Gift Guides 2016: For Him

It’s that time of year again!!! Gift guide season! I actually have SO much fun selecting stuff for these it’s silly.  To start off here is “for him”- a hard group to buy for, but hopefully there are an item of two that fit the bill for the fellas on your list! Andrew edited this list (there were a couple things I thought were cute that he told me were stupid and I had to delete…of course!) On Friday I’ll post “For Her”, on Monday “For Kids & Pets”, Dec 5th “For Home” and Dec 12th “Under $100”.  Happy shopping!

  1.  This Timex watch is secretly a smartwatch!  Best looking one I’ve seen for sure! Andrew actually added it to his Xmas list so it’s dude approved!
  2. Who doesn’t love pizza? This backyard wood-fired pizza oven has great reviews and gives your guy the ability to cook up his own gourmet pies right in the backyard without installing some expensive, built-in monstrosity!
  3.  Andrew RAVED about this Elon Musk biography (Elon is his #MCM every week) and this book Designed by Apple in California is perfect for every tech-geek devotee of the brand!
  4. These sleek loafers by M. Gemi are essential for every guy’s closet- great for work or a night out they are hand-stitched in one of Italy’s finest factories without the designer brand name price tag.
  5.  Who wouldn’t love to get a delivery of amazing, artisanal ice cream quarterly???  Amazing flavors and cutely packaged with spoons, Jeni’s Pint Club is the perfect gift for the guy with a sweet tooth!
  6. A great plaid flannel shirt. Because apparently, guys can never have too many. (30% off today with code FESTIVE)
  7. I love this little mini-bonfire log “kit” for impromptu backyard fires or when camping!
  8. Apparently this is THE gift of the season- Classic Nintendo.  Yes, like the kind we grew up playing!  Retails for $60– but good luck finding it for under $250 as it’s sold out almost EVERYWHERE already. Amazon has some sellers with stock.
  9. For dads and kids- a zipline to put up in the back yard! I actually had one growing up and we LOVED it! Holds up to 250 lbs so dad can get a ride too.
  10. OMG, Andrew is OBSESSED with his Echo. Like, we might have a Her situation going on in our house with that sassy “Alexa”. While I kind of want to throw her out the window, trust me, he’ll love it (or the mini version, the Dot)
  11. What guy doesn’t want a nice big flatscreen??? This one is good looking (love the little feet ad the skinny frame) and has Chromecast built in and Ultra HD. Oh, and it’s got an Android tablet remote (which apparently is cool?) On sale today too!
  12. Apparently these are the Rolls Royce of boxer briefs– Andrew told me I had to put these on here so, there ya go.  An official “he actually wants it” pick!
  13. This is pretty cool- the Wipebook Pro– it’s basically a traveling white board for those creative/ planner types that brainstorm this way at work!
  14. Ok, I want this one- the Away carry on suitcase complete with phone charger and compression pad to help make the most room possible inside this small suitcase! LOVE!
  15. Both Andrew and my brother have these boots and apparently they are “AWESOME” and “the perfect shade of brown”.
  16. Is your guys like mine and finicky about hair product? This sampler package from Baxter of all their hair pomades is pretty genius if so! It lets them try a few types, mix them and find their perfect combo.
  17. Whiskey. Aged in IPA beer barrels. Can’t go wrong.
  18. This iPhone case is not only good looking but also hides three credit cards in it!


  1. I got my husband boots similar to those last year, the Wolverine 1000 mile boots, and they were a big hit! I think the Elon Musk book will be a perfect gift this year. Thanks for these!

    1. Michelle, Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots are my husband’s favorites. He won’t wear anything else. (He tore his Achilles and those are the only shoes that support and don’t irritate him.)

  2. Just bought the Elon Musk book, Wipebook Pro, AND the Dot for my 18 year old son. The boxers will be stocking stuffers for him (and the hubby). Thanks for making my gift giving easier.

  3. Jeni’s is the BEST. Our family tried it for the first time on MV this summer. The Espresso is the best coffee ice cream ever!

  4. That Away carry on may be a great gift for my husband! Thanks! Do you or anyone reading have a good place to shop for leather portfolios…the ones where you can put a pad of paper in?

  5. Love the mini bonfire kit! I think my Dad might get a kick out of it. He can set it up outside their vintage Airstream! Since I know you will see this Mom, what do you think of this idea? Let me know later. :-)

    ~Rieka {}

  6. Screw my husband (wait, not quite what I meant), I WANT some of those cool gifts too. For me.

    A zipline! You had one as a kid? My childhood was somehow quite deprived.And I thought it was sad enough I never got a pony.

    Delivery ice cream? Sign me up!

    I’ll skip the Rolls Royce of underwear. Or better yet, actually give it to my husband instead of hoarding it to myself.

    Now I’m secretly dying to know what Andrew thought was too lame…

  7. Love this guide! You gave me some great ideas for my three boys! Had a good laugh over your husband’s reaction to the Echo. My husband got the Google product and insists that it live on the kitchen counter. He keeps telling me I will find it so useful. So far, all I have wanted to do is get rid of it! And I love the Away suitcase. My carry-on’s wheels died last week when I flew home from Santa Fe and now I know what I’m going to get to replace it. Thanks for all the suggestions and have a happy Thanksgiving!

    1. for Erin – no promotional reason at all, but Colonel Littleton creates beautiful
      leather portfolios.
      great list, hopefully the supplies will be available again, soon. Thanks!

  8. fantastic gift guide- you just did my christmas shopping. i think my hubs will like the suitcase, new wipeboard notebook, his man crush is totally Elon Musk (who bought my company in my dream last night!!), and my dad can have the pizza oven. i might even get a suitcase too. well done!

    also, re: alexa: children’s songs! weather forecast w/o snagging your phone! adding items to your amazon cart! christmas carols! answering random questions! we found that we’ve become so dependent on alexa (esp for weather) that we needed one in both houses. now, my tech loving husband is planning to get the google version as well. lol “just to compare.”

  9. Awesome ideas Erin, classy and well thought out. Thanks, I’m buying the suitcase for sure and already ordered the wipebook pro. Cheers.

  10. Yay! I love your gift guides! Just a head’s up that Kate Spade has smart watches now, too. I haven’t gotten mine yet, but like the Timex, it’s got more traditional, less workout looks.

    Thanks for the great gift ideas!

  11. Always look forward to your gift guides, good! I’m thinking about getting my boss an Echo for Christmas. He and his wife are expecting their first baby in April. I’m wondering if this would come in handy for new parents, specifically. You’ve got a little one. Do you ever ask Alexa for anything parent/baby related?

  12. Thank you for your amazing guide. My brother is a young hip professional, and I had no idea what to get him for Christmas. This made my life a lot easier!

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