Felix Doolittle Holiday Card Giveaway!

With all the stuff to do this holiday season I thought it might be nice to handle the whole holiday card thing for two lucky readers!  Felix Doolittle, longtime sponsor and one of my favorite stationery shops here in Boston, is giving away to two lucky readers, 6 boxes of holiday cards and 2 sets of personalized return labels)!  Cross that off your list!

They just introduced panoramic return labels, but the classic ones are great too! So many to choose from!

For holiday cards, these are some of my favorites! Felix’s work never ceases to amaze me.

To enter please leave a comment with the card and label style you love and I will choose a winner on Friday!

If you aren’t in the market for cards, their site is a great source for gifts and supplies for wrapping gifts- something personalized is always an extra special touch.  Like these kitchen labels and gift tags:

Or general labels you can stick on anything– a bottle of wine, box of candy…

They have a beautiful desk calendar that would make a sweet gift for an office mate at $28.

For a cute stocking stuffer, these little purse mirrors are only $12!

I always love giving and getting personalized stationery. It’s so special and luxurious.

Pair these adorable bookmarks with some favorite books as a great gift for kids or adults.

I also love the idea of little calling cards, a cute gift for stay at home moms to hand out as business cards.

Felix also opened a little classroom space next door to their store in West Newton, The Paper Mouse,  called The Atelier and they host such a great variety of classes for adults and kids like calligraphy, illustration with Felix himself.

You could even gift a class to someone creative!

Enjoy perusing their site and shop and I hope you might consider supporting this beautiful small business they are offering all of you 15% off today with code LOVE15!

** This post was sponsored by Felix Doolittle.  All selections and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those businesses that keep EOS going!


  1. I love the label with the pine sprig, and the card with the horse carriage carrying the Christmas tree. These images remind me of Colorado, where I reside. I often see deer when we are in the mountains, or even riding my bike in the neighborhood. Plus, there is a nostalgic touch with these watercolors.

  2. These are truly beautiful, and unlike any I’ve seen. I love the giraffe card, and the bough with ornament labels.

  3. I like the tree lighting card and I LOVE the car with the tree on it. His beautiful water colors are my favorite stationary. I love it all!

  4. The cards are charming. I think if I had to choose I would choose the one with the giraffe. If I could leave tomorrow I would go to Africa to see those gorgeous animals run wild. The personalized stationary is absoluely beautiful. My favorite lable is the one with the single beautiful branch. I understand why Felix Doolittle is one of your favorites. Lovely!

  5. I truly loved them all, the art work is just so beautiful! (You know it’s good when just looking at the illustrations warms your heart and makes you smile.) But one that stood out for me, was the CHRISTMAS WINDOW Word Play Label. Just beautiful.

  6. I love love love the giraffe Christmas card. It’s the best Christmas card I’ve seen in a long while!
    My husband and I just got married over the summer, so we need personalized labels. My fav label is the panoramic farmhouse one.

  7. For cards I love the Woodlands Greetings! I might even order them just so I can frame one for a Christmas art piece. Then to go with it the raccoon return label. Adorable!

  8. I love the Woodland Greetings card, and the Heaven on Earth label! I’ve ordered before from Felix Doolittle and his work is just wonderful! All the happiest wishes for Christmas! Elizabeth H. in Nashville-

  9. It must be a lovely shop from the selection on the website! I like the tree branch label and the horse in the woods card. Thanks for the tip on this website.

  10. Such beautiful work!! I love the Starlight cards and the panoramic labels with Santa and his reindeer!! They are all so wonderful that it’s difficult to choose.

  11. I like the ambiance of the Tree Lighting holiday card and would match it with the Holiday Ornaments panoramic labels. I agree with others that there are a lot of beautiful items to choose from!

  12. Oh, how exquisite these are! My lovely grandmother always made sure her Christmas card had a bird on it, so when I saw the “snowy wreath” card with the tiny cardinal, it warmed my heart. And that precious bunny in “leaning sled”, with the panoramic “Evergreen sprig” label (to relate to the card without revealing it) would be hard to pass up. Thanks for connecting me to a wonderful artist across the country I may never have known otherwise. :)

  13. The Santa Snack cards with the Just In Time labels warm my heart! I have a two year old, and anything Santa really lights her up! It truly has brought the magic of Christmas back for me.

  14. I love the cardinal and red berries return address stamps!

    Felix did my wedding invitations many years ago! He is so talented and a pleasure to work with.

    1. I love the giraffe decorating the tree..and the label with the tree on top of the car. Thank you for sharing this company with us. I LOVE stationary…and am always looking for new options. and thank you Erin…for always sharing with us ideas, resources and beautiful interiors…they are bookmarked on my computer for future reference! Happy HOlidays.

  15. I love the giraffe decorating the Christmas tree card and the label with the single branch of fir. The giraffe card is cute and quirky and the label is simplicity at its best!

  16. A perfect contest for this time of the year. The ‘Santa’s Snack’ card and “Christmas is Coming” return label have my name all over it.

  17. I have had the pleasure of receiving this cards for the holiday! They are truly AMAZING. I love the ice skating cards. I also love the present stickers. I’m from Boston and he is so talented. Fingers crossed.

  18. Fa La La La! Adorable and would love to send these cards this year. Adding a Felix Doolittle class to my wish list! Fun idea!

  19. I love the Holly and Candle cards and the Light of Love label.
    When in Boston I must stop at the store!

  20. I have been sending partridge in a pear tree cards for years. I don’t even think my friends are aware that my cards are the same theme year after year. They are getting harder to find. That’s my choice. I love that all the cards are so traditional.

  21. I love the Starlight card and the Christmas Raccoon return label! What a great site. Their items are so well done, it was difficult to choose.

  22. Love the classic look of these! Not cheesy like so many are! Love the tree on the car label and the giraffe with the tree card! Went to Africa this year so it would be really fitting!

  23. These are gorgeous! Thank you for bringing this company to my attention.
    I would be THRILLED to have the Swiss Cheese Plant personalized card and the Festive Fruit label.
    Many, many thanks Erin. Gina Jaber

  24. Oh these are so stunning!!! Love love love! I would order the STAR TRIMMER card and the FESTIVE HOLIDAY label. I know my friends and family would LOVE receiving these. <3

  25. I LOVE the “Hedgie” cards and the beautiful “For Christmas” return labels. What a beautiful, charming small business.

  26. Hi Erin,
    I LOVE the card with the horse-drawn buggy carrying the Christmas tree! Also the label with the tree in the boat. Hard decisions because I loved them all. I can see why this is your favorite stationery shop!
    Merry Christmas,

  27. These are gorgeous! Definitely going to splurge on some labels for cards today! Hoping to be a winner of the Giraffe with Christmas tree card and the tree in a boat label!

    Hmm. a class for my daughter might be in order as well!

  28. I love the Star Trimmer card with the giraffe (and so would my kids!) and the Merry Xmas labels with the owl. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Thank you, Erin, for introducing Felix Doolittle to me. Had to go to the website and take a look. I love the classic, timeless style. So many fabulous choices, but I would keep it simple with the evergreen sprig label and Christmas delivery (horse & wagon) for the cards. I can see this framed on a guest room bedside table in the future. Merry Christmas to you & your beautiful family!!

  30. Love your blog and the house that we bought from you in JP!
    We are going on 8 years…..hard to believe.
    The giraffe decorating the Christmas tree card and the labels with the tree and old jeep are my favorite.

    Thank you – Gabby Baron

  31. I love the old Jeep with the christmas tree on top! Love this stationary – beautiful! And your blog.
    Marry Christmas.

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