Prepping Our Home for the Holidays!

While I’m crazy busy right now with work, Henry and life in general, I still wanted to get our house a bit festive for the holidays so this weekend I popped over to some of my favorite garden shops, grabbed some greenery and got busy both inside and outside.  Having a now teetering (somewhat walking) toddler around makes things a bit tricky but we made do!

A little glimpse of our tree decked out in Frontage’s stunning blue and blush ornament set, ginger jar set (sadly sold out, similar here) and Crate & Barrel’s glitter stars :)


As much as Andrew would love to go full on Clark Griswold, I don’t have the appetite for a zillion lights and inflatables. :) We used a Frontgate cordless lit garland above the door and a natural wreath on the door (I stuck with burlap wired ribbon here since our door is bold already!)


I added some Microlights on battery packs to the window boxes too which look adorable at night!  They are filled with clipped cedar, holly and other evergreens, some gold sprayed pine cones and a burlap bow. Simple and classic.


Even my little stone doggies got some holiday cheer.


Our tree is pretty petite this year (and was pretty much DOA so the dustbuster is living in Henry’s toy box – which was custom made from this Etsy shop-right next to it!)  The basket skirt I picked up last year from Terrain (only available in black right now) and the topper is from Ballard.


How gorgeous are these ornaments?  I added navy velvet ribbon for ever more richness.


Andrew and I have stockings from Ballard, but Henry lucked out and got one last year needle pointed by Andrew’s mom!  Pretty special!  The other needlepoint one is a gorgeous piece I found in an antique shop for $20!  I know how much work goes into these, so it seemed to good to pass up and serves as a stocking for Baxter and Oliver.

img_7653 img_7655

Our fireplace remains unlit since Henry is obsessed with it, so I put some birch logs in there to dress it up (also hoping to redo the fireplace this year and covert to gas and change the surround to marble slab!).  A garland, some lemon cypress topiaries and extra ornaments dress things up a bit– even with that eyesore of a giant TV!  You can catch the corner of the ottoman I had made to replace our coffee table- great shop to work with!


I was super into these pink and red poinsettias this year too, which is funny because I tend to dislike red.  Adding just a couple little accents like extra ornaments and ribbon to your existing decor really can add just the right amount of festive to your home without it feeling like Christmas exploded everywhere.

img_7669 img_7677

Henry is too young for Elf on a Shelf so for now he lives atop a bottle of Grey Goose. :)


In the kitchen/ dining area I kept things easy- with some boxwood wreaths and another poinsettia.


Chairs- Ballard, Table- Huston & Company, Chandelier- Arteriors, Mirrors- Ballard


My candlesticks are vintage (I scored for $100 for the pair- I found a set on Chairish)


I tied a little brass bell ornament to each wreath before hanging on the mirrors.


A little cheer by the sink too in the form of an olive tree.


And I have to share this adorable gift we got Henry, which is from Pinhole Press– a board book of the names and faces of people in our family! It is SO cute and he LOVES looking at it.  It was easy and fun to make too. Great for little kids!




My SIL’s real name is not Banana, FYI- ;)


  1. How do you keep your boxwood wreaths from drying out? We got ours a week ago and they already look awful.

  2. Love the boxwood wreaths and haven’t found any locally that look good. Can you share which nursery you’re finding all these beauties at?

      1. Excellent thanks! I’ve been stalking Mahoney’s and Winston’s but haven’t found that magical mix of looking nice and not breaking the bank! :)

      1. Russell’s has nice ones rights now too. You can spray that real ones with Wilt Proof and it will help them hold their moisture.

    1. I used a little bit of wire and twisted around the mullion of the mirror (there is a gap between them and the mirror itself. But you could use Command hooks too

  3. Any time you post your interiors I love it! I adore your home. It is just so well put together but warm and inviting. Oh and just the right amount of Christmas if you ask me! I prefer decorations that are natural and traditional, not so much the multicolour! Only wish we had those tree ornaments in the UK…..

  4. Erin – are the topiaries on your front porch real? If not, will you share where they are from? Thanks so much!

  5. You need a boxwood garland for your banister!! Also, it would be cool to see a post on the “tweaks” you’ve made around your house (mirrors in the kitchen, new ottoman and pillows in the family room, etc). I know your current projects are on lock-down for your book, so these little tweaks would be a cool way to see some of your stuff!

  6. Erin, I love how you kept your Christmas decor simple and elegant. Henry is getting more and more handsome by the day. Love the book idea. Wish that was around when my kids were babies . Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!


  7. Very, very pretty!
    Your remark about a toddler reminds me of when one of my brothers was little. He was hyper, for real. The home movie shows him in the playpen, trying frantically to reach the Christmas tree. The next year (same reel, with an interstitial of water fights and baseball games and back to school), it shows the Christmas tree in the playpen, with him on the outside, still frantically trying to get at it.

    1. Coffee just came out my nose!! Thanks for sharing – I know I’ll be erupting in spontaneous giggles all morning. Nice way to start a cold day!

  8. Erin, my mom made needlepoint stockings by the same designer for my girls. We treasure them. Such a lovely, thoughtful gift from Henry’s grandmother.

  9. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful! Less is more. I love the blue and white vase on your bar. You have mentioned it before. Can you source it?

  10. Very classy and tasteful but with just enough whimsy. Charming. Love the board book of family and names.

  11. Erin
    Your place looks beautiful! What a wonderful home for Henry to grow up in
    I love your kitchen faucet – who makes it?

    Merry Christmas

  12. Erin, great post! My ears perked up when you mentioned wanting to redo your fireplace. I do as well and have two elements I’m not sure how to handle. Maybe you could do a post next year about various aspects of fireplaces? Personally, I’m trying to figure out what to do with the “builder wood mantel” against a sheetrock wall. Do I rip it out and buy a stone mantel? That’s $$$ and DH is not convinced it won’t overpower the relatively contemporary room. The other thing is the interior brick. Mine is so ugly I keep it hidden by a screen but would love to open it up and swap out candles and logs seasonally. I have learned you can change out your “firebox” if you don’t have built-in brick but again DH is resisting. We already have the screen that we paid for, it works fine, again we’d have to pay $$ to swap it out and would the resulting impact be that great?

  13. Your decorations look perfect!
    Would you mind telling me which size your Zanadoo Chandelier is?

    Happy Holidays!

  14. Curious how the basket tree skirt works. Do you set your tree stand inside with the tree already in the stand? If so, is it hard to drop the tree and stand inside the basket while keeping the tree straight? And is it easy to access the base to water the tree? Love the look but it seems that it would be so much easier if they designed the basket skirts with an opening on the side, sort of like a bracelet that can be squeezed shut or open.

    1. It is a pain to water…not too bad to set the tree. You are right…an opening would be welcome! With that said, form > function. :)

  15. Hi, Erin! Are your kitchen counters marble or granite? If marble, I wanted to know if you’re pleased with them? I want the marble look, but have heard they’re high maintenance (stains,etc)

    Your holiday decor looks amazing! Thanks for all the gorgeous inspiration!

  16. I’d love to hear about your gorgeous ottoman. How did you have it made?

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  17. Hi Erin
    Wondering how you put the bows on the tree- the navy felt ribbon ones. Did you tie the bows first and then attach to tree or just tie them to the tree? Or use wire to attach?

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