Rattan Daybed: High and Low

The other day I came home and saw on the cover of my latest Grandin Road catalog a rattan piece that looked A LOT like the Serena & Lily daybed that has been so popular as of late. I checked and it was $399!? I then noted that it was a bench instead of a daybed, which actually makes it MUCH easier to work into a space as not everyone has space for a daybed or wants to to use one in a guest room.  What a great deal!  It would make a great entryway piece or for the foot of a bed (and it comes in black too!)

Serena & Lily // Grandin Road

Some spaces which used similar pieces to use an inspiration:

Emily Henderson’s daughter’s nursery.  Her daybed in vintage, but how fantastic does it look with the scenic wallpaper she used? The warm tones of the rattan pair just perfectly, whereas a white bed would have gotten totally lost.


This was Melanie Turner’s space at the Hamptons Designer Showhouse this summer (which I got to see in person since I designed the dining patio).  It was a great space, and I love how the daybed added a casual, beachy “lounge” feel to the room.


From the S&L catalog.  Styled great and perfect for a small room that you want to use as a lounge/guest space.


Another more classically decorated living room from The Inspired Room showing that your space doesn;t have to scream “bohemian” for it to work.


A different style of daybed, but same materials.  Love how the laid back rattan looks paired with more formal floral paper!  The dichotomy of formal/casual is great.


Another option from Anthropologie ($998):


And a vintage version from Elsie Green on Etsy($950):


And another bench version from Wayfair ($207) for smaller spaces/ used as an accent piece:


And while I did not watch the Grammy’s I will say that in looking at the red carpet pictures it appears it was the most horrific group of outfits ever seen in one place short of my eight grade formal dance in 1993. Were all the stylists in Hollywood on strike this month? Wowzas.  The only person who slayed it was Beyonce who makes being pregnant with twins look like a cakewalk. #unfair


I also love that Adele worse a Givenchy dress that I had previously selected as something I’d love to see on the red carpet- but she had them add sleeves and removed the big bow. An interesting adaptation that works on her, and I love the olive color with her red hair. Also she is a badass and one of my favorite celebrities and musicians so applause all around (I once went to her concert at the House of Blues and she walked right behind my friends and I and we were freaking out SO hard but trying to play it so cool that we almost ripped each others arms off in excitement- also she is quite petite in person).

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-9-33-08-am 06-givenchy-couture-2017-e1474376241555




  1. oh my goodness- I’m in love with rattan currently, so this daybed is a major find! would work perfectly on my porch, which i am planning on re doing this spring- thank you erin!

    also- i feel like the grammy’s are always kind of bad, style wise? everyone seems to be trying to out weird each other!

    xo, brittany
    swimsuit roundup for mamas on my blog today-

  2. I think daybeds look great, but aren’t comfortable for sitting. I love your idea of styling a bench similar to a daybed – that seems much more practical.

    The Grammys – whenever I see an outfit I don’t like, I can now say, at least they aren’t wearing their underwear in public.

    1. Erin, I always really appreciate your posts. As a regular reader, I look forward to your column! I was wondering if you would ever speak to the issue of weight in regards to your fashion posts. I thought it was really interesting that you found Adele to look “tiny” in person, when she is in fact 5′ 9″ and always subject to a lot of talk about her weight. I guess I am concerned about how appearance driven our lives seem to be these days, especially when everything is photographed and documented. I am worried about how unattainably tiny these models must be (if Adele is actually tiny and she feels the need to add sleeves to her dress), and also about the need for someone who is insanely talented (like Adele) to have to look good while doing it. Anyway, thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  3. I got my Grandin Road catalog too and was dying over that bench. I love the bed version that Anthropologie has. GR also has a killer oval chest with nailhead that is fab too and also a steal at
    $ 399

  4. thank you! Always love the awards show commentary. I kinda love when the stylists aren’t SO present because it’s boring and you know many of these creative peeps want to express themselves and make a statement…no matter how horrific they turn out to be. :)

    Love your looks for less and then how to style different ways! Thanks!

  5. “and she walked right behind my friends and I and we were”
    No, she walked behind my friends and ME. You would not say “she walked behind I”.

    People are using I as the object of a preposition. It’s wrong. Let’s all use good grammar.

    1. Seriously – this was worth commenting over? How about giving the benefit of the doubt…likely she made a typo.

      1. That was cruel to comment upon I’m sure it was a quick comment. Seriously- language is ever flowing and changes through the years and generations. I think you may have too much time on your hands.

  6. Awhile back you did another post about daybeds and showed the Ikea Hemnes daybed. Thanks to your post, I bought it for our downsized apartment because the bed plus trundle plus storage gave me everything I needed. I’ve got it styled with jumbo backer pillows and a plethora of smaller pillows. So far all my guests have given it two thumbs up.

    Thanks for showing me such a cost effective alternative.

  7. Always gives “me” a thrill when I see “your” book in “Lonny” shown in Allison Crawford’s Austin home. :) Luv “Grandin Road” and order from there all the time. franki

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