Current Design Crushes…

I have total litestyle ADD. I love that we live in a suburb close to the city in which we are walking distance from everything– coffee, restaurants, my office and the subway. But I TOTALLY hallucinate/ dream of a life in more of a country setting… would I be able to deal? I think so. Especially if there were miniature farm animals involved. But for now I’ll just have to follow the work of designers living that life or design for that life.  Here are two I  am totally inspired by:

I LOVE following Cynthia Weber Design on Instagram– her little situation up in Canada is the stuff my dreams are made of. Historic stone house? Check. Miniature horses? Check. Gorgeous country-chic interiors? Check.

I have a massive design crush on her entryway ALONE!

Barn porn.

Is this place even real???



Her dogs don’t have it bad either.

But back to the HORSIES!

This must be heaven.

Another designer I have fallen in  love with is Beth Webb who just released a gorgeous book, An Eye For Beauty.

I love her attention to detail and her blend of modern and traditional.

Also her love of blue & white.

The rich layers of different textures and finishes is masterful.

Um, perfection much?

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the people who are inspiring me these days. Who are your favorite designers to follow on Instagram?






  1. This post is full of beautiful pictures AND made me laugh. Good start to a Monday. Only would have been more perfect with a miniature donkey or two. :) I’m also following your addition closely. Wanting to do a very similar look with a master suite add on.

  2. Erin, what’s your take on the white wood floors? They’re beautiful but I wonder how they would limit color schemes?

    1. My Morher’s last home had white pickled floors, and they gave her the freedom to use a lot of color, I guess because the eye had a place to rest? She was at the beach, so it worked for that home. The red clay soil in my area would make them so high maintenance for me though. In the South, we joke that we “match the floors to our dirt” :)

      1. Or to the color of our dogs’ fur! My Boykin spaniels’ chocolate brown fur blends perfectly with my dark brown hardwoods.

  3. If there is such a thing as “too perfect”, they might have hit the target. I’d love to visit. Just putting that out there in the universe.

  4. What an absolutely wonderful way to start my week!

    Thank you so very much for featuring our home on your amazing blog!! I loved your captions and am completely over the moon happy that you like our property !

    All the animals have been told you gave them a spotlight and they send their love… they are feeling very pleased with themselves and are asking for extra treats. I will of course oblige!!


      1. I am so pleased you like it, Thank you!

        The floors are white oak finished with a white semitransparent exterior stain .
        They fade gradually over time in high traffic areas which brings a believable farmhouse feeling which I love.

  5. Erin, have you checked out Velvet and Linen? Brooke and her husband have a large property with a whole menagerie including mini donkeys and goats.

    Very pretty pics this morning!


  6. I pre-ordered Beth Webb’s book because I have long been a fan. It does not disappoint. I always love when bloggers feature other designer’s work. Cynthia Weber Design is new to me, but I will definitely keep an eye out for her in the future. And the fact that she left such a sweet comment on your blog is icing on the cake. Always easier to root for team talented-but-nice-too!

  7. This kills me! I live in Cynthia’s hood, but why do I not know her?! Lots in common including farm life and horses. Love that I found her through you:) I chuckle and thank you for introducing me to my own neighbour! B:)

  8. Well…THAT’s just about perfect…hammered and nailed!! franki p.s. just because I’m a King Charles Spaniel kinda person.

  9. I love scanning through architecture and interior design Instagram profiles. They offer great sources of inspiration and creativity and often new ways of looking at pieces and objects. The kitchen from Beth Webb was absolutely stunning. The black and white scheme with subtle hints of lime green coming from the bowl, plant, apples, and even the bushes through the window really complete the look.

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