12 Gift Wrap Combos to Love This Season!

I have an extreme love of wrapping gifts. Every year I come up with a theme and get really into it.  Someday when I’m a billionaire (cuz that’s gonna happen, right?) I’ll have a whole wrapping room. I mean, my first job was wrapping gifts at Christmas for my grandparents department store.  Between that and my design career, I basically have a masters degree in wrapping.

So I thought I’d offer up a bunch of paper, ribbon and tag pairings to maybe spur your inner creative wrapping goddess.   I am a huge fan of using two papers combined to create a cool center band down the middle over which I tie ribbon (like below, which was my wrapping look from 2014).  On smaller boxes I mix up using the two papers, but use the same ribbon, etc.   I’ve been known to sue leftover wallpaper, hand paint or stamp my own paper or tags and get into lots of various creative supplies.

There are so many amazing combos from my favorite sources (Etsy, The Container Store, World MarketTarget, Spoonflower) that it’s hard for me to pick!

1.paper, ribbon, tag   2. paper, ribbon, tag   3. boxwood paper, blue paper, tag, ribbon   4.  paper, wood tag, cork ribbon, jute ribbon

5. plaid paper, trees paper, pom pom, ribbon, tag   6. star paper, green paper, ribbon, tag, tassels  7. paper, ribbon, hot chocolate tag   8.  trees paper, birch papertag, ribbon, ornament

9. paper, ribbon, tag   10. paper, ribbon, tag   11. paper, tag, ribbon   12. paper, ribbon, bells, labels


  1. Good to know there’s someone else in the world who gets super into wrapping! I get coordinating paper every year and have been known to rewrap gifts mailed to us that don’t match…not insane at all 😂

    1. Me too! My first lesson at Williams-Sonoma was how to properly wrap a gift. It was a big deal at Williams-Sonoma back in the day. I wasn’t even hired as a gift wrapper – I was hired as a “holiday recipe consultant,” which means that customers would bring in their family’s old recipe box and I would explain things like how to make almond flour, provide a substitute for oleo, or explain how to make cookies when the instructions just said “Mix and bake in a hot oven.” That was the best job.

  2. I think this is one of my favorite posts ever! I LOVE gift wrap + trip. Thank you for so many new sources + ideas! Wonderful picks!!

  3. I love to come up with creative wrapping as well and it’s also on my dream list to have a wrapping room someday. This year I’m tucking in a sprig of fresh rosemary with the bow and tag.

  4. Feel free to send me some of those beautifully wrapped presents. Heck, those wrapping schemes are so good you can send me some beautifully wrapped empty boxes!

  5. After a tough last half of this year I’ve been really grouchy about Christmas. This (along with my two boys excitement over all the magic) reminded me of the creativity, fun and spirit of the season. I needed it and the inspiration. Thanks.

  6. ❤️❤️❤️wrapping gifts. This year for me it’s all about pinks and reds with my signature wrap black and white awning str. ERin yyneed this paper too. My jumping off point was a goofy zebra Christmas pillow. Yes I even have baby zebra paper. Love any and all wrapping inspiration. You have some fabulous combinations.

  7. Any suggestions on how to actually wrap the perfect gift? My wrapping skills are awful….gift bags for the win, haha!

  8. YOU ARE so darned cute!!! I just love it!! Wrapping paper is my downfall…I have so many ideas and need “way more trees” to put them under….franki

  9. SAME HERE! I have my themes planned out for years, cuz I have so many ideas. And I made a rule that they don’t have to match the room. They are like clothes – they are going out into the world.
    AND I was a mall gift wrapper back in the day.
    Thank you for that gorgeous spoonflower paper source.
    Happy & Merry…
    PS – You ARE gonna be a billionaire.

  10. Me too! I actually told a couple of stores no when they asked if I wanted my gifts wrapped because they wouldn’t match my theme and I wanted to do it myself!

  11. I love this! Sometimes I think I put as much thought into the wrapping as the gift itself. I was so proud, this year, when my 26 year old daughter spent almost 30 minutes in the Target wrapping section trying to figure out her theme and coordinating all of the pieces. Guess I’ve rubbed off on her after all these years :) It’s such a nice way to add that special touch to your gifts and, since you can get great wrapping materials at all price points, I like to tie it into my overall holiday decorating “theme” each year.

  12. LOVE. I might have a slight obsession with wrapping as well. Interior designer but I work in millwork/kitchen cabinets, so my Christmas tree and wrapping are kind of my annual decorating / art installation project.

  13. Already wrapped all my gifts this year (classic tartan paper, red and white ribbon, nutcracker tags) but definitely hitting up Container Store to find that skating paper to hoard for next year!

  14. My sister and I watch for any discarded satin ribbons then sneak in for the steal! Also coveted are any trinkets we can tie on top. We do not do themes because we like too many papers…..I am glad to find others who have an affinity for elf culture!

  15. What stunning combinations! It’s hard to open such lovely packages, isn’t it? Your design skills (and that long history of wrapping experience) is obvious in your choices.

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