Fashion Friday: Current Faves

A little distraction today that has nothing to do with politics… some favorite things I’ve bought recently as well as goodies I have my eyes on for spring (HOPE! WE MUST HAVE HOPE FOR BRIGHTER DAYS!)


Shop everything in the post here:


  1. oh man, spring clothes! nothing makes me happier right now. those loafers look amazing too.

    thanks for providing a distraction on this sad day. hope all is well with you and your fam!

    xo, brittany
    weekend reading + steals on my blog today

  2. The distraction is nice- but a reminder to you and your readers that if we want to hope for brighter days, we must also be willing to engage and work for brighter days. That means getting involved in politics, even if its hard, or ugly, or scary now, but so that our children and our grandchildren will have those brighter days.

    1. Or we can all rejoice in the brighter days the next 8 years will provide after the train wreck of the last president.
      I hope you didn’t cry all your tears on Saturday ladies because you’re going to need them.
      Oh, and don’t forget, that while 4 million marched across the country Saturday, 30 million women marched to the polls on election night and made an actual difference.

  3. I’ve had my eye on the loafers and the slip on sneakers on M Gemi. Love this post! Thank you for brightening my day!

  4. PTA chairwoman circa 1988!! hahaha amazing! I’m going to try these COH jeans! Thanks for these tips – have some AT gift cards I can use on those tops too.

    1. The PTA comment made me LOL. I’m a mom of three and love a great mid-high rise jean! I love that AT tree-print top too. Thanks for the great recs, Erin!

  5. Ann Taylor rocks. I had a silk blouse from there that lasted for years and years. The related Loft also is wonderful. They have two sizes for jeans: Marisa (slim hips) and Julie (curvy).Usually I have zero luck finding jeans that fit, but at Loft, any Julie works perfectly (and I practically growl at Marisas).

  6. Please don’t get political on your blog. I am a serious conservative following you, but I follow you for your amazing style, not your politics. I am super excited today for the future of our country, and also look forward to seeing what styling you have to share with us as our country prospers .

    Knowing it is your blog, if that is not the route you want to take, I will understand.

      1. Of course this will not be a “political” blog but I will share how I feel or support causes that I feel strongly about. As excited as you are, people are equally scared. I hope the best for our country of course, but asking me to be quiet doesn’t help me feel better about the situation we are facing.

    1. I guess I don’t see anything wrong with what Erin said. It’s strange to me that the mention of “politics” , “hope”, and “brighter days” on inauguration day is received in a way that can make a conservative feel uncomfortable. Despite who we voted for, it sounds like we all want things to get better. Also, let us not forget that Erin is not a style bot, she is a stylish, intelligent woman who has opinions, hopes, dreams, and fears like the rest of us. If she wanted to get political on her blog, she very well can. And if you didn’t want to read what she had to say… then that’s also your perogative.

      1. Erin and Rae, I appreciate your comments and want to apologize if my comments were inappropriate. To clarify, I did not think anything said was wrong or bad. I just follow several blogs that have gotten so political it feels like that is now the main purpose for what was originally a food blog (or whatever it was). I understand the blog owner can lead their blog in whatever direction they want, and I appreciate that… I was just offering an opinion, which I realize was totally unsolicited.

        I think it is great that we can have differences, and in the end, we are all in this together as a country. I look forward to many more gorgeous decorating finds/ideas from such a talented decorator! Sending best wishes, Erin.

    2. Thank you Susan, Franki, Erin and other commenters. Erin is a smart woman and she is welcome to speak about her political views on her blog; however, by doing so she also opens the blog to political comments. Susan and Franki, thank you for opening up the discourse to be inclusive to the views of all of Erin’s readers. I am a republican and have been a reader of Erin’s blog since 2010. Friday’s inauguration was one of the best days of my adult life. I too would prefer that EoS didn’t become a political blog. Given that Erin is welcoming of blog ideas, I wanted to share my opinion.

  7. I wonder if the Ann Taylor Wool and Cashmere sweater will be itchy on the skin because it has more wool content…hmm…can you let me know on that?
    Thanks :)

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TURNING ME ON TO M GEMI!!! love them. wish i could have some in every color . and also, bought the ann taylor blouse…

  9. Hi Erin,

    Thanks for not censoring how you feel – I, too, am very hopeful for brighter days! Scared now, but hoping for the best for our country. Love your style and your candor.

  10. Your blog is titled “Elements of Style”, not “Elements of the Democrat party”. Braved to visit your blog on inauguration day but just knew that you would have to subtly insult the many visitors that you have on your blog that voted differently than you. Guess you have decided to put the barrier up to those who vote differently than you. Message received and will gladly not revisit your blog in the future. Just so you know, many of us (the majority of the country) are happy with the election and are not “scared”. Thought you had style, didn’t come to your blog for your political opinion.

    1. What majority are you referring too? the majority of the country voted for someone other than donald trump-Clinton-what part of trump LOST the popular vote by 2.8 million votes, but won in electoral votes-Im thinking based on your comment you dont fully comprehend this…..Just so you know this is the largest margin than any other president in US history….normally I would and havent commented on this political nightmare BUT get your facts straight.

      1. By majority, I was referring to the electoral vote map. Surely, you understand the facts that the electoral college decides the presidency and not the popular vote. 306-232 so quite a large majority. I am so sorry that so many liberals are so angry and I do hope that you can find some peace.

      2. Me too;) me too doll! Pray for me, please – what you doing back here little lady? Run along……

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