Our New Office Reveal!

I’m really proud and excited to show you guys our new digs! Ever since I started my business I dreamed of having a “shop” with pretty little topiaries out front and this may be as close as I get!!!  I don’t have the bandwidth to do actual retail, but the flexibility of this space allows me to display some items I do have and create pop-up shop concepts with brands and artists I love (and stuff I myself have designed!) So without further delay, here it is!

The space is below street level but actually gets decent light! I found it to be a good fit because we don’t need foot traffic but I did want to be in a busier location with the ability to be found easily by clients (and potential clients), PLUS the rent was about half or less than a street-level shop.  So we have a big wall of glass at the front with a stone retaining wall outside (it could be worse!) It’s actually kinda cool looking!  I wanted the space to be serene and a great mix of traditional and modern with a pop of color.

We had to completely gut the space, but left the exposed beam ceiling and brick walls.  I had my painter, Peter from Adelfia Painting, spray the entire place top to bottom with Sherwin Williams Greek Villa and it is the perfect white- not too bright, not too creamy. I absolutely love it. He also painted the metal frames of my windows Sherwin’s Iron Ore to make them looks like old iron frames.  For flooring I found this amazing, tough wearing vinyl plank from Lowes that had that pale oak coloring I love.  It gave me the perfect neutral, light backdrop I was hoping for with lots of texture.

Sources: Chairs- Viyet // Rug- Landry & Arcari // Custom table skirt  (Schumacher trim) // Bust- vintage (similar here)

And that pop of color- it came in the shape of a whole tufted sofa! I felt more comfortable taking a risk in the office as it’s not my house, but rather a space to experiment in!  So I went totally crazy and ordered this Kate Spade sofa in a bright chartreuse! I thought the color would play so nicely with the antique French armoire borrowed from my parents as well as the black and white and brass accents.

Sources: Sofa- Kate Spade New York “Drake”  upholstered in KSNY fabric for Kravet //  Antique Chairs- Viyet // Chair Fabric- Perennials // Photograph- Sarah Winchester Fine Art // Floral Pillow- Etsy //  Urchin Pillow- Etsy // Stripe Pillow- Elements by Erin Gates (sold out) // Wall & Ceiling Color- Sherwin Williams Greek Villa // Painting- Adelfia Painting

It sort of gave me design heartburn, but it does look pretty amazing, right???

Sources: Side Tables- West Elm // Coffee Table- Ballard Designs //  Blue Jar- OKL // Lamps- Elements by Erin Gates (sold out)

I bought this David bust on Etsy on a whim and he weighs like a million pounds but I adore him.  I also have started a little display of my book, candles and ceramic pieces I designed with Jill Rosenwald right by the front window.

Sources: Candles (back in stock!) // Book // Jill Rosenwald Ceramics

This skirt is everything. Underneath is a janky old IKEA shelving unit that is hiding all our crap we don’t need access to on a daily basis (like tax documents from 2012).  I had our workroom make this skirt from a great Kravet fabric (the same one on the bulletin boards above our desks AND the one I used on my sectional in my home) and finished it with this Schumacher trim I am obsessed with (it’s now on my drapes at home in another colorway). It’s a great way to give yourself elegant extra storage! We are adding white linen ripple fold drapes to this whole wall too….they just have not been finished yet.

Sources: Umbrella Stand- Ballard // Cloche- Anthropologie // Flooring- Lowes

Towards the back we have our sample library and conference table. Having this much storage space and room to lay concepts out is life-changing.  I hemmed and hawed about the light fixture (modern? antique? simple lantern?) but decided to go classic with this Circa Paris Flea Market chandelier as I have always loved it and felt the feminine nature of it played nicely off the antique gilt chairs. The fact that all my baskets are mismatched makes me a little crazy but IKEA stopped making the ones I had and rather than toss 30 perfectly good baskets we’re doing the “mis-matched” thing for now!

Sources: Table- Huston & Company // Rug- Pottery Barn // Side Chairs- Target // Shelving- IKEA // Host Chairs- Restoration Hardware

And I bet you want to know about that table right? Well it’s my new design with Huston & Company– a modern farm table with amazing hand-forged brass details.  I’ll post more in depth about it in a later post next week but I can just tell you it came out a million times better than I even imagined (and is built to order in any finish and size you want!)

A rustic old ladder displays fabrics we like and our custom made bulletin boards keep samples and imagery we are inspired by right in our eye-line (and gets clutter OFF our desks!)

A view looking towards our desks ( I still cannot get over how much space we have!)

We needed BIG desks so we went with Ballard’s Partner’s Desk which have all different configurations for the bases (and, I’m told, are also what Bunny Williams has in her offices so there’s that…)  At the ends I had LivenUp Designs make us extra long x-benches with this awesome Kelly Wearstler fabric from Lee Jofa.  It’s great for when we pop by each others desks to do reviews and don’t need to roll our chairs over. Also a great spot to dump purses and sample bags.

Sources: Desk- Ballard // X-Bench- LivenUp Design // Desk Chairs- IKEA

Looking towards the back of the office I decided to have a barn door made to close off the storage room and bathroom (revealed yesterday- if you missed it check it out!)  In this back room we keep shoot props, office supplies, our coffee station, fridge and other not-so-pretty items.  We had to use a drop ceiling so I found these relatively attractive tiles at Home Depot that make it look not too terrible :)

Sources: Barn door- Etsy // Bench- Grandin Road // Hooks- Anthropologie

The entrance makes me happy to come to work everyday! It’s SUCH a huge change from our last office. Still need a doormat and we’re getting a new logo done, so more to come here!

We have a nice little place to sit outside when the weather is warm, which is SO fantastic!

Sources: Bench- Grandin Road // Bistro Set- Wayfair // Planters- Home Depot // Watering Can- IKEA

All in all, this space is a dream for me. We’ll be throwing a little opening party in the coming months so stay tuned. :)

Hard to believe this is what it looked like when I signed the lease!!!

A good little before and after video (with a Henry cameo)  :)

AFTER (with a Henry cameo):

Photography by Sarah Winchester Studios.








  1. It looks like a charming inspirational place to work. I’d want to work there, but the commute from Seattle would be a killer. Love the idea of a place where you can walk to work.

  2. Okay, whoa. I knew it would be good, but I don’t even know what I like best! That sofa- the color is perfect! And that farmhouse table is a DREAM. Congratulations, Erin! You’ve seriously made it!

    Cutest kid rompers round up on my blog today!

  3. I’ve been waiting not so patiently for this post (and it’s not like I have an office to decorate, haha)! What a beautiful place to walk to and work in every day. I love how much natural light it seems to have, and the way the couch turned out. It looks like it was made for this space. So happy for you. Congrats, congrats, congrats!

  4. You must be elated. Congratulations on all your success and hard work. Your office looks stunning.

  5. This is stunning – what an amazing job! I wish I could work in an office like that. I also wish you liked in Austin so I could hire you to decorate my entire house.

  6. I love the idea for the table. My grandmother did the same thing with a HUGE dining room table and I thought it was magical as a kid.

  7. Wow, this is great! It makes me want to throw in the towel, move to Boston and beg you to hire me! That is, if it weren’t for your crazy winters. ;o)

    I absolutely love the color of the sofa and owe you for renewing my interest in that particular hue. I had been losing interest in my custom draperies (Robert Allen’s Lost Woods – a Jacobean with gray, aqua, lilac and chartreuse), and had been considering a complete LR redo that I really can’t afford at the moment, but now I think I’ll play with the chartreuse a little before I call’er quits.
    *Side note: perhaps your sofa is more yellow in real life (the swatch page says ‘yellow’) but it reads as chartreuse on my screen and it’s fabulous!*

    I also really like the juxtaposition of the warm, residential furnishings inside such an industrial space. You ladies did a great job! This is certainly an office I would love coming to every day and it’s a wonderful way to communicate to prospects what you offer.

    Cheers on your new space!

    1. that’s so funny – the sofa is yellow on my screen and I was almost bleak because I thought it would be punchier – then when I jumped to the swatch it is way more chartreuse…. How can we put people on the moon but not be able to make consistent screen colours?!!!!

      Erin – have followed your blog for so many years and I love how you make us feel like we’re all coming along on this journey with you. Thank you :) And hugest congratulations. I have *no doubt* there’ll be more iterations to come – keep building your empire, lady!


  8. CONGRATULATIONS! I can see why it is a dream come true, love the sofa, can’t imagine the office without it and what a fun backdrop for all your cool pillow designs. Great job!! Onward and upward is the only direction you will be going!

  9. Such hard-earned success. Congratulations Erin. The space is beautiful and inspirational.


  10. It looks amazing! Congratulations on growing into this great space. I’m sure seeing your name on the door gives you endless pride every day.

    Also, I *love* how you’ve mixed high-end Kravet upholstered pieces next to IKEA stuff, Restoration Hardware at the same table as Target, etc. It’s great to see how you saved on some pieces so that you could spend on ones that really create a wow factor.

  11. Erin! The new space looks great. I’ve been a blog reader for years, and am just so happy for you and all of your success. Congratulations!

  12. So beautiful! Energizing AND relaxing….that’s hard to accomplish. Great job ! Love you , mom

  13. So happy for you Erin! Long time reader, first time poster here. It has been wonderful watching things come together for you. It’s a true testament that anything is possible if you approach your dreams with passion, determination and drive! . Enjoy your continued success!!

  14. Congratulations Erin, it is the stuff dreams are made of!! I have serious work envy right about now… (looks at bland surroundings)

  15. It’s gorgeous! Congratulations Erin! It’s a joy and inspiration to follow along on your journey. All the best to you and your company!

  16. It is absolutely stunning Erin. I am stealing ideas for our new house renovation. Congratulations on the new space!

  17. Oh, you’ve done such a perfect job! What a great space to work in and for your clients to come to. The sofa is like sunshine in the place. The mix of baskets is really absolutely fine I think, and the pop-ups and ability to sell chosen things in your space my be actually better than having a retail shop. Every area is truly gorgeous. Major congratulations to you.

  18. Fantastic! Its so light and cozy at the same time. I’d love to just recline on the sofa, have an espresso, and look at shelter mags. The mix of high and low is so on point, and the antique armoire really lends some beautiful gravity to the space. Well done!

  19. Beautiful, Erin – congratulations! It’s a gorgeous place to work.

    I’m curious: how do you deal with the not-so-pretty aspects of commercial interiors? The hideous emergency lighting, the lit egress signs, the panels and junction boxes, the fire extinguishers – all the ugly-but-required aspects of commercial design, how do you hide/minimize/incorporate them so they don’t detract from the overall concept? I don’t know if this is a topic you’d consider doing a post on, but it would be something I’d love to hear about.

  20. Erin, I have followed you for years and couldn’t be happier for you! You’re just killin’ it out there — love your new space, I’m sure it’s a thrill to see your name on the door!

  21. That stone retaining wall looks like expensive wallpaper! The whole space is gorgeous. Congrats!

  22. Absolutely gorgeous! It looks like a play room for adults obsessed with interior design. And I mean that in the best possible way!! And love the mismatched baskets. At least online, they give the place character and a sense of having been around a while. Congratulations!

  23. I love everything about this space. Especially the entrance! Congrats on all your success, and best wishes for your new, lovely space.

  24. Greetings from Sydney, Australia!

    Gorgeous, so refreshingly different & infinitely better than the the usual office décor!

    Love the wall of storage baskets, but if them being two different styles is still an irritant, have you thought of alternating them, side by side? That way it may look like its meant to be a special design!

    Love your style!!!!!!

  25. Love Love Love! Gorgeous space, I love that farm table and the X-benches. You have really outdone yourself and I am sure there will be a lot of creativity flowing through those inspiring surroundings! Congratulations Erin!

  26. YOU ARE a MAGICIAN!! I know…it all takes blood, sweat and tears…but just a magical spot to perform what you do!!! BRAVO!! franki

  27. No detail was overlooked!!! I would do anything to work in a space like that!!! Hell, I’d even be your janitor! 😂

  28. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE…..What a dream office to come to work to each day!! That board/dining table is AMAZEBALLS!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

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