Dreamy Blue Bath: Get the Look

I’ve been spotting a lot of blue patterned tile bathrooms lately- a little bit Delft inspired and a lot a bit awesome. They feel both modern and traditional at the same time- and while you may want something more simple for a master bath, its an AWESOME look for a guest bathroom or powder room! I adore this one designed by Mark Sikes and wanted to try to recreate it for the real world.

I found some great options like tile from Home Depot (whaaaa?) and accent on super sale (like the mirror and garden stool).  I’m loving this! You?

Tile // Mirror // Sconce // Pendant // Stool // Accessories // Sink // Faucet // Towels


  1. Love this look. Make sure the pedestal sink you buy has a slope toward the drain. Bought one without a slope and water and gunk just sits there.

  2. The faucet and sconces you found are beautiful. Ceiling fixture as well. None of those would make me feel as if I was compromising if I used them in a bathroom. You have such a talent for finding more affordable but still fabulous options. I’m sure your clients appreciate that!

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