Fashion Friday: Princess Bride

As I’ve mentioned before, I am WAY too into this whole Prince Harry/ Meghan Markle situation.  And you’d better believe that since the day they announced their engagement, I’ve been pondering THE DRESS.  So many questions surround this preeminent garment– Who will design it? American or British?  What will it look like? Will there be sleeves? A fairytale princess skirt? GAHHHHHH!

So, if I were a betting woman, here’s what I would slap my chips down on:

-It will be a British designer (my bet: Jenny Packham– whom the Duchess loves and has a Hollywood quality to her gowns, or Emilia Wickstead)

-It will NOT be a big ballroom skirt but rather something more mermaid-y but with a long train.

-There will be sheer elements to the gown, (somewhat like her dress from the engagement portraits).

-It will have long sleeves, but in a glam way not a matronly way. She will have to have her shoulders covered in church, so I think the tight long sleeves will comply with that rule in a sexy way.

I think something like this Oscar de la Renta— but with a lined skirt and a little less flowery perhaps?

Or this lace gown (that train feels very princessy) I found on Pinterest and have no idea who makes it. Formfitting but covered up.

Not crazy about the lace line on the sleeves, but the silhouette is great- she said her perfect gown would be like Carolyn Besette Kennedy’s— which this has the slinky feel of.

This Anna Kara is a bit sheer up top but I think it’s a lovely mix of demure and glamorous.

Same with this Carolina Herrera— so gorgeous and ladylike but fashionable! And since Kate AND Pippa wore lace, I think she’ll try to avoid it.

Perhaps a short sleeve number with sheer detailing would be in the running as well, like these two gowns, left from Lela Rose (my favorite bridal designer) and right by Anna Kara.

This Jenny Packham is pretty amazing.

As is this Anna Kara gown (but perhaps not fancy enough? Although with a longer train and a tiara it might be the  perfect “modern princess” look- I love the simplicity.)

If she could, I would LOOOOOVE her to wear something like these off the shoulder gowns (Lela Rose left and Carolina Herrera right). I just adore this romantic look.

Or this absolutely stunningly simple Reem Acra.

This Oscar is also insanely gorgeous.

What are your thoughts??? I know very little about whats actually required for royal brides to wear, so fill me in if you know!



  1. I too am OBSESSED with the whole royal situation right now, and I think you nailed it with the first Oscar de la Renta gown. It is sophisticated, but not matronly and elegant, but not over the top. I could totally see Meghan rocking something like this! And I would be so pleased if she went with Jenny Packham, her designs feel royal and upscale always. Her wedding dresses for the masses are stunning, so I could only imagine what would be designed for a Dutchess.

  2. I’m curious about palace protocol for this, her second wedding. Can she wear white? I see her pullling off the palest shade of blush. No lace, but pearl embellishment. Simple pearl and diamond ear rings.

  3. I also wonder about white? Didn’t Camilla wear an off white outfit for her marriage to Prince Charles?

    Love the Anna Kara selection and think it would look amazing with a long long long veil {when in a royal wedding} and a tiara. Lover’s knot tiara perhaps.

    Can’t wait !

  4. I think she will try to work an American designer in there somewhere, perhaps as a reception dress or going away outfit. Her style is more modern and fashion forward than either Kate or Pippa, but she also seems willing to pull back a little as a nod toward royal tradition. I don’t think she will wear off white or blush; white works better with her coloring and in this day and age, who really cares about that requirement? It is amazing to consider how much has change since Margaret was forbidden to marry Peter Townsend (<— can you tell I watched The Crown?).

  5. She is such a very petite woman. All of those dresses would not look good on her. I mean she is small. Look how tiny her fingers are! I think she would drown in extra fluffy, extra long train or too much veil. I tbink it should be a very plain gown IMHO.

  6. If you really want to fall down the royal weddings rabbit hole (and who doesn’t!) Check out the gowns worn by Queen Maxima of the Netherlands (custom Valentino) and CP Victoria of Sweden. Pics in this link plus some others Also google CP Mette Marit of Norway, stunning, and Princess Madelene of Sweden, also custom Valentino and just beautifully fitted. The craftsmanship of these dresses is incredible.

  7. Ok, sorry to comment twice. I could go on all day! This is an interesting comment about royal weddings/dresses….Getting the right tone in a royal wedding is a hard thing to do; it would be strange to have all of the personal touches that a regular wedding usually has, given the wedding is something of a state event; but take too much of the emotion out and you’ll end up with a fancy business transaction.

  8. I am also obsessed with this subject, and this post got me excited for Awards season and your commentary on dresses too. Always hilarious!

    Also PS – I’m doing a small project in my house and have been obsessing over what pendant light to install. I typed in “lighting” on the blog and found the perfect one in a recent post. This blog is such a great resource to all us novices! Thank you for continuing to put time and effort into it!

    1. I think this is a good bet since she has gone Canadian for her few public appearances so far. And my money is on form fitting satin over lace. And she gets to change for the reception! That’s when I hope she goes for the off the shoulder numbers.

  9. Oh my gosh, if I could get married again that Lela Rose off the shoulder gown would be IT! Love this post and totally in favor of any and all royal wedding speculation on the blog in the next five months!

  10. I’m similarly obsessed – good topic!

    Unfortunately, I think it’s in rather bad taste for a divorcee to wear the traditional “virgin bride” gown. It would be much more appropriate for her to wear a formal skirt suit in either ivory (like Camilla did), or another color (blush would be on point fashion-wise and look pretty stunning on Ms Markle).

    But since it’s Harrys first marriage, and a big glamorous wedding, and nobody gives a hoot about taste anymore anyway, she will probably wear something similar in cut to what Pippa wore. From what I can tell, all royal brides cover cleavage, shoulders, and upper arms, have a sizable train, and go for a good bit of embellishment.

    I can’t wait for the big day! (Although there is still time for Harry to meet me and cancel this whole thing ;)

  11. This reminds me of a scene from a favorite movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral” … Andie McBride trying on bridal gowns while Hugh Grant watches . Not a “meringue” in the bunch.

  12. I also have an unhealthy obsession of Meghan/Harry. I did a post very similar to this! I totally agree with your call on the elements of Meghan’s dress. I’d like to see something totally different from what Kate and Pippa wore. I think that she’s marry the 5th in the line to the thrown Meghan will have a little more room to be a bit more fashion forward. I’m hoping for no ball gown and limited lace!
    Here’s my post:
    Would love to hear your thoughts!

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle //

  13. My daughter in law wore a Jenny Packham dress for her wedding in Sydney four years ago, it
    was stunning. A wedding guest featured the wedding on his blog and most of the comments were
    how beautiful the bride’s dress was

  14. I also like the Jenny Packham, but I love the third dress from the top with the lace-inset long sleeves! It seems a bit traditional with more of a nod to modern, the way I imagine Meghan to be.

    I’m definitely following the wedding, and love all the wedding dress eye candy in this post!

  15. I love the second dress, Berta as others have stated. Megan seems to be very “look at me” and this dress is that. This is what I envision her wearing. I am excited to see what it looks like. I too think it will be a British designer.

  16. I came here first thing this morning for your Golden Globes Roundup! I’ll hang tight for that… :)

    But I had to comment, my bestie is getting married in August and I actually saw the last dress in person and it was meh…

    However, #2 (by the mystery designer) is my absolute fav!!! Wowza!!!

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