Huge Mother’s Day Gift Guides (and an AMAZING giveaway!)

Motherhood truly is a reward in itself, but getting (and giving) a little something special to mark the dedication, energy and love it takes doesn’t hurt :)  Here is a gift guide for all types of moms out there to help you pick the perfect token.

  1. My Lucky Ladybug earrings for M. Flynn— and today we are giving away two pairs- one for you and one for your mom (or another woman whom you love dearly!) Values at $1,500 this is a HUGE giveaway- to enter tell us who you would gift the second pair to in comments below. Winner will be selected on Wednesday so don’t hesitate!
  2. Personalized stationery– a little luxury!
  3. My FAVE jacket from Two Penny Blue– such a classic, and your purchase results in a school uniform being donated to a girl in Africa so she can attend school!
  4. This Hermes watch is super expensive, but a total classic!
  5. I adore this tuxedo shirt and have two!
  6. A personalized accessory case to keep little bits organized.
  7. LOOOOOVE the new blue color of these M. Gemi flats– and comfy for running around in.
  8. A forever stylish bag.
  9. This cute initial necklace (hers or child) from India Hicks.

  1. DYING over these custom labels celebrating new mom milestones- stick them on a bunch of yummy bottles!
  2. Cashmere slippers for a little luxury during those late nights and long days.
  3. A spa gift certificate (and babysitting- so she can get out and relax!)
  4. A phone case with a custom silhouette of her child.
  5. These Lake Pajamas have been on my list to try!
  6. A modern framed print of her child’s handprints (or foot prints)
  7. OMG, these champagne gummy bears are THE BEST- and now they come chocolate covered??? Such a great little treat!
  8. My birthstone charm necklace for M. Flynn. I have one with Henry’s birthstone.
  9. Some bath salts for a long soak.
  10. A funny sleep mask for those “when the baby sleeps, you sleep” naps (which never once happened for me!)
  11. A great at-home sheet mask to help look a bit less tired!
  12. A cute diaper bag.

  1. These gorgeous bamboo frames.
  2. Shagreen boxes to store jewels or other tidbits (or just look pretty!)
  3. No rings on the coffee table with these brass coasters.
  4. A framed print from Artfully Walls (great selection).
  5. I adore the blue marbled vessel of this pretty candle.
  6. This book is interesting AND looks great displayed.
  7. Monogrammed linen napkins are such a nice touch to any table.
  8. This hand-painted vase from Jill Rosenwald at Hudson.
  9. Some of my pillows from Wayfair!
  10. This great salad set.
  11. Blue and white appetizer plates- love the vintage feel!

  1. Durable and beautiful gardening gloves.
  2. Pretty shears and trowel set.
  3. These stylish but comfy leather Toms.
  4. A fun sunhat for gardening or sitting at the beach.
  5. This perfume is also insect repellent! Genius!
  6. Classic sunglasses never go wrong.
  7. This gorgeous book for those who love arranging flowers.
  8. ADORE this big tote for the beach (with a fab palm print lining!)
  9. I just ordered this cute beach coverup myself.

“Crazy Busy Mom ” A.K.A EVERY mom!

  1. This mug is kind of everything.
  2. A cute place to jot down the days to-do list.
  3. This pretty keychain has a conceal charging cable for your iPhone. NEED.
  4. An inspiring book for the creative or entrepreneurial woman.
  5. This fantastic carry on for work trips (complete with black and white stripe lining!)
  6. This tee- aren’t we all though???
  7. A sleek watch to keep everyone on schedule.
  8. This Wander Beauty kit has all the essentials- perfect to keep in her bag.
  9. Who doesn’t need some power dust to sprinkle in their coffee?
  10. Killer sneakers to dress up the omnipresent black leggings!
  11. A bag that can literally hold everything – from work documents to sippy cups and toys!

If you want to send flowers I have two great new options for you- nationwide try Farmgirl Flowers which send burlap wrapped bouquets fresh from the farm.  Locally, try Floristika, who arranges her bouqets in gorgeous hatboxes (delivery in Boston area only).

Floristika is having a pop up on May 13th in Newton if you want to grab one before they sell out!

And don’t forget to enter our giveaway!!!!


  1. To my own mum, whom I’ve always loved dearly but never as much as I do now that I am also a mum.

  2. whoa! that is a lot of contest entries!

    i would give the second set of earrings to my daughter’s day care provider (and a mom of three herself). Liz is a god-send and has helped us through every stage of development so far. my daughter is now 2.5 and we’re moving overseas this summer- we will ALL be missing Liz in our new home.

  3. I would give a pair to each of my lovely, lucky ladybugs–my two grown daughters!

  4. I would gift the second pair to my sister, a hardworking single mom who always does her best.

  5. I would gift the second pair to my cousin, who has always been more like a big sister – not only is she an amazing mom to 2 beautiful kids and an example of the mom I strive to be, she also was a surrogate for a friend who could not get pregnant after cancer treatments and selflessly carried their baby.

  6. I would give the second pair to my mom. As a single/solo parent, I do not know how I would do it without her involvement. Raising a child entirely by yourself from birth can be a really scary thing!! And, no matter what time of day or night, she always takes my call (or comes over!) to help take away the panic of that unknown rash or scary croup cough. As a result, my 8 year old little boy has an amazing relationship with his grandparents. And I am grateful every single day for their support and unconditional love.

  7. Have loved reading your blog for over a year now!

    My mother would get the second pair for sure. She is retiring this June from a company she launched over 13 years ago and I know it will be hard for her to give it up. It’s been inspiring to watch her create this, but she’s traveled a ton so I’m looking forward spending more time with her! (She is also a huge ladybug fan :) )

  8. I would give the second pair to my mother. As a mom of four she deserves a little indulgence :)

  9. I would give the second pair to my BFF Beth. She is going Thur a difficult time. She just sold her house and moved in her father in law remodeled home . The home inspection won’t give her a Co and won’t inspect the house until she moves everything out including her family She is also a school librarian in NJ and her and other Librarian jobs are on the chopping block.
    I know these earring won’t make her problems go away but I would hope it would put a smile on her face and heart.

  10. I would give these to The Sunshine Center in Montgomery ,Al. A shelter for abused women. Someone there would certainly appreciate them.

  11. So lovely! I would give the second pair to my oldest daughter whose style is “classic but with a pop”!

  12. I’d give the second pair of earrings to my beautiful 24-year-old daughter — my only child — in honor of my mom, who passed 6 months ago after a courageous, 18-year battle with Alzheimer’s. We were so close, and she was such an important part of my family that my daughter’s drawings when was young always showed a family of four — me, my husband, daughter and mother. I never had to hire a babysitter — she was always there for us. Though her final years were especially challenging and often heartbreaking, I was honored to care for her with the same love and dedication she radiated throughout her time with us. I miss my lifelong friend every day.

  13. Great giveaway….would love to give the 2nd pair to my sweet mom!!! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  14. I would give the other pair to Bonnie, a single mom friend of mine. She works full time, has a beautiful daughter with special needs , doesn’t want a pity party, a regular ‘ole party will do, and tackles life with a smile on her face :)

  15. I would give the second pair to my Mum for always being there for me for all the sacrifices she made to ensure I had the best life. ❤️

  16. My husband and I just moved home to Boston after 8 years in DC. We’re job-hunting and apartment-hunting, but my mom has opened her home to us. I can’t say how grateful I am. These earrings would be a perfect thank you gift!

  17. OMG This is the best post ever! Thanks for the breakdown, gave me lots of good ideas for my mom (and myself)! Also, I need that new mom wine – GREAT find!

  18. I would definitely give the second pair to my Mom. She has been the best Mom-of 8!

  19. I would gift a pair to each of my daughters –young woman utterly different from each other but equally strong and committed to being good woman. And we all need a little luck at times and wings to fly!

  20. My sister, who I don’t get to see often. She lives in Belgium (I’m in Boston) and it’s her birthday on Wednesday!!!

  21. Hi Erin! My sister, Lizzy, and I (and our brother, Tripp) lost our mom to cancer in 2003. Ever since then we’ve believed that she comes back to see us from time to time in the form of a ladybug (we called her our “#1 lady” when we were growing up)… At my sister’s wedding four years ago, a ladybug alighted on her dress during the ceremony, and that sealed the tradition. In any event, I have been thinking about getting the two of us the lady bug pendants ever since I first saw them, and so here I am…

  22. My mom is either Classic Style mom (personalized accessory case & that bag!) or Decor Loving mom (brass coasters, appetizer plates & pillows -so much for her to love here)!

    I’d gift 1 pair to my sweetheart mom + 1 pair to my nieces. My mom is resourceful, funny and always thinking of us and how she can help us. My nieces make me want to be a MOM! They’re feisty, curious and the true joys of my existence. I’d love to gift them these!

  23. Ladybugs everywhere! Love them! These would be for my daughter-in-law, mom to my new granddaughter.

  24. Tried to click into several of the links (wine bottle labels, bamboo frames) and it just took me to Google. Am I the only one having issues? Would love the source for these!!!

  25. I would give away each pair, one to my mom and the other to my mother-in-law. They are the two most important women in my husband and I’s lives and we wouldn’t be who we are or where we are without them! The lady bugs would be a great gift to show how lucky we are to call them mom :)

  26. I was going to enter in your drawing but took a look at all those deserving women (written about above) and decided against it. IT DOES however renew my faith in the goodness of moms and women in general. I’m a non-working, married mom and spent the day with my sick son, running errands and catching up on e-mails. After cooking dinner all I could think was, “How do these working moms do it?!” My mom worked full time as a physicist and I never felt her stress or felt slighted in the least. How did she do that?! Amazing how we grow to admire and fully appreciate our moms more and more with age.

  27. I would give the second pair to my mom. Ever since I was a child, I have loved ladybugs, so my mom finds ladybug things sometimes and gives them to me. I would like to give her some ladybugs.

  28. I would for sure give the second pair to my mom! I wouldn’t be anything I am today without her.

  29. I would love to share a pair of these earrings with my amazing grandmother! A selfless & eternally positive woman who was widowed before she turned 30 and raised 3 children (including my own mom!) to be wonderful adults. She continues to put everyone else first and would never accept such an expensive gift (would instead tell me to save my money for my own children), but if I told her I won them I think she would be able to fully enjoy wearing them. She has been so inspiring & wonderful to me throughout my life – & even more so since I have become a mom, that it would be a gift to me to be able to give them to her. Plus the understated elegance is truly her style!

  30. I love this gift guide and so appreciate the give away! Thank you so much for curating such an awesome collection of options for us! I’m having trouble accessing several links (they just go to google). I wonder if it’s just me or if the links are broken?

    P.S. I’d give one set to a new mama who’s having her very first baby soon and one to my own mother who is recovering from a long bout with cancer and related health issues.

  31. I would give the extra pair to my beautiful daughter, who grew up in a room that always attracted ladybugs. Sweet memories!!

  32. Such a lovely giveaway! I’d give a set to my mother who’s been so supportive to us over the past couple of years after the birth of our son. She’s flies in, cross-country ,to be with us for weeks on end helping out with anything we need like pickups and drop offs, helping getting dinner on the table, or even just helping us fold clean laundry. She’s been such a help and so invaluable for our 2-parent working family. It takes a village, right?

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