Fashion Friday: The Shoe You Need For Fall

I am happy to let you know that THE shoe of the fall season happens to be one that is not only comfy but appropriate for all ages (and even the office!) No platform stripper heels this year!  The loafer- be it tasseled, velvet, embroidered, suede or embellished is IT.  You need some. Probably more than one pair (I am currently awaiting my fourth pair to be delivered-#1 see you soon!)

Paired with jeans or skinny black pants, leather leggings or a bold color- these shoes will take you far (literally- you can actually walk comfortably in them- rejoice!)


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  1. OMG, this is awesome! Just ordered #1, already have two colors of #6 plus the leopard version you featured a few weeks ago, and the new leopard loafer by Kate Spade. Do I see a trend here? Erin, I am your shoe soul mate and I think you’ve created a monster in me, ha! Fabulous Fashion Friday, as always!!!

  2. I have several pair in this style including my favorite in leopard suede (so it can be waterproofed). I’m with the comfort shoe trend all the way…

  3. Cute, cute, cute! Good riddance stripper heels, indeed. We’ve got lives; we need to be able to move!

  4. Now we are in my wheelhouse!! Yay!! I have several pairs of loafers from years back that are right on trend now, loving that!!! I noticed you did not post any loafer mules, those are realy comfy for me with my narrow heels. Fun post and I actually had a few of these already pinned. The pairs from Boden are new to me and I love them!! Always look forward to your Friday fashion post. You are my Go-to fashion Guru!!

  5. These are great. Love the Fashion Fridays! Please consider doing a post about making classic style modern and fresh for fall.

  6. Yes! My favorites are in leopard. Hear me roar.
    There is a French name for the kind of loafer like #1, but I just can’t think of it. If it comes to me, I will update.

  7. Perfect! I’m already ahead of the game with my loafers for Fall. I fell in love with the perfect Chloe pair a while ago but knew I could never afford them. Luckily I found a great pair that were similar enough that I bought from someone on Poshmark. I love them! They are black with tassels and gold accents, exactly what I wanted.

    Now to decide on a fun colored pair…..LOVE the red Gucci’s!!

  8. Hi Erin, I have been reading your blog for years and I just wanted to tell you how inspiring I think you are. I am not naturally a very fashionable person, but your posts always make beauty and fashion approachable, even for me. You have such lovely taste and I truly enjoy how funny and authentic you are. I don’t have a family yet myself, but I also really appreciate your honesty, bravery and humor when discussing motherhood and personal challenges. You have a very unique “voice” and I just want to thank you for sharing it with all of us, your fans. Thank you, Erin!

  9. The Sam Edelman Lorraine loafer is a dead ringer for the Gucci loafer – and at a much more reasonable price! Got mine – bring in fall!

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