2017 Gift Guides: For Home & Hostess

Phew- my last gift guide! These take a ton of time and work and I wanted to be sure to get them up early enough that you had time to actually order stuff! In case you missed any here is FOR HER, FOR HIM, FOR KIDS & PETS and UNDER $75!

  1. Adorable wine bags are always good to have around for impromptu holiday parties.
  2. A tiny vase is always welcome (for a powder room or desk)
  3. These beautiful napkins are only $6 each so gift a set to a stylish hostess.
  4. Pick up a cute pot ($10) and pop a small grocery store or nursery topiary or orchid in it.
  5. A beautiful pie server (I realized at Henry’s birthday I do not have a nice one!)
  6. The most luxurious hand sanitizer ever.
  7. A cute wine/bottle opener (pair it with a bottle of wine tied with a ribbon)
  8. I adore my new Cozy Holiday scented candle.
  9. My most favorite, indulgent gummy bears ever.
  10. A pretty set of faux tortoise bowls.
  11. A boxed set of cool ornaments is a nice gift, like these from Joanna Gaines’ new line.
  12. For the hostess who loves to cook, a bag of artisanal sea salt.
  13. These wine labels are HILARIOUS- slap ’em on any bottle!

  1. Monogram this alpaca throw for a very special gift.
  2. I have a blue set of these glass beads and use them all the time on styling jobs.
  3. Great initial glass trays great for bedside.
  4. I bought this sassy framed needlepoint for my mom last year. Always gets a laugh.
  5. A leopard tray, naturally.
  6. I just bought these antique-inspired candlesticks for my mantel and love them!
  7. Pair the holders above with a pretty pair of striped tapers!
  8. We bought this sculptural piece for a client and I am OBSESSED. So elegant and perfect for a shelf or top of a console or chest.
  9. A monogrammed cheese board.
  10. A tiny piece by artist-of-the-moment Kayce Hughes.
  11. A set of mini Diptyque candles— always a pleaser!
  12. I loooooooooove this pillow.
  13. A beautiful set of bowls.
  14. Luxurious hand wash and lotion set.
  15. I adore this vintage brass horse wine opener. Great for someone with a pretty bar.
  16. Did I mention that my ceramic gourd lamps are back in stock in three colors?
  17. Personalized memo pads are such a great thing to gift. Make grocery lists pretty!
  18. For the person who admires luxe applique bedding like Leontine Linens, these shams are a tiny fraction of the price ($54 each) but all the style!
  19. A gorgeous, unique blue and white frame.
  20. A pretty framed sketch.
  21. A beautiful set of classic books to dress up a bookshelf.
  22. A hand thrown ceramic birdhouse to pretty up the yard up.
  23. I love how this orchid pot came out for my line with Jill Rosenwald.
  24. These beauties are great little gifts for anyone.

And since you probably missed my Friday post (because it went up at 9pm!) check out Under $75 and Stocking Stuffers!


      1. Don’t worry, Erin, the humor is not lost on all of us :) My mother would giggle if I got this for her.

    1. Totally agree, Gigi! It’s not humorous, it is crass and offensive. Is it deemed funny because of its shock value? CANNOT even imagine giving this to my mother!!! Yuck!

  1. Any ideas or suggestions for an edible gift to give someone? I want to gift something to a few people to show appreciation, but I know they neither want nor need more “stuff.” Thanks!

  2. I actually popped over to the comments to say I love the needlepoint. It’s a bit spendy for a “treat yoself” kind of purchase, but wouldn’t mind unwrapping on Christmas day! Crass or sass – it’s all in the eye of the beholder!

  3. These guides are amazing ! Thank you! Would love to see pics on how you styled the white sculptural piece ! All my gifts are coming from your guides !

  4. Thanks, Erin, for the gift guides and all the time you put into them! I really like the little vases, #24 on For the Home, but the link doesn’t seem to be working. Would you mind sharing? Thanks!

  5. Hi, Erin, love your blog but dismayed at your featuring that terrible needlepoint. I’m sure a lot have been sold, but, I would never want my children to see such a disrespectful display in my home or anyone’s home. We should be teaching our children better manners.

    1. Girl. Relax, you don’t need to buy it. Keep your two cents to yourself.
      Loving the needlepoint myself! :)

    2. Hope Grandma takes it down before Henry learns how to read! Maybe you could pretend he said “Trucking”.

    3. Something tells me that “Jane” may be Erin here. Feel that its just toxic. Bless and the f word seem to cancel each other out.

      1. Ummm… I’m Jane. Not as cool, or as funny, or as witty, or in possession of such great style as Erin. But still Jane. Give the “Jane’s” some credit!

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