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Oscars Red Carpet Review 2018

Ok, it’s taken me all day to get this up but it’s here! :)  I only caught snippets of the show last night and WAS wondering where all the big stars were? Reese? Gwyneth? Julia? Cate Blanchett? Kate Winslet? Leo? Angelina?  It felt a little underwhelming.  And there were no “gasp” moments for me on the red carpet either, but a lot of “she looks great” and a whole BUNCH of “ooohhh, I would have picked something else”, which is my speciality with these posts so here we go!

I think top to toe my favorite was Gina Rodriguez.  Her Zuhair Murad gown was pure Hollywood, a great look on her– she just radiated. The skirt didn’t read sheer on TV, but looks it here, so I wish it were a little less sheer but…. details, details.

I absolutely LOOOOOOVED Laura Dern’s whole look. STUNNING– the hair, jewelry and dress were just right for her. I don’t think she’s ever looked better. Also in white, Jane Fonda– who apparently has sold her soul to the devil because girlfriend is EIGHTY. As in 8-0.  She has a better body than most 30 year olds.

I love me some Allison Janney (so happy she won) and she has looked amazing this whole awards season- her stylist is really GREAT.  This is the kind of dress that when she looks back on this night on her deathbed she’ll say “I’m so glad I picked that”. Classically beautiful. Also in red, Meryl Streep! She really looked great, such a good dress for her!

But hold the phone, y’all— Allison Janney’s Vanity Fair party outfit was THE BEST BEST BEST. The way it related to her gown but had the casual white button down edge (the exaggerated cuffs OMG!!!). Brilliant. Just brilliant.

I hope she blows this picture up massive and hangs it on her wall.  Hell, maybe I will. It’s so good. I bow down.

Leslie Bibb looked great– this pic of her on the carpet does not do her gown justice. It was really beautiful– also the hair and makeup was so on point.  And then this bad ass, va-va-voom suit for the afterparty? YAAAAS GIRL YAAAAS.

On anyone else this gown would have looked ridiculous. On Zendaya though, it’s magical. She looks so elegant and that color is just awesome with her skintone.

Two metallic looks I liked– Sandra and Lupita!  I wish Sandra would leave her hair wavy, it looks so good that way, but I still dig this dress on her. And Lupita has been slaying on with her Black Panther gowns. This one included.  Again, on someone else probably ridiculously sci-fi looking but on her it’s so good.

There was a significant lack of color, which always kind fo bums me out- but these two were a breath of fresh air. Betty Gabriel’s super unique floral-y gown was quite amazing on her. The skirt almost looked like a Monet painting. I wish the deep V of the top were a little less severe, but again, it was really good.   And Jennifer Garner’s look screamed “suck it Ben Affleck!” The hair was off a little– too deep of a part for me– but still, she looked insane.

Danai Gurira killed it in this feminine blush gown with these funky jeweled accents.  I love the edgy/ lady-like mix.


K, now lets discuss how much I love Tiffany Haddish. First of all, she walked the Red Carpet in a traditional Eritrean gown, from her father’s native country.  He died this year and she had promised him when she made it to the Oscars she would wear a gown like this to honor her heritage.  I mean, how wonderful is that? And her yellow dress for the after parties? PERFECTION. Never mind the fact that she leaped over a barrier to literally CURTSY in front of Meryl Streep.

THEN she goes and wears a McQueen dress on stage (with Uggs because her feet hurt!) that she had already worn to her Girls Trip premiere and hosting SNL because she said “this gown cost more than my mortgage so you better believe I’ll wear it more than once.” I mean…. first of all, why aren’t designers throwing $4,000 gown at her for free and also GOOD FOR YOU GIRL.  She’s out “real-ing” Jennifer Lawrence…

Who, speaking of, looked good last night, but not my favorite gown on her of all time. I would have liked a less stiff sparkly gown like this Jenny Packham.

However, she was busted climbing over seats with wine, which warms my heart (but also makes me very nervous for that dental floss thin strap!)

Mary J. Blige has been immaculate this whole awards season, and she looked great last night, but it wasn’t my favorite dress on her for some reason. I can’t really put my finger on why.  I LOVE her in color, so this hot pink gown with jeweled cuffs would have really knocked my socks off with those big earrings and cool hair.

I liked Mary’s performance dress and VF party dresses way better than her red carpet one!

YOU GUYS, I could not have been the only one who yelled “Devil Wears Prada!!!!” at Nicole’s giant bow gown!?

I mean, it’s  basically a blue copy of the James Holt dress that got the pursed lips! AMIRIGHT???

Somewhere in the audience I hope Meryl was making this face.

I think she’s edgy enough to have pulled off this botanical Oscar de la Renta.  I know, it’s a risky dress.  But so is a giant bow over your hoo-ha.

ALL HAIL HELEN. That is all.

Saoirse (please don’t make me try to pronounce her name).  Ok, this one probably divided us as a fashion crew. It underwhelmed me A LOT. Like, a lot. It’s perfectly pretty but I feel like she could make edgier choices being such a young woman  with funky style. This length in a straight skirt never does it for me. For a mid-length dress I prefer this Christian Siriano.  With some fun purple/blue drop earrings?

Greta Gerwig also looked perfectly lovely, but I feel like Michelle Williams will forever own this look of the yellow gown/ red lip / diamonds.  And I also for SOME WIERD REASON, see her in a ditsy floral gown. I don’t know why. I feel like she could pull off this Monique Lhuillier with the red lip, no necklace and fun chandelier earrings? (Did I lose you on this pick??)

Ok, Margot Robbie in Chanel. Another one that a lot of people loved. I felt pretty meh about it. She also looked uncomfortable. I’d love her in some color! I adore this pink Badgley Mischka for her.

Emma Stone. Man, the hair and makeup were PERFECT, and I liked the concept of the outfit but I feel like it fell flat. Satin is a tough fabric, especially in pants and a blazer. I think she would look like a ray of freaking sunshine in this Carolina Herrera!

Viola Davis- another one whom I love and usually nails it on the red carpet.  I love this color on her but the bust area was really odd. There was bra underwire that didn’t sit right and it looked like a bathing suit. Also, she couldn’t walk in it which makes me cringe. I would have LOVED this Brandon Maxwell tee and ball skirt with those hoop earrings on her.

Allison Williams. This color makes her look very anemic. I really don’t like it.  She almost always wears a ball gown of some kind, and this emerald/hunter green version, which is actually somewhat similar to this dre,s would have been much better with her pale skin.

Emily Blunt.  I want to love everything she does because, well, she’s charming as hell. But this gown was a big no. The color was wonderful but….no. Her afterparty dress was a big YES though. I really wonder why they don’t just go with these dresses for the whole she bang, as the afterparty looks are almost always better.

Gal Gadot.  The top is hanging too low and flat for me.  I would love her in a dramatically high neckline like the Alberta Ferretti– it would showcase her gorgeous face better.

OK, now the WORST. There were only two I deemed REALLY bed. Lindsay Vonn. Woah. No.  I would have much preferred something like this long sleeve mint gown.

And SALMA. OMG, who did this to her? Its almost comically bad. The stringy hair, the horrible layers, the….everything.  I feel like I wanted to see Salma in a sexy power suit with some bad ass zillion dollar diamond earrings and bejeweled clutch.

A couple other drop dead looks from the VF party. Olivia Munn looks so incredible.  And so does Isla Fischer. Those green earrings with the red dress? YES.

And in closing—HOW is Halle Berry 51 years old???? HOW? She and Jane Fonda need to give it up as to what exactly they are doing…

OK, your thoughts???

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