Personal Style Icon: Marina Rust

My jaw fell open yesterday when spotting this spread in August’s Vogue on Marina Rust’s Charlottesville, Virginia home.  Talk about a classic, stunning country house.  I want to see MORE, but alas there were only a few images.

I have studied these little images quite intensely.

I literally can’t even with this pool situation.

So I went down a Marina Rust Google-hole trying to find more pictures. I came across her other house (you know, besides her Manhattan apartment obviously) in Maine which is also COMPLETELY BANANAS. And this house in Key West that you can actually rent for family vacations. How? How does one person have all these insane houses?

And then there’s her personal style, which is as classic and effortless as her homes. I love it when those two things overlap and create an overall “life aesthetic”. It’s kind of annoying, right?  I’d like to look as at home in riding jodhpurs as I do in ball gowns. But I guess as a Vogue contributor you kind of have to be that stylish. (Follow her on Instagram here).

I would look like a complete asshat in a big yellow dress with bows but she looks straight up cool. *Sigh*

Drapey layering are the operative words when it comes to Marina’s style.

Also time-tested classics, like a big fisherman’s cable sweater while taking a jaunt on the beach with her child, of course. (How palpable is my jealousy, really?)

Big skirts and drapey tops. Again, I feel like I’d look ridiculously silly in these, but yet I love them so much. I am an enigma wrapped in a riddle, I tell you.

So here’s a little Marina-style cheat sheet for those who adore her as much as I do.

mirror // jumpsuit // necklace // settee // heels (love these- comfy & chic) // painting // shirt // sweater // blue vase 1 & 2 // table // skirt (adore- want) // wallpaper // tank

Virginia home images by Roberto Gigli for Vogue.



  1. I also worship her style. Her wedding pics in the Vogue Weddings book are beyond. As the kids these days say #goals

  2. Holy mother! That pool made me seriously gasp. I have never heard of her before but I am on a googling rampage. I love her signature smirk at the camera!

    Xo, brittany
    Pretty pink finds on my blog today

    1. She has wallpaper with Thomas jeffersons Monticello painted on it! Amazingly gorgeous. That mantel…

      Thanks for posting this link!! I wish I could stalk her bc Mr. Marshall Field (the 3rd or 4th?) has a house (oh let’s be honest it’s an estate I have Zillowed many a time w designer horse stables/arena) just down the street from our country house!!!??? Literally 200 yards.

      Voyeurism makes my Friday morning.

  3. Her style, or that of her designers and stylists, is impeccable. Oh to be born of great wealth! Those houses are stunning.

  4. Everything about her is brilliant! Adore her classic looks(homes and personal style). Her husband and two daughter’s (No son) are pretty fabulous also.

  5. I feel your pain! I succumbed to full on jealously when I first came across her wedding photos in Vogue many years ago. That Maine house is still in my image file. I always enjoy seeing what she is up to so thanks for this great post. A little jealously can be a great inspiration!

  6. Being the granddaughter of Marshall Field III helps. Wiki says he was left a fortune valued at $125 million dollars in 1905. The stuff in most of those homes was probably passed down from generations. You just can compete with people who had rich parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. As long as those people are good with money, the money just grows. Love your round up though. You always do a wonderful job finding stuff we all can afford.

  7. There is such a classic and elegant appeal to her homes. The exterior on the first home just draws me in. I completely agree about her personal style. Drapey tops and flowy skirts are so hard to pull off and yet her facial expressions in some of the photos are almost like she’s telling us…”I just woke up like this.”

  8. Well done, Erin. I’ve loved Marina’s style since I picked up issues of Vogue with my allowance money in middle school. Your posts make my day!

  9. Love her style and love that you slightly younger folks like her classic style too. I have one of those convex mirrors over my living room mantel. :-) I promise y’all that NONE of her furniture came from RH, Pottery Barn, or West Elm. It’s all really good, classic stuff. Makes me feel better about my outing today to look at pricey (for me) Hickory Chair upholstered pieces for our carriage house. The good stuff lasts and doesn’t look dated in 10 years.

  10. I like her childhood backstory. Fascinating start with a more traditional trajectory after that. Her mom sounds like a pistol!
    You could wear many of her looks (okay that yellow gown with giant bows would eat most women alive … leave that to Marina).

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