Huge Mother’s Day Gift Guides (and an AMAZING giveaway!)

Motherhood truly is a reward in itself, but getting (and giving) a little something special to mark the dedication, energy and love it takes doesn’t hurt :)  Here is a gift guide for all types of moms out there to help you pick the perfect token.

  1. My Lucky Ladybug earrings for M. Flynn— and today we are giving away two pairs- one for you and one for your mom (or another woman whom you love dearly!) Values at $1,500 this is a HUGE giveaway- to enter tell us who you would gift the second pair to in comments below. Winner will be selected on Wednesday so don’t hesitate!
  2. Personalized stationery– a little luxury!
  3. My FAVE jacket from Two Penny Blue– such a classic, and your purchase results in a school uniform being donated to a girl in Africa so she can attend school!
  4. This Hermes watch is super expensive, but a total classic!
  5. I adore this tuxedo shirt and have two!
  6. A personalized accessory case to keep little bits organized.
  7. LOOOOOVE the new blue color of these M. Gemi flats– and comfy for running around in.
  8. A forever stylish bag.
  9. This cute initial necklace (hers or child) from India Hicks.

  1. DYING over these custom labels celebrating new mom milestones- stick them on a bunch of yummy bottles!
  2. Cashmere slippers for a little luxury during those late nights and long days.
  3. A spa gift certificate (and babysitting- so she can get out and relax!)
  4. A phone case with a custom silhouette of her child.
  5. These Lake Pajamas have been on my list to try!
  6. A modern framed print of her child’s handprints (or foot prints)
  7. OMG, these champagne gummy bears are THE BEST- and now they come chocolate covered??? Such a great little treat!
  8. My birthstone charm necklace for M. Flynn. I have one with Henry’s birthstone.
  9. Some bath salts for a long soak.
  10. A funny sleep mask for those “when the baby sleeps, you sleep” naps (which never once happened for me!)
  11. A great at-home sheet mask to help look a bit less tired!
  12. A cute diaper bag.

  1. These gorgeous bamboo frames.
  2. Shagreen boxes to store jewels or other tidbits (or just look pretty!)
  3. No rings on the coffee table with these brass coasters.
  4. A framed print from Artfully Walls (great selection).
  5. I adore the blue marbled vessel of this pretty candle.
  6. This book is interesting AND looks great displayed.
  7. Monogrammed linen napkins are such a nice touch to any table.
  8. This hand-painted vase from Jill Rosenwald at Hudson.
  9. Some of my pillows from Wayfair!
  10. This great salad set.
  11. Blue and white appetizer plates- love the vintage feel!

  1. Durable and beautiful gardening gloves.
  2. Pretty shears and trowel set.
  3. These stylish but comfy leather Toms.
  4. A fun sunhat for gardening or sitting at the beach.
  5. This perfume is also insect repellent! Genius!
  6. Classic sunglasses never go wrong.
  7. This gorgeous book for those who love arranging flowers.
  8. ADORE this big tote for the beach (with a fab palm print lining!)
  9. I just ordered this cute beach coverup myself.

“Crazy Busy Mom ” A.K.A EVERY mom!

  1. This mug is kind of everything.
  2. A cute place to jot down the days to-do list.
  3. This pretty keychain has a conceal charging cable for your iPhone. NEED.
  4. An inspiring book for the creative or entrepreneurial woman.
  5. This fantastic carry on for work trips (complete with black and white stripe lining!)
  6. This tee- aren’t we all though???
  7. A sleek watch to keep everyone on schedule.
  8. This Wander Beauty kit has all the essentials- perfect to keep in her bag.
  9. Who doesn’t need some power dust to sprinkle in their coffee?
  10. Killer sneakers to dress up the omnipresent black leggings!
  11. A bag that can literally hold everything – from work documents to sippy cups and toys!

If you want to send flowers I have two great new options for you- nationwide try Farmgirl Flowers which send burlap wrapped bouquets fresh from the farm.  Locally, try Floristika, who arranges her bouqets in gorgeous hatboxes (delivery in Boston area only).

Floristika is having a pop up on May 13th in Newton if you want to grab one before they sell out!

And don’t forget to enter our giveaway!!!!


  1. So many good ideas here! Love the M Gemi flats and the India Hicks beach bag, and of course the earrings!

  2. Many great ideas. I would definitely share these with my daughter. Proud to be her mom.

  3. I would give those lovely earrings to my sister in law. When my house was robbed and my jewelry stolen, she rushed over with a box full of hers for me to wear and enjoy. I’m blessed with a great sister in law.

  4. Amazing! I would give the second pair to my MIL – she is an inspiration to all of her children and grandchildren – thoughtful and kind – positive and loving. She is 91 and still going strong.

  5. Such great gift guides! I would give a second pair to my mother in law who has supported me so much during the past few weeks with our newborn!

  6. I would give the second pair to my daughter. Without her I would never have known the joys of motherhood. She made my world complete.

  7. I would keep a pair and give the other pair to my mom. She is the best person to give gifts to becasue she gets excited about everything!

  8. They’re so beautiful, Erin. I’d give the second pair to my sister in law. She has six kids (omg), but has made a huge effort to love on my 17 month old (my first born). She actually made her a blanket covered in ladybugs, and everything she’s sent to my girl has been ladybug themed.

    Also-that “I did my best” shirt. Need it!

  9. Such great ideas, as always! I would gift the 2nd pair of earrings to my Nana who loves gardening and just had surgery.

  10. What a wonderful gift guide! I would gift the second pair to my grandmother who is truly a woman of strength. When my aunt unexpectedly passed away she took on the task of raising my two young cousins. I wouldn’t be who I am without her in my life. *fingers crossed*

  11. Is it too late? Mom gave dad her kidney so he could live a longer, healthier life! So not only did she give all of us life, she gave my dad life, too! I don’t know if it gets any more beautiful than that!

  12. I would give the second pair to my grannie. A marvellous down to earth woman who worked her whole life and still cant sit Long. she deserves some sparkle!

  13. I would love to gift these to my mom for mother’s day! Super cute! And love all your inspiration ideas too!

  14. I would be so thrilled to give the pair to my daughter in law. The love and care she shows everyday to my son and grandson can never be measured. She is beautiful inside and out and I am grateful for the joy she brings our family.

  15. I would HAVE to keep a pair, since I am a Mom! Ha Ha But, I would give the second pair to my mother in law! She has always been so good to me and my children and she just lost her husband, my FIL 2 weeks ago. She also loves earrings! In fact, no matter what else I give her for holidays or birthdays, I always include a pair of earrings with her gifts!

  16. Omg am I too late?
    These earrings are so beautiful and it would give me such great pleasure to give my 91-year-old amazing mother a pair. She’s my inspiration every day.

    1. I would definately give the second pair to my mom, she devotes her free time by helping me take care of my kids when I work . She is just amazing and loving! Thank you !

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