Fashion Friday: Holiday Dresses!

(similar plaid skirts here , here and here)

Yup, it’s coming. Very soon. Which means it’s time to start keeping your eyes peeled for holiday outfits– specifically dresses!  The girls in my office suggested the topic for today’s post- so I rounded up dresses both fancy and casual (plus a couple skirts and jumpsuit) to help you find some options fast so you can spend your time on gift shopping and party prepping!

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In home news, MY LAMPS ARE BACK. Well, come of them.  The gourd is available in ivory, peacock and eggplant and the taped faux-marble is back too. Get ’em while they’re hot!


  1. Great post! Can you please do another one this year on your husband’s favorite things for Christmas? I got my husband the Timberland zip boots that were on your post from last year, and he LOVES them. It’s always good to hear things that people love before you make the leap to buy them yourself!

  2. I LOVE your gift guides, but they are too late in the shopping season. Any chance you will share them earlier…like next week?!?! 🤞

  3. Loved some of your holiday looks. You showed some great skirts; what would you suggest as a top? Sweater? White shirt? Maybe a lace top or something with sequins? I tend to favor a dressy capsule with separates because holiday dresses don’t get worn much in my not-so-dressy city.

  4. Love your style, love the gift guides, love the dresses. Thank you! I literally look forward to your posts religiously. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Could you please do a post on curtains– when to get them and when to forego? What styles look good with picture windows? Great sources for curtains etc. Thank you!!!

  6. Agreed about your great gift guides. I purchased a suitcase/phone charger build-in last year and my hubbie loved it. Thanks Erin.

  7. I still love your Badgley Mischka dolman sheath dress that you wore to an event earlier this fall. It was so elegant and classic – no one will ever look at it and say, how 2017!

  8. Was just thinking I’d LOVE to see a comparison post – although I know it wouldn’t make sense because you couldn’t shop the years past. But it would be cool to contrast what you recommended a few years back vs now, and get your opinion on how things have changed – or indeed stayed the same. There are lots of classics you’ve posted that may not be available but an updated version is…

    or maybe that’s just me and I should trawl the archives myself!!!

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