to see if you had posted any remedies for the bombs in Austin? I expected to see you up there on your high horse with the perfect solution? But nothing? Why is that? You seem to always have the answers on gun violence how about bombings? Nothing?

    1. Right on Brenda! And for that matter where does she stand with answers to our North Korean problems, world hunger and Nuclear proliferation? Clearly if someone expresses an opinion on gun violence they must have the answers for everything. We should do lunch one day and talk about how awful people are. You sound like lots of fun!

      1. I thought your reply was spot on. There is nothing we can do about the human evil condition. All you self righteous folks need to look inside yourself – there is the problem. No I take that back. The big problem is that we all think about ourselves more than we look outward. Me me me me me. Repeat me me me me me.

      2. Hey Rebecca, here is Erin’s opportunity – another school shooting! This is her issue isn’t it?

    2. It’s Erin’s blog so she gets to write what SHE WANTS because it’s HER BLOG! BTW, the bombings are horrible but so far they are not happening every week all over the country…

    3. Love your chic patio picks, Erin and your blog. I subscribe to many blogs and don’t always have time to read all of them, but I always read yours, great content. Keep writing! Thank you.

    4. It will also be interesting to see what this blog has to say about the latest school shooting. Wrong kind of gun. Shooter stopped by an armed guard at the school. I’d say the armed guard did a lot more to stem the gun violence than students walking out of class and forming human hearts on a football field. I noticed CNN was very, very excited when the shooting was announced, but then quickly moved on to “Trump is firing Mueller” when it was clear the story wasn’t going to help their anti gun agenda.

    5. Never met a Brenda that wasn’t a complete pollywog. Thanks for keeping the streak alive! What a pile of misery. It’s not the liberals like Erin that should worry you, BRENDA, it’s the conservatives like me who completely agree with her.

  10. Beautiful! I love that rug of yours…it is my favorite and I hope to add it to my patio too. Is there a way to modernize it? I’d love to see “West Coast” styling with the same rug as our house is more modern.

  11. Erin, I have also had problems with OKL in the past 6 months re: furniture. I hope that
    you have a smooth purchase.

    Brenda: My daughter and her family moved to Austin this month. I am very worried for my family and every family in Austin.
    Some people are speaking out and trying to make a difference…what are YOU doing?
    Do something to help or get out of the way. # Love for Austin.

      1. Oh I forgot you little hashtag. Now that is really something. Do you wear some type of piñ on your lapel too? Look at you go!

      2. Rita, really just what is Pam doing? Worrying? and adding a hashtag#Love for Austin? You get a life and don’t worry about me!

      3. You are making some big assumptions about what people are doing or not doing, Brenda, as well as passing judgement on those actions. Very arrogant.

  12. Me again – just got the West Elm booklet for spring summer and they have very similar chairs to your white IKEA patio chairs! The Huron small lounge chair? Not exactly at an IKEA price point at $549 but is similar if it’s the look you want!

  13. we are having milder episodes here in VA of what you are having up there.
    gotta tell ya, i bet boston is a cool place, but i couldn’t live there! too cold, too much winter.
    in the summer however……it’s probably awesome….

  14. Erin, I keep waiting for your words of wisdom on the latest school shooting? What’s the matter? Where is your passion? I thought you were going to use your blog as a voice for what you feel so passionately about?

  15. To those trolling this post about school shootings and bombings- I’d advise you to use all your free time to make efforts elsewhere to support your beliefs instead of making comments on an interior design blog. It is both disturbing and sad that you feel the need to come write nasty comments on a post about outdoor furniture. This is a design blog on which I occasionally speak about real life issues I feel strongly about, but not daily and am certainly not posing myself as an expert on anything other than design. I use my money and time in private to support causes I believe in.
    I’m not engaging any further with you because I know that is what you are after. I hope you find the validation you are looking for elsewhere in life.

    1. You want it both ways Erin. You want to use your blog when you want to express your opinion on gun control. The hitch is that you think anyone that happens to read your blog can’t have an opinion on your opinion. And yes, you kind of do act like you are an expert. If you use your time and money in private that is one thing. But the fact of the matter is, you don’t do it in private. Your blog post was very public. I suggest it is you looking for validation and you can’t stand it when anyone doesn’t think just like you. You want people to tell you how wonderful, smart, talented you are.

      1. Erin, I love your blog and and get a great deal of inspiration from it. I happen to agree with your opinions on gun control, but I also see Kathleen’s point. In order to move forward, we really need to listen to all sides of the argument. Our country is made up of many types of people, with many different opinions and that’s what makes us great. We can’t stand on a soapbox and yell at each other because nothing will happen. Instead, we need to find common ground and listen to each other. That’s where compromise and compassion can be truly reached.

  16. Oh puh-lease, if Erin were to comment on every shooting and violence in this country, she would have to change careers. So just go along on your way and leave this space alone. Those of us that are content viewing what she has to share (professional, personal, political, or whatever) don’t want you trolls here, so ciao!

  17. So. I feel Erin has allowed others to share their point of view. Kathleen literally highjacked the last post about gun violence on Feb. 19. At a certain point, I think Erin has the right to block people when they get out of hand.
    AND, I think some of you are missing the point. This was a post about outdoor furniture that happened to be published on a week during the Austin bombings and another school shooting. It’s as if people like Kathleen, Teddy and Brenda come here looking for a fight!! Brenda says “I just checked to see if you had posted any remedies for the bombs in Austin?” And from there, she gets downright snarky. See, she specifically came here to a rise out of Erin and others. This is the part that is disturbing.

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