Creating A Perfect Bed with Crane & Canopy

After a long day, there is nothing more relaxing than getting into a bed with nice, crisp bedding on it. I have come to really appreciate nice bedding, but don’t have the budget for the super fancy stuff (also, I have two dirty dogs who sleep in bed with me). I’ve become a big fan of Crane & Canopy bedding, who is now a sponsor of EOS, for their amazing quality and unique features. As you may recall we redid my guest room with their bedding (see post here) and now I sometimes sleep in the guest room just because the sheets and duvet feel so nice (and also as a mini break from said dirty dogs and big husband hogging the bed).

pattered reversible duvet

One thing I LOOOOOOOVE about their bedding is that the shams and duvets have hidden zipper closures. Genius and yet so simple! Why doesn’t every bedding company do this? It keeps the bed looking so much neater and tidier! Also, they offer sheets sets with no top sheet (I had a debate about this on Facebook some time ago when I posted this article from GQ about men hating top sheets — Andrew sees them as pure evil and God help me if I ever make the bed with one!)

patterned duvet set

Also their Nova duvet is amazingly brilliant for those who hate sleeping with top sheets but love the look of a well made bed.  Insanely smart.

They offer both great basics and colorful options great for those spaces you want more punch (or kids rooms-great for those too!)  So I pulled together four bedding looks from their options that show the variety of styles you can find.

pillow // bordered duvet and shams // sheet set // quilt // throw // bed

polka dot duvet and shams // ruffled euro shams // pillow // cable knit blanket // sheet set // bed

border duvet and shams // sheet set // throw // pillow // bed

bordered duvet and shams // sheet set // throw // pillow // bed

New to their site are these great Fouta towels that are so adorable for a beachy look in the bath! LOVE.

** This post was sponsored by Crane & Canopy. All selections, styling and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting EOS through these generous sponsors.





  1. I’ve heard that Crane & Canopy duvets are easier to use in the sense of inserting the duvet insert and keeping it all tidy because of the zippers. We have a duvet from Pottery Barn and the insert gets all bunched up on my side of the bed and it’s really difficult to straighten it out inside the duvet. Erin, I’d love to hear your experience with the Crane & Canopy duvet and whether it is easier to manage. Thanks!

  2. I love my Crane and Canopy bedding! So soft, and the ease of just straightening out the duvet in the morning is so nice. I learned of them from another blogger, happy to hear that you love their products too!

  3. I really like their bedding and would love to have one of their duvets in our bedroom, eventually (not right now…it’s too hot to even think about). Before my fiance moved in, I made the bed with a top sheet and a duvet or other blanket on top. And I made the bed every morning because I love the way it looks all made. My fiance gets up later than I do and doesn’t make the bed at all. So I abandoned the top sheet in hopes it would help get the bed made each morning. Sigh…no luck there. This summer, we’ve actually exchanged the duvet covers and blankets for just a top sheet, much cooler at night. He’s not so much against the top sheet as he is against making the bed. :/

  4. I love the blue collage you put together, Erin – especially the dots and seersucker pillow! I may need to check those out. I have a couple of sets of theirs and am such a fan of all their fun patterns and color! We sleep hot so don’t use a top sheet so I really like that they consider that as a detail!

  5. I recently bought a tempurpedic mattress with an adjustable base and am having the worst time finding sheets that are not all bunchy all the time. Any ideas? Thx so much!

  6. So…what I’m hearing is that I shouldn’t feel bad for sleeping in the guest room every now and then to get away from everyone else in my actual bed? I’m so glad I’m not the only one….

  7. We are a no flat sheet family too! I much prefer just the duvet in winter and a light blanket for summer. My husband turned me on to no top sheet and I’ve never looked back :)

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