Fashion Friday: A Modern Day Jackie

One of the things I hope to do over the holidays is go see Jackie.  The trailer has me in awe and as someone who has not only always admired Jackie’s style but also was taught to revere her in boarding school (she went to Miss Porters as well and her name seems to always be attached to the school now!)  I’m really interested in cracking the “perfect” exterior of this fashion icon– and I’ve heard the movie does that.


Her style, I think, is thought of as ladylike and classic, but Jackie had an edge.  Yes, she was always appropriate and beautifully coiffed, but she certainly chose styles, especially as she aged, that were the slightest bit bold and avant-garde. Traditional with a twist.


And the woman sure loved leopard….


A classic “Jackie” look.


As she gracefully aged, her look got funkier and more of the moment too.


70’s Jackie was just as awesome as White House Jackie, in my opinion. :)

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

I like to imagine what a young Jackie would wear today.  So here are a few outfits influenced by her timeless but interesting  style!


SKIRT (omg, I want this so bad- and a place to wear it!) // CASHMERE TEE // NECKLACE // EARRINGS // CLUTCH // HEELS



TOP (so awesome on!)// EARRINGS // PANTS // CLUTCH // HEELS




  1. ♥♥♥ it all!! I think classic with a twist is how you dress as well. You choose classic pieces and take them a step further and make them your own. I admire Jackie’s style and I also admire yours and love your take on fashion! You are keeping this older lady on her toes and I love it,

  2. I need to stay away from your blog on Fridays. My mouse, entirely of its own accord, will start clicking and dropping things into shopping carts. I’m not even dressed yet and I’ve already spent half of my Christmas budget on myself.

    1. Please stop. Erin’s blog is not the place to promote your own…on EVERY SINGLE POST! You are insufferable!

  3. What I love in the photos, especially the later ones, are her stride. She has on flats and she is walking confidently–not teetering on super-high heels. She looks strong. Awesome leg–gives Angelina a run for the money.
    The black top/yellow skirt is timeless. Even the later photos could almost be from today–a peasant outfit, why not? Just the flounce at the bottom dates it to the ’70s. And that last shot could be current.
    I think that’s why she’s so admired: she looks strong and vulnerable at the same time, and she never wore things that are on the outer limits of trendy/cause for regrets years later.

  4. When I was a flight attendant based in Washington DC I had her on my flight in the late 70’s. She was in black pants and a black turtleneck wearing a Burberry trench coat…..large black sunglasses. I can still remember her soft voice. I couldn’t wait to go out and buy that whole outfit….ha ha.

  5. I am also hoping to see ‘Jackie’ over the holidays! Natalie Portman’s performance looks to be as classic as Jackie herself was. I always remember our former first lady as being ever graceful, stylish and classy (in all ways). She is a timeless fashion icon who remained stylish until her death. She would have loved some of your outfit ideas!

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